Saturday, February 13, 2010

Still got that glow!

Geez its been 5 days since i've posted and I'm starting to get withdrawals LOL. I've been feeling a little under the weather for most of this week with fluey like symptons, nothing serious, just run down grrrr (need to rest more, but where's the time!?).

I had a whinge at GA yesterday. I told her that i had kept my saliva to myself as she requested (LOL) and still got sick! WTF!? There was a simple answer to that one. 10+ hours of passive smoking (my whole crew bar me and another girl smoke- that's 10/12 people!) is enough to make you sick! SO i did the right thing and took 3 days off training and rested. In the past i would have tried to tough it out and soldier on, but not this time. See i am 'listening' to my body. But it worked a treat and i'm feeling about 90% now.

I had my 'sexy six-pack' sess with James yesterday and it was the best one yet. We focussed on obliques, nothing heavy though, cos i don't want to thicken my waist, i just want to tighten it and 'whittle my middle'. Feeling tight today =)


Oh and it's my uncle's wedding today. We've just had the church ceremony, and the reception isn't for another 90 mins so i've just sneaked home to give my 'withdrawals' a fix!

So on thursday we had 5 relatives arrive from Hemorrhoids' side of the family. Aunty, uncle and cousin from Malaysia and and an aunty and uncle from sydney. Which means 9 people in our house!!!  My cuz Angela is ultra cool, and you wouldnt believe how similar we are. We clicked right away. So yesterday i took her out shopping and then to dinner at Cloudland. OMG, the food was absolutely amazing. Every bite was like an explosion of flavours in your mouth. For any of you into fine dining, you gotta check this place out. And what made it even better was the music. The dj and Bongo player were cranking out these wicked latino house tunes and you couldn't help but want to groove. So after dinner, we headed upstairs to the balcony where they were playing and carved up the dancefloor balcony! (they don't have a dancefloor, so i made one lol)

This was where the fun started. This group of people came up and joined in. One of the girls had a video camera and was filming us dancing. And then another girl in their group decided it would be funny if she went around to random people at the bar and lift their tops/skirts/dresses over their head!!!! Omg, so funny!... And so embarrassing too haha. Security soon caught on and escorted them out of the venue.

From there, we had a group of guys approach us ( 35+years, and the type you hope won't hang around for too long!), and they tried their hardest to chat us up. SO not interested! But we were polite and chatted. I got asked the typical, "What drugs are you on tonight? You haven't stopped dancing!". People don't understand that a 'natural high' is possible. We were good girls and only had lime and soda. After a while they were getting in our personal space and we had to tell them we weren't in the mood for talking and just wanted to dance. Not once but 3 times! We had had enough and were about to tell them to F$*% off, when these 2 cool chicks came to our rescue and sent them on their merry way. Thank god.

And to end the night, we even got a photo by the Cloudland photographer, so it should be up on their website's 'social snaps' link in the next day or so, woot! I always like to thank the dj (if he is awesome) for a great night and found out that he- Danny, and Pedro (bongo boy) are residence there every friday night so I am sure i shall be back soon. We had such a wicked night even though we were done by 10.30pm, night owls we are LOL. Angie had a blast and is in love with Brisvegas.

So here is a pic from our night out. And yes i've still got that glow!


  1. cute pic chelle you always have fun!

  2. Thanks girls! This year for me is all about enjoying my life and being happy. There has been many phases of my life where i have HATED going out cos i felt very insecure within myself and would rather stay home and be anti-social. Not anymore, i have LET GO of the past and am moving forward in my life!

  3. NIce pic Chelle!!

    Just caught up on some posts and you aare going very well with OSB!!! Nice work.

    Shar x