Sunday, February 7, 2010

and then there was VOMIT!

Just kidding haha.... ( If you read yesterday's post you will get the humour in the above title lol)

I was well behaved and stayed out of mischief at Bertie's 40th.
No alcohol -  I had one lime and soda.
No crap food - We didnt end up dining out last night which meant i got to eat all my prepped food instead. And i think my egg white and vegie scramble tasted way better than everyone else's beer, bloody mary and cigarette breakfast!
No party pashes either.

But what a blast we had. We rented out this 3 level, 7 million dollar house (that's what its on the market for) just under the Lighthouse in Byron Bay, overlooking Watego Beach for the long weekend!  We headed out to the Beach Hotel Pub last night, they had this awesome band playing (not really my type of music, but they were rocking) and we carved up the dance floor as per usual.

The band finished up about midnight, by then the rain was pouring down. What's with this weather? Seriously i'm so over this rain, and this time i had my heels on grrrr. So we headed down to another club, got drenched AND after all that one of the boys didnt have his ID so we couldn't get in!!!!!! So we decided to head back to the house and crank the music there.

And thats when the fun began.

Me being the designated driver (there were NO taxis at all, not one!), got to test my advanced driving skills through the torrential rain "Significant Rain Event" LOL. It was a mission navigating my car through the ultra narrow winding roads around the cliffs of Cape Byron with no street lights. I couldnt even see 2 metres ahead of me. Oh but i love storms, they are so cool. We even saw an echidna crossing the road. The "Significant Rain Event" must have flooded the poor thing out of his burrow! I got to do this crazy drive not once, but 3 times, as i do not allow people to travel in my boot LOL. Once everyone was picked up ( There was 12 of us staying at the house), i just prayed that there wouldnt be a landslide overnight causing my car to end up floating somewhere in the Pacific.

After a few games of pool and a LOT of laughter i decided it was time for a shower and bed. My morning training sess had left me wrecked.

Ooooo and guess who has ultra saw abs again????? ...ME!... Yes those matrix sets are worth all the pain in the world.

And i just have to mention what Bertie told me last night.

She said, "Chelle, there's something different about you. It's got nothing to do with your new girls, or your confidence. There's a certain glow about you, but i just can't figure out what it is?"

And i said, "For the first time in my life, i am happy". 

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  1. Chelle the glow is evident! Not only in your gorgeous pics, but ever since you got yourself on track with OSB! I can hear it in every one of your posts. 2010 is proving to be a big year for many, but you have been blessed with such a happy and rewarding year. You deserve it chicky! You must have done something really good in a past life!!!LOL!!!