Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 6 OSB!

SO today is the first day of Week 6 OSB, and boy the weeks are flying by!

Weighed in this morning at 66.0kg. Which is a drop of 300g, yay. It's only taken 5 weeks of solid training and clean eating to drop 1kg (can you hear the sarcasm LOL), but hey a loss is a loss and my body has changed HEAPS ( - 4.3% BF and 28.1ml ) so its all good. Next week i WILL be in the 65s and the 19s, just watch this space...........

Remember too that i am following a 'lifestyle nutrition plan' and not a 'comp diet', so the results are going to be slower which is ok. I have NOT binged in 38 days which is of most importance to me and i rarely get cravings anymore. There has even been weeks when i haven't had a treat meal, just because i didn't feel like anything naughty. WOAH, now that's a first!

I am in control.


  1. Results.....slower.....not that I have noticed yet!! Your results have been awesome over the past 6 weeks (OMG where have those weeks gone....they have just flown by!)

    You are definitely at the helm with controls in hand. What a great place to be! I want to meet you there someday girl. Even though I have been getting pleasing results I still don't feel I have full control over myself. I still don't trust myself in regards to free meals. Easier not to have them at the moment. A case of SEE NO EVIL, EAT NO EVIL!!!!

  2. Hey girl - love your pic from the weekend!
    Gotta ask - what size and profile are your girls??? They look great - bestest thing ever aren't they!! ;)
    I think I read back somewhere you had Dr Topchian?? Dr Fleming was my surgeon in July last year. Would recommend him/them to everyone as I've only heard the BEST reports and had the bestest results myself!
    You're a spunk!! Love your writing too, you make me laugh ;)

  3. Nice work Chelle, love your effort. Well done!

  4. Hi again! I was just wondering if it would be too rude to ask you and Selina how much your new assets were? I have always thought about it, (god knows he didn't bless me in that department) and hubby says he is happy, but a little bit more would be nice. I just have no idea of the costs?

    Totally up to you girls whether you want to tell me or not. If you want my e-mail address just let me know and I can give it to you to e-mail me instead of posting on blogland.

  5. Hey girls, thanks for the lovely comments!

    Selina- i got round, high profile, brazilian 430cc implants. What did you get? I told Dr Topchian i wanted to be a full D (was a small B), look natural and have sexy cleavage. They are definitely the best two doc's in the business. No pain, ultra fast recovery, and the tiniest scar. Best investment of my life!...they're the most expensive things i own too LOL

    Lauren- $11 800, its standard price and listed on his website The consults are free. I was quite happy to pay the extra 3 grand to see the best. No regrets!

  6. Thanks Chelle, hubby will have to start saving $$$$$$.