Thursday, February 25, 2010

Anxiety...I think i've kicked it!

So as you know i've been struggling with a quite a bit of anxiety over the past few weeks. Its either been non-existant or ultra bad, not in between. Yesterday was an ultra bad day and had nothing to do with Hemorrhoid either. I was stressed from the get go and my poor little head turned into a hurricane of thoughts. It was that bad that i could literally feel the Cortisol being pumped outta my brain! But by day end i finally figured out the cause of my anxiety issue.

There were 3 biggies:

1. Work - My new client list includes 24 Pracitioners (Naturopaths/Herbalists in a clinic) that i HAVE to see. The rest of my clients are in a retail environment- health food shop and pharmacy. (still Naturopaths/herbalists, nutrition consultants, but not in a sterile atmopshere lol) As i am not a naturopath the thought of chatting with a pracky in a clinic situation and then have them drill me with techinical questions about weird-arsed herbs has seriously petrified me. (I guess everyone has their own insecurities hey.) I physically have not been able to pick up the phone and make an appointment without feeling like i want to vomit.

2. Strength and Conditioning Module - As you know, i graduated as a PT back in September last year. What i didn't mention was that i still have one module (the above) to complete! As the graduation was the week after comp, they gave me an extension on that module cos i didnt have time to complete it (due to complete exhuastion, carb deprived then sugar overloaded brain lol). So ummmm......5 months is a little overdue lol. So now i really gotta get it done. But i just havent been able to start it.

3. House Hunting - So last week i got as far as checking out But again something was preventing me from actually phoning the agent.

So with all three components lurking around my head for weeks, i have been in serious panic mode. Some days i can completely compartmentalise my mind and block it out, but then the next day my brain just wants to explode.

I'm not sure why i've had such a mental block about getting the above done but i presuming its got something to do with fear? So the epiphany last night was that until i JUST DO IT, the anxiety ain't gonna disappear. Pretty straight forward hey?

So this morning i woke up relaxed and MOTIVATED! Yep, i took the first step and wrote a long to-do list. Then i just went nuts. I called all my practitioners one by one and just booked appointment after appointment. How hard was that!? My diary is now choccas for the next couple months.
Stress 1 over and out!

Then later this arvo, i called 4 agents and now have 4 open units lined up for the weekend. And they are noice too!
Stress 2 over and out!

And then i took my Strength and Conditiong Module out of my wardrobe and placed it on my desk lol.
Stress will be over soon!

I was able to cross out 6/9 points off my to-do list and you know what? I feel bloody awesome, i accomplished a lot today and the anxiety has disappeared. And all i had to do was phone people! In my job i talk like all day long so i don't know why i had this mental block that this would be so hard! So in future, when i begin to feel overwhelmed, all i need to do is write a LIST. I'm definitely one of those visual people, so i like to see results on paper.


And on a really happy note, 3 people at gym randomly complimented me on my physique this morning! So i'm feeling a little special now =)

Ah bed time, over and out!


  1. Anxiety is a feral she bitch!! You're not alone. I think everyone gets it to a degree at some points in their life. I get a bout of it every now and then, and I know that it's just about the worst feeling in the world. I think you did the right thing though, just got in there and got everything done that you were procrastinating over. I'm like that with mowing the yard.. haha...

    Happy friday! x

  2. Thanks Ali, anxiety is certainly a bi-atch all right!

  3. Hey I'm complimenting you on everything because you are the SHIZZLE!! ;-)~