Saturday, December 31, 2011

Finishing 2011 on a HIGH

Well I have just passed out come home from my last killer boxing session of the year and I am wrecked! This week I have trained like a woman being chased by a madman on a mission. Intensity baby!! And I tell you what, it feels soooooo gooood to finish the year on a mega HIGH. I am looking forward to bringing all of this positive energy with me into 2012.

I have had my fair share of challenges this year (juggling a Psychology degree with a crazy work-travel schedule and dealing with my best friend going back to Greece again) but I am happy to say that I have come out on top ... sometimes i wonder how the hell i did it lol. Most importantly, I have realised that I am strong and that I can handle anything that life throws at me. This year has prepared me for an even bigger and more exciting 2012 so I am ready to kick some arse. BRING IT ON!

So have you made your 2012 GOALS yet? I say 'goals' as to me a New Years Resolution is a cock of shit. Seriously, what is the point of making up a dumb-arse resolution that you will forget after you wake up with a hangover tomorrow morning next week? If you really want to achieve anything, you need to WRITE down some WEEKLY, MONTHLY AND LONG-TERM GOALS. They also need to be achievable too. E.g. Losing 10kg by the end of January is highly unlikely ... unless you remove a large body part.

So here are a few of my Long-Term Goals for 2012:

1. Compete at the Asia Pacs Fitness Model Division in June;
2. Finish my second year of Psyche with at least a GPA of 6 (Distinction)... I'm currently on a 6.5 ;-)
3. Run 10 sets of the KP Stairs in 25 mins by the end of February.

I'm sure I will come up with a few more in the next couple weeks but for now it is time to get my smooth on get waxed, then followed by an afternoon siesta before partying it up tonight!

Hope you all have a fabulous New Years Eve, see you on the other side!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stairs and Shopping Sprees

Well this morning I decided it was time for a high intensity cardio session. Since the gym was closed I decided to head out for some fresh air and CONQUER the STAIRS! To my surprise there were quite a lot of people at Kangaroo Point this morning ... burning off those Christmas calories. I got down there a bit after 7.30am and remembered to bring my stop watch this time. I smashed out 10 sets in 33:30 minutes. I felt fitter and stronger this time around unlike 3 weeks ago when i thought i was going to hurl lol.

There was an ultra fit chick running them too, I swear she's a figure girl. I am sure i've seen her on stage before, next time i'll have to ask her name. Anyway we got chatting (KP is a great place for meeting fellow fitness enthusiests!), teamed up and she pushed me to breaking point! It was an awesome session, I was absolutely fucked spent by the time I had finished. She did 20 sets in about 45mins - INSANE!

So i've decided that my goal for the stairs (10 sets) will be 25minutes. I reckon i should be able to achieve it in the next 6 to 8 weeks. Just got to keep cutting down on those rest periods!

On a side note, I've just come back from a successful mini shopping spree. Had some Lorna Jane and Rockwear gift vouchers to cash in. I scored 4 x gym tops, 2 crops and a pair of shorts and only had to part with $140 = WIN WIN! ... a girl can never have too much lycra!

Anywho gotta fly, I'm half way through watching Jackass 3, SOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Creating the BODY

Hey ya'll, hope you've had a fabulous Christmas!

Well now that all the food festivities are OVER, I can focus on my transformation (don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed having a a nibble of everything ... and a few too many Lindt Balls ;-), but all my body wants now is lots of the 'natural' stuff. I.e. foods without an ingredient list). I spent a bit of time this morning checking out the photo gallery of this years' Asia Pac competitors to get an idea of the 'look' the ANB federation are going for.

Lean and tight with sexy curves and a wee bit of super suave attitude ... you've got to catch the judges attention. Even the most amazing body won't be noticed if you don't have the personality on stage to show it off!

And also, none of this greyhound business either - i.e. girls that look like skinny bean poles ... SO NOT SEXY.

I've got a reasonably well-balanced physique thanks to 9 years of consistent weight training and before that, (I joined the gym at 17, the week after Schoolies!) 12 years of being a sports mad athlete. However, the areas i need to work on are as follows:

Shoulders - a bit more width will give the illusion of a smaller waist.

Abs (Sexy Sixpack!) - my trouble spot and always drop dead LAST to come into condition. They are currently in hiding ... i may have to send a search party lol ... so an appearance by the end of February is what the Doctor has ordered!

