Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Life just keeps getting better and better!

2010 is suppose to be the year of change. And for me, that is exactly what it has been so far.

Since Jan 1st my mind has been filled with positive energy-my motivation and determination is sky high, my training is going great guns, my fitness is improving, my physique is tightening up by the day, my nutrition habits are becoming lifestyle habits and most of all i am dealing with the stress (aka Hemmorhoid) in my life in a very calm way. And you know what? I am quite confident to say that right now, I am the happiest (continuously- there have been ultra happy days in the past, but not 30 days in a row!) i have ever been in my entire adult life! Woah!

I do believe in karma- what goes around comes around. I think i may have said this before but i try my best to be the shining star in a persons' day. I like to smile and i like to laugh...a lot, and if i can be that little bit of inspiration that helps one to change their life in the slightest way then it is an honour to do so.

Now onto the ultra cool news....

From the moment i woke up this morning i knew it would be a crazy day. I woke up late, was not organised at all - bags weren't packed for gym, esky was left in the car overnight, couldn't find my socks LOL. Then got to gym late- so had to race through my leg sess- did a brilliant workout though, oh the doms have just said hello! Then got to my first appt late ( that's no surpise though haha) And from then on every other appt ran late! And being first week of the month, my phone was going nuts too- (there were a few times i just wanted to say F#$* off and call someone who cares LOL!).

And then.... I was in an appt this arvo and my phone rang again, so i let it go to messagebank.... It was my National Sales Manager asking me to call him back... Now so you know, i rarely have to talk to him. 1. He is based in Sydney and 2. He's not my direct contact or my boss. So i was a little curious/anxious about why he would call me out of the blue.

After the greets, i nearly deafend him by my screaming! Shit I nearly swore at him too lol (Yes i have a potty mouth brought on by years of house-sharing with pigs males (ok they weren't all pigs but you get my point lol, you talk in the way that the people you associate with do)). And thank god i didnt crash my car either! (No i wasnt on my mobile, i have a very cool blue tooth car kit, where i listen and speak through my radio).

He called to let me know that i had just received a massive pay rise! WOOOOOOT!

This is my second massive pay rise in 5 months, on top of a laptop and a new Red Hyundai i30 sports wagon!

AND no Neet, i have not been giving sexual favours to get more money LOL!

1. My boss is female
2. Refer to 1. .... So get your cheeky mind outta the gutter girl! LOL

And the second bit of good news is that i had an appt with my finance broker yesterday, and i easily qualify for the home loan i want! (This time last year, i had to get a pre-approval due to my financial circumstances and only 2 banks would approve me). SO now all i have to do is find the unit/townhouse that is calling my name!


  1. Give me a call Chelle,

  2. Best get out there and start home hunting!!! Such good news Chelle (yes I am jealous, who wouldn't be???) So, next to conquer is that male species......you may need a live in housekeeper (or is that Chelle Keeper!! LOL!!!)

  3. FABULOUS!!!! So happy for you, I love househunting, and even do it when I have no intention of moving LOL.. You are a fabulous positive person and karma is repaying you for all the great things you are doing for others... YAY!!

  4. Hey Chelle,
    Looks like all positive things are going your way!! Enjoy looking for your own place...so exciting!!

  5. Good for you Chelle, Happy house hunting.

  6. Steve- looking for a place on the southside, no more than 15mins from my gym -cbj at macgregor.

    Lauren- hmmm a chelle keeper is what i'm hoping 2010 brings me!!!!!!

    Cathy, Leanne, Bluegirl- thanks for all the well wishes!!!! This is my year girls =)