Friday, February 5, 2010

Week 5 OSB!

It's nearly the end of Week 5 OSB and the skinfold fairy has blessed me again!

22/1/10     (2weeks ago)
Body Fat:  20.4%
Skinfolds:  115.4ml

Body Fat:   20.2% (i was hoping it would be under 20% but oh well, next time)
Skinfolds:   107.8ml

Difference: - 0.2%, 7.6ml
Difference to Date (5 weeks): - 4.3%, 28.1ml

James is stoked with my results so far. We did girth measurements too, he was pretty chuffed as i had lossed 4cm off my waist! (Cathy- it's now a waist and not a gut LOL, more so a 'nearly flat' stomach and soon to be abs). This crazy ab training i'm doing with him is tightening and shrinking my core by the day. And by eating gluten/dairy free for 95% of the past 33 days, the pregnant look 'bloat' has disappeared too! That centre line that separates my top two 'abs' has also just appeared =)

For me, my sub scap (back) is my leanest body part (and is leaning up the fastest too) at 8.8ml.
Where as my 'nearly flat stomach' and thighs (not quads yet lol) hold the most fat at 22.8ml.

So my goal for my next W & M in two weeks time is to be in the 19s% for BF and in the 90s for skinfolds.

Ramble time...

I've got a big weekend ahead with PT tomorrow, followed by massage with GA. I'm hoping she will purge this swollen gland outta my system. It's been lingering around since yesterday morning so i have been gargling warm salt water and swallowing spirulina like its going out of fashion in hope that it doesnt develop into a sore throat. I don't get sick per se but i think i am a little run down. Work has been pretty hectic this week and i've been training like an animal too plus Tiesto last sunday, so now i am wrecked!

I'm back to lifting reasonably heavy weights again and loving the HIIT running i'm do at the end of my sess. You know, over the years i have been told numerous times (by body builders/figure girls) that i shouldn't run because i'll lose too much muscle etc. And what i believe now.... For me, load of bull! Running leans me up like no tomorrow and my guns have been growing, not shrinking! Running tightens my legs, especially my butt and I LOVE IT! I get 20mins of complete thoughtlessness ( i'm not sure if that is even a word LOL!), bliss.

Anywho, its also my friend Bertie's 40th. Her and her hubby have rented a house at Byron Bay for the weekend so i'll be heading down late tomorrow arvo with a few friends for the night, can't wait! I love Byron, total chill time.

Have a fabulous weekend ya'll!


  1. Good work Chelle, keep it up! Hope you have a great weekend and are feeling better soon.

  2. So, do I call you the gargle monster now??? LOL! Hope you conquer whatever is causing the need to do so much gargling.

    Super, dooper awesome work. You are a trojan girl! Great skin results AGAIN! Love hearing about your successes Chelle.

    Have a great weekend in Byron, and reeeeelax!

  3. Thanks Char, have a lovely weekend too =)

    LOL, the gargle monster is actually feeling a little better, fingers crossed the un-sore throat fairy vanquishes her by PT time!

  4. Hey Chelle,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog:-)
    Sounds like you are working really hard with your training & the results are showing that, keep up the good work!
    Have a great weekend....Byron is a gorgeous spot!

  5. I agree Chelle running does wonders for my legs.Great work on your skin folds.

  6. Ana- argh sorry girl i'm not sure, was it on my blog or yours!? =)

    Leanne- you're welcome!... Fingers crossed it doesnt bucket down =)

    Bluegirl- Thanks! Good to hear running works well for others too =)