Arse - having been a runner since as far as i can remember, has helped me to develop a pretty good set of pins and a nicely shaped bootay if i do say so myself! ;-) ... so now it all comes down to 'perkiness' - tighter and rounder glutes. I have no doubt i will be squatting and dead-lifting my way until the cows come home!

SO i'm thinking as of next Monday i shall post up some progress pics and stats. I've got the post christmas bloat going on at the moment: Sugar + Dairy + Wheat (for me) = FLUID RETENTION!!! It should reside in the next day or two which means NO CAMERAS STAT! That reminds me, i should really drink some green tea to cleanse this lil body of mine.

So until then, this is the 'look' i am going for:

JNL's an inch taller than me (I'm 5'7"), but we're quite similar in body structure. I'd say I'm about 4-5kg away from her level of leaness, so now all i have to do is


Friday, December 23, 2011


Well as of 12.01PM yesterday, I officially went on HOLIDAYS! You have no idea how good it felt to put on the call someone who cares message holiday voicemail and email. Bliss...pure bliss ;-). It has been a massive year for me, so apart from the Christmas celebrations this weekend, I plan on doing a whole lot of NOTHING over the next 11 days. Apart from training and catching up with a few friends I really don't want to go anywhere. With all my work trips and daily driving I think i have clocked up well over 50000km this year. So it's now time to recharge my energizer batteries (they're a bit on the flat side atm!) and prepare myself for an even bigger and more exciting 2012!

Since i revealed my plans for 2012 on Sunday, I have discovered a whole new level of FOCUS. My motivation levels have stepped up a notch; my desire to race to the shops and buy a block of Lindt Chocolate has diminished; and my training intensity has been through the roof! John aka Mr Punching Bag, my boxing partner got SMASHED on wednesday night. On most occasions, our intensity levels are on par (he rides motorcross so he is pretty damn fit!), but there have been times that he's had to yell at me coax me through a session ... ("Come on Chelle, you can do it ... just throw up after the session has finished".) I don't know what has come over me, but i keep finding that second wind, and damn it feels good.

I am really looking forward to Christmas this year. Why? Because i know that i am in CONTROL of the food and not the other way around. I'm sure many of you have been there before, where Christmas (and the days before and after!) is a free ticket to binge on copious amounts of food (and/or alcohol) until you feel the need for a stomach removal. Not this year, I am going to enjoy SMALL amounts of everything this weekend and come Boxing Day I am back to my 'normal' nutrition plan ... and since the gym is closed, weather permitting (the rain isn't looking good) I will hit the KP Stairs for a HIIT workout!

So my Christmas plans this weekend are:

Christmas Eve: Dinner at mum and dads.
As i am half Malaysian we don't do the whole turkey/ham/roast potato thing. I'm not really into big chunks of animal meat so that doesn't bother me at all. On our menu will be a Malaysian Beef Curry, Roast Duck, BBQ Pork, Salad, Vegies, Rice and I'm not sure what the dessert will be yet!

Christmas Breakfast:
Our tradition is to meet all the other relatives down the coast at Conrad Jupiters Casino - Food Fantasy Restaurant for a Buffet Breakfast/Brunch. It opens at 6.30am (My crazy dad will be there at 6am without fail to line up for a table ... first in first served, if you arrive after 8 you may miss out on a table!). I'm aiming to arrive around 7.30/8ish. I don't usually have breakfast until about 9.30am so I'm quite happy to sleep in until a normal waking hour lol. The great thing about going out for breakfast is 1. The food is AMAZING. They have a huge assortment of hot and cold foods, chefs making omelettes, danish pastries, waffles etc. 2. No one has to spend hours in the kitchen cooking or washing up. 3. Everyone is full, so no need for a massive lunch or dinner.

Christmas Dinner:
My good friend Kim aka GA, is hosting Christmas Dinner this year. Not sure what she is cooking yet but her culinary skills are amazing... all i know is that there will be a triple choc mousse cake for dessert ;-)...

But as i mentioned before, I will enjoy small bites of everything so i don't feel like a bloated whale by 10pm Sunday night.


What's your Christmas tradition?!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dusting off the STRIPPER HEELS...

Well it has taken me every ounce of courage to put my fingers to the keyboard tonight. I had been putting off this post alllllllll weekend due to a little bit of self doubt that had wiggled its way back into my mind. Fear of commitment you could call it. Truth is, what I am about to reveal is big. Big on many levels. This decision of mine is not just about the final result but more importantly, the journey to get me there.

