Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 7 OSB...Halfway already!

Well I was petrified about hopping on the scales this morning after the post-wedding blowout on saturday. The amount of fluid i seem to be holding is ridiculous, its amazes me how much water sugar (and salt) will attract to your body. Quite gross to be honest LOL. The thought of junk food grosses me out again, which is a good sign =)

The good news is that i am 66.1kg. I had to jump on the scales 3 times just to be sure. I had in my mind that i would have been at least 70kg lol, but it wasn't to be, yay. So my weight has only increased 100g, but i believe that is mainly due to this fuckin lovely fluid retention. I trained bloody hard this morning and am about to go for an afternoon stroll so its finally starting to go. I reckon that once my body normalises in a day or two i may actually be in the 65s!

I guess it has been my turn to go 'through the motions', and i thank you girls for your supportive comments. You are all awesome! Lauren- its my mission to find a fairy sized "TNT bomb" this week LOL

Well time to re-focus again.
Food = clean
Training = hardcore
Feeling 100%
Thoughts = sexy and fierce!

6 weeks to go girls, Sexy Bitch here i come!


  1. Hey girl, if you find one, let me know as I have a wedding this weekend to go to. I am not planning on having the sugar fairy make her entrance, but I guess I need a back-up plan just in case.....TNT is sounding like it would do the job!!! LOL!

    Seriously though, good work on the attitude! Week 7 has begun and you are on your way to bringin' sexy back again! Control is in da house!!!!

  2. Hey Chelle, you sound like you are in a really good place! looking forward to seeing how the next 7 weeks unfold for you. Stay strong! xx