Monday, April 26, 2010

OSB #2 Week 2: Crazy Results!

It's weigh-in day and i have got the CRAZIEST results EVER!

As you all know, i could not for the life of me crack 66kg in the entire 12 weeks of OSB #1. I know scale weight is not the 'be all end all' BUT dropping numbers does matter to a certain degree. As i revealed yesterday i have am eating according to ESE and LOVING it.

SO here are the results:

19/4/2010 ( Week 1)
Weight: 67.2kg

26/4/2010 ( Week 2)
Weight: 64.9kg!     No, that is NOT a typo!

Difference: 2.3kg

Yeah baby!!!

I had to triple check the scales cos i thought i was seeing things lol. I knew i was feeling smaller, tighter and dryer and my abs and thighs have come in heaps BUT being in the 64s, that just blew my mind! I haven't been there since Oct 09 sometime.

I will hopefully get skins done on friday (if james is working), last time was 4 weeks ago and i was 17.4% BF and 90.1ml.  But cos of me moving, public holidays and James being sick we've had to keep putting it off, BUT i am feeling LEAN! You know why? Cos i wore a tight WHITE lycra singlet to gym today and that only happens when i am feeling ultra fine, cos as you know, white shows EVERYTHING!

Apart from that i have bought my first TOOL... No, i am not talking about a person LOL!.. My aunty gave me some gift vouchers as a house warming present and one of them was a BUNNINGS one. OMG i love that place, i never thought i would ever say that. I am now the proud owner of an Electric Line Cutter for my 3x2m2 patch of grass.... Now i just have to figure out how the hell to use it!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

OSB #2: The Eat Stop Eat Experiment

OSB #2 has started AGAIN...... Read on!

Since the big move, a spaceship had kidnapped the Sexy Bitch Train and taken it on a journey to another gallaxy and back....Serious.

I suffered the following side effects:  Excitement, exhaustion, stress, peace.... and then.... multiple (ok 7) TREAT meals ( not CHEAT meals. Treat: healthy off the plan meal but still more calories than a home-made meal. Cheat: total junk meal), which lead to 'satan' scale alert (Cathy, you know what i'm talking about!), mental stress, work stress, loss of focus, completely lost the plot and then finally a mini PB + 85% Lindt binge!


When i decided to finally pay the ransom, The Sexy Bitch Train was safely returned to Earth. (If i hadn't, an asteroid would have hit it and OSB #2 would have been obliterated into space) To my delight, on arrival The Sexy Bitch Train had been unloaded and springcleaned!

The Ransom:

Warning: The following is very controversial, so please read with an open mind!

As you know, I am a certified nutritionist, a research nerd whom is fascinated by the effect of different foods and training on body composition. I am striving to achieve my ultimate body which i will maintain for life. And i know its not too far away but there have still been a few road blocks holding me back from crossing that finishing line.

What sparked my curiousity was Miss KellyO's blog. She revealed a couple of weeks ago that she had embarked on a nutrition concept called EAT STOP EAT (ESE), by Brad Pilon and has been getting fantastic results. I had actually heard of ESE months ago through Craig Ballantyne's Blog. To be honest, back then i thought this guy was WACKO! I've eaten like a typical bodybuilder for quite a number of years now, so the concept of intermittant fasting over a 24hour period was a complete NO-NO. I was under the impression that unless you ate 5-6 meals a day at 3 hours intervals and made sure that each meal contained 25g protein your metabolism would slow down and you would burn muscle. Period. ESE reveals why this is not the case.

So after spending hours researching his concept,( you can check out his old blog here) I figured, i can't really make an informed decision about the progam unless i gave it a go. So it all began on thursday.

I woke up, had my breakfast at 630am and that was my food for the day. Around morning tea time, my stomach got a little grumbly but i just drank my green tea and 'got over it'. To be honest i really wasn't hungry at all for the entire day. I was completely astounded, i didnt even miss my two coffees that i would usually have in the arvo. My tummy got a little grumbly around bed time, but i just told myself, "Chelle, its no big deal, you can eat in the morning". I then woke up friday morning....NOT starving, had my breakfast and went to the gym. My training was intense, energy was high, it was like the fast had never occurred. My appetite was not out of control either for the rest of the day. In fact, i couldnt even finish my arvo tea! And that is usually the time when i would get peckish and want to overeat.

What confirmed this whole approach was my treatment with GA yesterday. I asked her what she thought of 'intermittant fasting" and she told me:

"Shelly, fasting will do your body a world of good. It allows the digestive system to rest, thus allowing the body's natural detoxification process to occur properly. Fasting is essential for longevity, anti-aging and optimal health. How many years have i been telling you that you are eating too much protein!? Your body doesnt need all that extra food. The chinese also believe in fasting during a full moon and a new moon for its cleansing properties too."