This journey means:
1. No more masking any emotional issues i have with food; and
2. Learning to deal with any shit that gets thrown my way in a productive manner.

I had the option of holding out on this announcement till February next year, however, in my mind that would just allow me another 10 or so weeks of making excuses (if i needed to). So for that reason, I feel that there is nothing like a little bit of external accountability to help get me off the ground!

... Now that was a weight off my shoulders!

So without any further ado (seriously who says that anymore lol? Lets cut the bullshit!) drumroll please!


I am dusting off my stripper heels and competing in:

on June 11th, 2012 which is exactly 25 weeks or 175 days from TOMORROW eeeeeek!

Here's an excerpt about the catergory from the Asia Pacs Website:

What separates a Fitness Model from a Sports Model?

The Female Fitness Model is expected to be leaner than the Sports Model category however not totally defined in all areas as would be expected in the Figure Category. Fitness Model competitors must have a very toned and taut body and leaner in the abdominal area than the Sports Model, however still requires to have a womanly figure. Less detail and definition is required to that of a figure competitor and the delineation between the fitness model and figure competitor is the level of definition and muscle separation in the torso and limbs (both arms and legs). If a competitor has very defined arms, legs and back they would be better suited to the Figure Category. 

Judging RoundsThere will be three rounds in the fitness model category and this will comprise of a:
  • Bikini RoundContestants will be asked to walk in a bikini and high heels across the stage. It is important to mention that two-piece swimsuits are required. G-Strings are not acceptable.
  • Sports Wear RoundContestants will be asked to walk on stage cat walk style displaying active/sports wear theme that will be of the athlete’s choice. The chosen attire must be tasteful and complementary to your body type.
  • Evening/Club Wear RoundContestants will be asked to walk onstage wearing their choice of evening/nightclub wear. Ensure your outfit is stylish and sexy yet not skanky lewd in presentation.

So there you have it, my 2012 plans have been revealed! I am super excited and a little bit nervous but I do believe i can kick some serious arse. I know this new journey of mine is going to take a lot of mental strength to pull off, but it is time and I am ready to CONQUER!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Boobs and Birds


I have had the craziest week and being the festive season there has been so much to do and so many people to see. I love this time of the year! This week has also been quite interesting to say the least:

On the work front, the question of the week went a little something like this:

Customer: Now Chelle, please don't laugh (she's trying not to crack up) but do you have any herbal supplements for BREAST ENLARGEMENT?
Me: Are you serious!? (starting to giggle)
Customer: I have a client here who wants a natural alternative to surgery.
Me: Yeah good luck with that! Trust me, if there was i'd be 12 grand better off!... But i can recommend some products to delay the sagging process (hehehe ... now that is 12 grand well spent ;-)

Apparently there was a product on the market a few years back for "Breast Enhancement". But it wasn't long before the TGA took it off for 'making false claims'. Go figure.

Boobs aside, we move onto birds:

So last night i met up with a girlfriend for her farewell party. Now FYI i rarely drink, but being the festive season i decided to have a vodka, lime and soda (only ended up drinking half). We ordered some tapas too. Now my diet has been pretty clean the past couple week so by the time i got home last night I was feeling a little off in the stomach. Not because i ate a lot, but i think just from the combination of all the different foods and booze in my stomach was making it churn. So anyway i went to bed and when i woke up this morning I was still feeling slightly off. But i reminded myself that i had a huge power session to do at gym so SUCK IT UP PRINCESS!

Coffee down the hatch, music pumping, -Chelle: 1, Sick Stomach: 0.

Pscyhed and ready to GO! Grab my bags, opened the front door ... and nearly HURLED all over the floor.

On my front door step was a DEAD PIGEON with the contents of its entire stomach exposed for the whole world to see. OMFG, that stupid cat! So i've jumped over it, didn't even bother to lock my front door and bolted to the car.

Chelle: 1, Sick Stomach: 100000000000000000000000000000000000000

So i'm sitting in the car trying not to dry reach and write a little note for my dear old neighbour which went a little something like this:

Hi Steve,

Could you please do me a favour and take away the present - a dead pigeon - that your cat has kindly left on my doorstep.

Thanks, Chelle :)

I then stuck it to his front door.The cat has left little presents for me before but only in the form of geckos and other small lizards, never anything with FEATHERS! Pigeons are a lot bigger than i had thought.

Birds aside, we move onto the gym.

