Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Liver is having a FIT!

So, i know i'm pretty in tune with my body. My massage therapist has been treating me for over 4 years now, detoxing and healing my body. (Back then i was in a pretty bad state internally for many reason that i may delve into later down the track) And i'm now proud to be at a point where i heal extremely fast.

To give you an idea of how far i've come, from the age of 7-20, i suffered from severe bronchitis every winter and every few years i'd also get slammed with pneumonia, not fun. I was on steroid sinus medication for the entiety of my childhood, but one year after treatment with my massage therapist ( she is my guardian angel, i'll nickname her GA), i have not been sick at all. touch wood =) ( i have been run down due to dieting/over training, but not 'sick' in the true sense of the word). I do not see a GP (except for the odd vaccination), as my GA treats me instead.

Now, this is freaky- if i kiss someone who is not healthy internally (i.e takes drugs, drinks excessive alcohol, poor diet), i will come down with a fever in within 24hours as my body repels the toxins! So boys...my body does not lie!... "Attention all healthy, fit, single boys, I am on the prowl! =)"

So its been 4 weeks since comp finished, and on the days that i have eaten excessive sugar, i have woken up at 3 in the morning in hot sweats. 1-3am is liver time. So if that wasnt enough to deter me from eating crap, what happened on friday was... i broke out in a rash on my tummy and quads..arghhhh. And according to my GA whom i saw on saturday, my liver is having a FIT!!! lol And the toxins were coming out through my skin! That'll teach me, Lesson learnt!

I've been eating pretty clean the past week, and really enjoying it too, and thank god my rash is clearing up and the 3am sweats are gone woot!

What else has been happening in the past week, well:

DOMS has attacked my entire body... thanks to my wicked new training program! Courtesy of my PT Bel. Now this is not a program for the faint hearted- its MENTAL!

4 day split program
1 x cardio day

Each sessions consists of 3-4 tri sets (3 exercises in a row, no rest) and 3-4 sets of each tri set = 27 to 36 sets all up... intense! But i LOVE it... i'm a sucker for pain =)

According to Bel, "This program has been designed to keep me in top conditioning while still lifting heavy enough for decent strength and muscle gains"... provided i get my nutrition right!

I have focused my last 2 years of training on lifting heavy to build up my back and shoulders as they were quite small in proportion to my legs. I've been told numerous times, i now have the 'perfect symmetry', but just need to focus on getting leaner.... Which is everything to do with nutrition, i know!

The volume and intense style of my new program will allow a high quantity of calories burnt and also keep my metabolism elevated for hours after training. And therefore wont need to do much cardio.

And then on saturdays i get to run the stairs at Kangaroo Point! I did them on sat for the first time in a LONG time... I nearly hurled and was seeing stars by the end of it, but hey all i could think of was what a 'TIGHT BUTT" i'll have, woot!

Well i better sign off and get ready for work!


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  1. I have a genetic disposition where my body doesn't process toxins as effectively as it should so I take a liver detox supplement to help my body out. It's herbal so isn't harmful and there's no bi-products from it either. Maybe it's something worth considering if you can't get it from diet alone. :o) xxx