So with her approval i knew i had made the right decision.

Today is my second fast for the week (you do 2 a week). Its only been 4 days and i'm noticing little changes everyday. My stomach is flattening out, no bloating, my body is feeling 'tighter and dryer', i feel lighter and my skin is beginning to glow! I feel fantastic. Oh and i can only fit into my 'shorty gym shorts! The others are saggy baggy! Yeah yeah! Most importantly, the fasting has allowed me to become aware of 'actual hunger' over 'emotional hunger'. I also feel in TOTAL CONTROL in the mental department which is something that i have always had issues with.

My attitude is, 'If i can get through a 24 hour fast, binging will be a thing of the past!"

I wasn't actually going to post this post for another week or two but the results have amazed me so far. For this reason, I decided to re-start OSB #2 so i can report in just what can be achieved with ESE in a 12 week period.

Enjoy the LONG weekend =)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Dirty Fuckin Pervert!

So picture this..........

Its late afternoon, the sun is setting creating a beautiful array of colours in the sky. The air is fresh, the birds are chirping and the waves are crashing in the ocean ..... ( ok the cars are cruising down the freeway, but i pretend its the ocean!).

I am off for my walk and decide to explore a new route around my 'burb. Now i'm usually a social person when walking and will generally smile or say hello to the passers by.... But there are exceptions.....

As i entered this street i could see this old mate standing in his driveway up ahead. He was 60 odd, had a beer gut hanging over his pants and a stubby in hand. Total bogan if you ask me.

It's times like this when i choose to walk fast, eyes focussed straight ahead and i do not utter a word or catch a glance. As i approached him, i could feel his eyes staring me up and down.... "Fuckin pervert is what I thought to myself!" .. So i picked up the pace and as i was passing him by i hear this,

" You look angry love, if i went down on you, you'd be happier!"



Who the fuck says shit like that! Old mate needs a karate kick where the sun don't shine! I for sure will NOT be walking down that street again!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Peace i have been waiting for

Well guys and gals its officially been 1 week and 2 days since i got the keys to my new pad and i have to say that the freedom feels no less than absolutely amazing. I keep having to pinch myself to make sure i am not dreaming. The pad has a relaxing feel to it and the energy is very calm.... its peaceful. Coming from a home that felt like world war 3 at times this is definitely the change i have needed, for my body, mind and spirit. I think i am gonna learn a lot about myself in the days, weeks and years to come.

A few things i have learnt about myself so far:

1. I'm a bit of a clean freak.... but i am not completely anal! =)
2. I'm am even more organised  than i used to be. Especially with dinner prep! (I used to eat quite a bit of Hemorrhoids cooking, not anymore)
3. As there are not a lot of 'extra foods' lying around my kitchen, i am not snacking on much extra food.


4. I LOVE candlelight.
5. I still can't sit still.... for more than 10 minutes... I don't think that'll ever change... I get bored doing nothing.

So it has taken me until thursday to get EVERYTHING moved in and put into place. I have re-arranged my kitchen cupboard 3 times already lol. And for that reason, my training got put on hold this week because i was 1. exhausted 2. no time. I really despise using "no time" as an excuse for not gymming, but there were things that just had to get done. I also had to keep racing to the shops to buy bits and pieces that i NEEDED! I don't feel guilty either for righting this week off, i did quite of lot of intermittent exercise with the hours of lifting, cleaning, un-packing and building furniture. But i did get in 2 ultra grueling bodyslam classes and a 1hour walk around my new 'burb' this morning. And can i say OMG, the mountains hills are 'butt-liftingly' awesome!!!!. Got skins with James in the morning and i am feeling pretty damn good =)

On a final note, i went out to dinner with Hemorrhoid on friday night. We went to this awesome Japanese restaurant in Sunnybank Hills. And i have to say she was very pleasant to be around. WTF?! You read correct..... Maybe the distance is what needed to happen. She's also insisted that she cooks me up a chilli prawn stir-fry (one of my favs) that i can 'takeaway' for dinner tonight! (my pad is 3.6km away).

Well 2010 has definitely been the year for change, so i can't wait to see what else this year has to offer!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pics of 'The Pad'

The Lounge/ Dining/ My Office                               The Lounge Room

The um... 'Posing Mirror'!                                             The Kitchen

The Courtyard: Still gotta buy an outdoor setting!    The Spare Room

   The Frog Room!                                             My Bedroom                                                                                                                                            

So there you have it, my humble abode!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The PAD!

