Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oh no, Food Dilemmas =(

Its amazing how missing one meal can throw your nutrition off plan. This happened to me yesterday arvo. As it was my uncles wedding, lunch was served at the reception. Now being a malaysian wedding, we had a 10 course banquet. Majority of the food was up there on the healthy scale except for a couple of the entrees-springroll, satay stick: yum cha size- tiny, and dessert. There were LOTS of vegies, whole steamed coral trout, sizzling beef, roast crispy skin chicken etc. I stayed away from the noodles and fried rice- those sorts of carbs do not interest me in the slightest anymore. I filled up on vegies and i really enjoyed the flavours of the main courses. We ate out of tiny bowls so my portion control was pretty good.

The dessert included this sweet red bean soup, a custard thing - mini sized and of course the Wedding Cup-cake. How cute is this?

OMG, for someone whom hasn't touched dessert in 40 days it was ultra sweet! I had already factored into my week that the wedding would be ok for a couple scheduled 'treat meals', so i made sure i enjoyed the food without feeling guilty.

Now my dilemma came when we got home, about 4pm. The banquet was spread out over 3 hours so i had been eating small portions of food all arvo. So i was kind of stressing, do i eat arvo tea or not? Everyone else was filled to the brim with food (all those starchy carbs suckers) so i was kind of embarassed to admit that i was kind of peckish...well it was arvo tea time! And being my family, there was no point explaining my dilemma and I also was not in the mood to be criticised by Hemorrhoid for eating again. (On that note, other family members confirmed to me that she is completely NUTS - pedantic, stresshead, OCD, stubborn, rude and CONTROLLING were just some adjectives that we agreed on. So its definitely not me imagining things!) So instead, i just snuck a carrot ( i can't believe i felt like i had to sneak a fuckin carrot!) and a couple cups of coffee to fill the void (no i didn't sneak the coffee LOL). BAD IDEA. The sugar from the desserts had already spiked my insulin big time giving me all sorts of naughty cravings and then put me in a sugar coma! I had forgotton what a NASTY BITCH sugar was! If only i had eaten a protein rich snack to balance out the blood sugar i would have been sweet. No pun intended lol. So lesson learnt there.

By the time dinner rolled around i was starving, go figure. Being chinese new year's eve we had roast duck, chicken curry and loads of greens. Portion control was ok but then came dessert...This is when i knew i should NOT have skipped a meal cos my body was now playing calorie catch up. Usually i would have been like whatever i'll pass. But no, the sweet-tooth fairy had sprinkled some fairy dust on me. So a fuckin huge serving of apple crumble with icecream, chocolate and some malaysian dessert entered my mouth! Whoopsies. The first few bites tasted great but by the end, it felt like the 'emotional eating' trigger had been switched on and i was in this bingeaholic mindset where my actions were fueled with guilt. I felt sick, bloated and quite disgusted at myself- gluten and dairy are NASTY! KellyO, keep up your GF plan girl cos my tummy feels like shit! =(

So what did i do?

Well I acknowledged and accepted that i had a hiccup, a big one. But i knew there was no point getting upset about it, so i just had to GET OVER IT! Which is what i did. Can't dwell in the past right? Today is a new day, and a big walk or two are on the agenda to get rid of the dreaded bloat and fluid that has so kindly appeared this morning. Clean and green it shall be as the second half of OSB begins tomorrow. Fingers crossed i haven't wrecked my skinfolds for this coming friday!


  1. That sugar fairy is one evil bitch!!!! I hope you are feeling better today Chelle! I can't believe you are half way through OSB already. I think you guys told me something about having little gliches in the best of systems a few weeks ago when the darn fairy bit my a$$ off and flew around the world with it for a few days!!!! lol!!!

    As I, you will squash that flying nasty thing and get back on the OSB train before you know it. Won't take long to get that focus back.

    I wish somebody would strap some TNT to that sugar fairy's back and use her as a suicide bomber somewhere in the land of cake and candy!!!!! hehehehe!

  2. Hey Chelle,
    Firstly let me say all the food you mentioned sounds great, lol!!!!
    We have all been there & over done it at some point, well I definately have, in the moment its all good but that yukky bloated sludgy feeling the next day is the pits!
    You have the right attitude day, move on, it wont make any difference as long as you get straight back on the wagon;-)

  3. 40 days strong is amazing! one day won't kill you, and sometimes, it can actually kick start things a little bit more as long as you get right back on plan.

    by the way, that cup cake looks AH mazing haha