Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blogging is da 'BOMB'

Well its been 5 days since i took the plunge and joined blogland, and i have to admit, 'bloggin is da bomb'. My nutrition has been at 98% and i haven't had any cravings at all! There's been a few spoonfuls of all natural peanut butter here and there, but well within my calorie limit and at appropriate nutrient timing, so like 'WHATEVER!'. Which brings me to a point- you must ONLY eat all natural PB. The moment you touch the stuff with added sugar, maltodextrin, vegetable fat it changes the entire composition of the product and causes you to eat MORE- thats a fact!

So anyway, i now believe that blogging brings about a whole new level of accountability... basically to the entire world. For this reason, i know that if i eat it, i blog it. Enough said.

Training has been a little up and down this week. I went jetskiing with some friends on sunday, took a massive wave and jarred my back- ouchies. My massuese has worked her magic but i think it needs the rest of this week off to recover. That aside, my body is still pretty fatigued from comp ( i only took a couple days off training), so its perfect timing for a refresher.

Yesterday i caught up with my PT Bel ( Miss IFBB Aust), to put together a kick arse training program for the spring/summer.

Areas we're gonna priorities:

To make my shoulders 'pop'
To shred up my quads
To whittle my middle

I also now, as of today have a MASSIVE hole in my bank account- but boobies in 4 weeks and 6 days (who's counting!?) is more like an investment :)

Just wanna say thankyou to everyone for their lovely comments, its refreshing to be in contact with so many likeminded fitness finatics and to know that i'm not on this journey alone.

Chelle x


  1. Hey Chelle,

    Yes i used to live at Mt Gravatt and i trained at Bjs oh how i miss that gym!! Got to know Steph there and trained a few times together.
    Hope you enjoy your new program, omg i really want to invest in boobies too looking into it for post comps next year hehe!

    Hanni : )

  2. Hey ya chicky I just requested to be your friend on face book, but I didnt reference to who I actually am - so if you get some random friend request - add me - its me!! Mentioned in a little message about possibly meetin up. xo

  3. we have both types of peanut butter in the fridge right now and i know which one tastes better... lol! can't wait to see ya soon for our beach trip!! xoxox