Omg what a nightmare moving house is lol. I seriously thought i would be moved and unpacked in 24 hours. Wishful thinking. I started moving mid arvo on friday, its now tuesday and i still have stuff to unpack and hang, sigh. I literally feel like i have run not 1 but 2 marathons! Yes my body is feeling quite lean =)

The parts that drove me completely nuts were:

1. Building furniture (on my own, who needs a man!?). Thanks Super Amart for my (heavy) flat packed dining table, benches and bar stools.... I now have calluses on my hands and a couple of broken nails!

2. Cutting up cardboard: I was planning on dumping my boxes in the industrial bins at the shops but I've been warned that there are actually video cameras in place to catch crooks people out! What the!?

3. Electricals: So my dad drew me not 1 but 2 circuit diagrams of how i could connect the tv to the dvd player, switcher, vcr and set top box..oh and then he left me 20 sets of cables! Seriously, 1 diagram would have been enough, they were both just as confusing as each other. The mission took about 3 or 4 attempts and a lot of obscenities over a 4 hour period lol. In the end i wanted to cry somehow combined the two diagrams together, plugged the cables in wherever there was a hole and wallah, we had a picture! Did i mention i HATE cables?

That all aside...............

I LOVE my pad! Its SOOOOOOOOOOOO peaceful. I cant stop smiling. Its mine. I can do WHATEVER i want. I can blast my music, put stuff where i want it, not answer to ANYBODY... and most importantly walk around in my bra and undies!

Words can not explain how i feel =)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Only 1 more sleep till......

I GET THE KEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo excited!

HOWEVER, we've had to extend the official settlement date till early next week....cos i was a total douchebag....Nope i dont even have blonde hair to make an excuse lol.

You wanna know why?

Well i just happened to transfer my deposit into the WRONG F*KING ACCOUNT! Shoot me now!
Yep, transferred it into the SELLERS" solicitors' trust account (well thats where i paid my initial deposit, made sense to me!) INSTEAD of MY solictors' trust account. OMFG, i nearly gave myself a coronary on wednesday arvo.

My life is NEVER boring =)

Long story short: Its all sorted now, thank god! But because they have to transfer the money back our way via bank cheque it will just take a few extra days to clear. Apart from that I am all good to go!

So tomorrow morning i will take Hemorrhoid with me for the final pre-settlement inspection and then i should get the keys by lunchtime!... They've allowed me early entry into the property so i'm still able to move in tomorrow arvo, well all the stuff that will fit into my car. All the big furniture will be delivered saturday which will be my first NIGHT there!

On that note, Hemorrhoid has been really nice the past week....(Touch wood, fingers crossed before i jinx myself!) Its her birthday today, but she's working tonight so we will be going out to dinner on saturday. Just her, Bec and I. Should be interesting. Dad has trekked off to Japan for 5 weeks....wait for it.... BACKPACKING! That's right! He's off on his lonesome filming a documentory on the history of martial arts. He's a 5th dan black belt from way back. Go dad, not bad for a soon to be 69 year old!

Time to watch 'The Fatties Marathon'!

Monday, April 5, 2010

OSB 2 Week 1.. Accountability Countdown Calender..and 1 hot babe!

I spent the weekend digging deep into my subconscious prepping my mind for the 12 weeks ahead. It is one thing knowing what you want to achieve, but actually getting there takes guts and determination. I am NOT going to make excuses anymore - my goal is now more important than the taste of emotional food.

One thing i wanna share with you is my ACCOUNTABILITY COUNTDOWN CALENDER.

In order to achieve great results i believe that it is vital that you track your progress - eg. workouts, weight, body fat, skins, and for me, most importantly 'nutrition 'habits'. That way, at the end of your challenge you can see why you have or have not succeeded.

Take a look at my ACC:

The ACC represents the 12 weeks (84 days) of my 12 week challenge (OSB 1).
- Every monday i recorded my weight. Every fortnight i recorded my skins and body fat.
- I recorded days i did cardio.
- For me recording my weight training was not necessary - its part of my daily routine and something i do not have to motivate myself to do.
- I recorded TTOM (its interesting to see the food eaten around those times!)
- I recorded the 4 days that i was run- down and didnt train.

Orange = Nutrition according to plan
Yellow  = Days when i have eaten a home made Peanut Butter Protein Bar (wed according to plan), other yellow days is when i have tucked into EXTRA PB or 85% Lindt Choc on top of my plan.
Pink = Treat meals, cheat meals, meals containing dairy, meals containing wheat (only one) or days that i completely lost the plot ( 2 only). Pink days most likely tipped me over my daily calories too.
1/2 Coloured: Eaten to plan first half of the day (usually till about 3pm), then it turned into a Pink or Yellow.

