Thursday, October 29, 2009

24 and Loving It!

It's my 24th Birthday today!

And like fine wine, i'm getting better with age =)

With age comes more knowlege, more muscle and more sense of one's self. It's just been in the the last 6 months that i think i've really discovered who i am as a person. And you know what? I'm really proud of me. I know i've come along way already, but my journey has only really begun so watch this space cos there are many exciting things to come...!

I celebrated my birthday at Clouldland, Zuri Bar and Bar Soma last weekend. I had such a wicked night with my friends, it was so nice to cut loose and dance the night away.

In true body builder style, i couldnt help but 'pose' for the camera. How'd you like that for an 'off season' back!?

Well off to dinner with the family!

Smile =)


  1. happy birthday girl!! you look beautiful!

  2. Happy Birthday youngin!

    Yes I'd definately recommend seeing Jon a few times before you start comp prep with him. Part of what he does that is so successful is that he works to get your metabolism firing. That way you get to eat more food leading into the show, turning up leaner and fuller :)
    He's the best, give it a shot xx