Weeks 1-6
Orange:  28 days
Yellow:   6.5 days
Pink:       6.5 days

Weeks 7-12
Orange: 24 days
Yellow:  10.5 days
Pink:       6.5 days

So you can CLEARLY see, the first 6 weeks were a lot cleaner than the second half of the challenge. Hence the reason i lossed:

Weeks 1-6
5.4% BF, 33.4ml

Week 7-12
1.7% BF, 12.4ml


So in order to achieve my OSB 2 goals i really need to cut down the number of Pink days and the number of extra Yellow days. So hell yeah, I WILL do it!

On a final note, i got to chat with my BFF Demi last night. As she lives in Greece now, we barely get to talk (apart from FB) let alone see each other. Dem's knowlege of training and food is incredible, so i picked her brain about getting into smokin condition (which is only one more round of OSB away!!!!!). She's says it how it is.

"You wanna be the best? You gotta eat clean and train F*kin hard. You gotta do what everyone else is NOT doing. There are no secrets."

So with that in mind i am pumped and i am focussed. I have about 40mls and 4-5% Body Fat that i AM gonna blast away...FOREVER. I will be posting progress pics every couple weeks for extra accountability too. So look out babes, with my new found attitude i will be smokin hot just like my girl Demi:

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Excuses OR Results?

"You can either make excuses or get results, but you cant have both."

This is a quote that really hit home for me last night whilst i was reading Tom Venutos' new book, The Body Fat Solution. I have to say, its a really good read. Tom talks a lot about the mental side of weight loss and emotional eating.


This past week has been really up and down for me in regards to my life i general. In my head i have used the following excuses to justify my outta control eating on 2 occasions. (Nothing like the nasty binges of the old days but bad enough for me at this new point in my life.)

1. Food: at 80% only. Easter indulgences (icecream and Lindt choc) have got the better of me. And you know me, Miss Dairy Intolerant! So i'm now bloated with oceans of fuckin fluid wooshing around my bod. My nose is running and my skin is breaking out. Did i mention i feel like shit!?

2. Training: Due to the public holidays i have missed out on a slam class and a back/chest sess. (Have gone for 2 x 1hr walks around Brisvegas riverside instead). Have not run this week.

3. TTOM this week.

4. Work Stress: As i mentioned earlier this week it was the end of the financial quarter for me which meant BONUS MONTH. I am one of those people whom rarely puts work before my training but this was a special occasion, seeing that 6 grand worth of my sales had disappeared on monday... So i busted my butt Tues and Wed and it paid off big time... Not only did i achieve my budget, i smashed it by 9 grand! WOOT! (that means there shouldnt be any empty spaces on the vitamin shelves in your local brisvegas healthfood shop or pharmacy lol). So yay, i will have extra $$$ to pay off my furniture!

5. Furniture Stress: I lost the screws and bolts for my queen sized bed that has been sitting in the garage for nearly an entire year. Did i mention King Singles suck!?... But after turning the house upside down today i found them! OMG what a relief, they were in some random shoe box that i nearly tossed out! ... I'm not even gonna get started on Vaccuum Cleaners, they are just as stressful as Washing Machines.


So as i took in the fresh air this morning i recited that quote to myself hundreds of times. And suddenly a lightbulb switched on. Food will always be there but 'time' comes and goes. You can NOT rewind the clock. Every second you waste putting 'emotional food' into your mouth will cause you to waste extra hours of your life trying to burn them off. Thus extending the time frame that'll take to achieve your ultimate body. Is it worth it?


I want to be lean, i want to show off a sexy six-pack, i want to be tight as with a rock-hard kylie, i want killer legs and yes i want to do an artistic photo shoot later this year. All these wants are within my reach. SO i now choose to be successful. And that means i need to choose a positive atttitude when it counts the most - in the face of difficulty. (Tom Venuto).  Refer to all of the EXCUSES above!

Life is not meant to be smooth sailing 24/7. You can't keep waiting for the 'right time' to get back on track. The right time is now.

So with that in mind, I am looking forward to catching up with the lovely Leisl for lunch tomorrow. We are making a pact to be strong and accountable no matter what the circumstances are. OSB 2 is re-kicking off on Monday so you had better WATCH THIS SPACE!...................


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Introducing my friend Steph!

First of all i just wanna say a huge THANK YOU for all the lovely comments on my progress pics. It's always a little daunting posting them up...i think that comes from the semi-naked factor lol....but i have to say that i feel pretty proud of how i am looking atm. Give me another 12 weeks and it shall be time to put up my comparison pic against Miss JNL!

OSB round 2 will be involving a lot more high intensity cardio which i am excited about. I think i really need to mix up my training now to get wicked results. I am absolutely loving Bodyslam classes and most importantly i am having FUN!

I'd also like to introduce my friend Steph. I've known Steph since high school, she's an awesome athlete and although a year older than me, we spent many hours training for track together- 100m, 200m, 400m. She's got some awesome goals that she wants to achieve this year so please all welcome her aboard the Sexy Bitch Train!