Killer session. I am loving the strength training, what a buzz. I've been on a super high all day. The one thing i do need to work on is my flexibility. I am one of those bad(ass) athletes that only do a quick 5 minute stretch at the end of a session ... only because i am ALWAYS running late! So guess what? I have the tighest lower back in the history of the world. I'm sure driving around in a car all day doesn't help either. It's at the point now where sometimes it feels like i'm about to blow a disc its going to seize up. So stretching is just something that i have no choice but to start doing properly. Otherwise i am not going to be able to increase my weights much because my back wooses waaaaay before my legs during squats and dead-lifts. Sacrificing form for poundage is not an option.

On that note, i have to fly and get ready for BodyGroove tonight ... Time to dance off some lactic acid that i didn't stretch out this morning!

Dear Ms DOMS Fairy, please leave me alone. Love Chelle.

Oh and P.S. 2012 plans will be revealed TOMORROW!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Power Session

Hey ya'll, hope you're having a fabulous weekend! The sun is FINALLY out here in Brisvegas ... no more of this rainy/ cold bullshit lol. Seriously, jackets are not meant to be for SUMMER ... neither are sleeves of any kind ... singlets are how i roll baby!

Weather issues aside, I have to tell you about my awesome, empowering PT session on friday! ... My whole body is officially in a coma state of DOMS. Not the seized up kind that my calves were in, but the kind where you know you have recruited every muscle fiber in your body because you have kicked some fine arse! ... For that reason, I didn't do the Kangaroo Point Stairs this morning (I didn't want to be one of those SLOW CODGERS who you yell "move out of the fuckin way to!'' "incoming" to. Instead I (listened to my body) went for a nice long walk around the riverside in the SUNSHINE.

So on Friday, i met up with Miss Liz for the monster of all PT sessions. As you probably know, i have been training like a Zuzana Princess for the last twelve months or so. Her style is more crossfit than traditional bodybuilding or power lifting, so my mindset is always in fitness/endurance mode. So when Liz told me we were doing a POWER SESSION, my heart stopped  skipped a beat. Olympic Bar Squats (arse to the floor style), Olympic Bar DeadLifts (skin your shins with the bar style), Olympic Bar Overhead Shoulder Press (ummmm Slow Style?) and Pull Ups (that i just laughed at lol). To be honest i was a little nervous but pretty pumped about the new challenge.

Liz reminded me the most important thing about this session wasn't how much I could lift, but rather how good my technique was, and that way i'd be using the correct muscles. Our power session focussed more on slower and lower reps which burned like hell and felt like a cardio workout in itself. I was sweating like a pig (do pigs really sweat?) and panting like a dog. Hot - totally ;-). But i tell you what, focusing on technique and strength was empowering. With each rep my mind became stronger and suddenly i felt like i could conquer anything ... There was also no way i would let Liz conquer me hehehe. By the time I had squatted, dead lifted and shoulder pressed i was absolutely fucked smashed ... We still had Pull-Ups to go, noooooo!

Liz then brought out the bands. Its been a few years since i have trained with bands but i will definitely be buying a few pairs of my own. Bands differ in resistance and help a pull-up beginner like moi to do them on my own without the aid of a spotter. I haven't done chins or pull-ups in ages so i honestly didn't think i'd be able to do any. On the contrary, I smashed out quite a few and again, being a power exercise, I was overcome with this instant feeling of achievement once I had finished.

What a killer session, i was on a high for the rest of the day. This style of training is definitely going to be incorporated into my new exercise regime.

New training program? Personal Trainer? You may just be wondering what is going on?

Stay tuned, all will be revealed in the next couple of days!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


So my grand plans of running on tuesday quickly dissipated the moment i fell rolled out of bed on monday morning. Ms I'm a bitch Lactic Acid Fairy had zapped me with a servere case of DOMS (Delayed-onset-muscle-soreness) in my calves ... as punishment for torturing them up and down the Kangaroo Point Stairs on sunday ... and not stretching afterwards, oops. Seriously, my pins were on fire, you have no idea. I've spent the last few days walking like an elderly crippled pushing an imaginary walker. Awesome.
So yesterday rolled around and i was determined to attempt my boxing class. (After repping in the fuckin RAIN all day, there was no way i was going to sit on my arse at home for the rest of the evening!). Usually wednesday night slam is a combination of boxing and weights, circuit style, so i thought i'd be sweet- no leg cardio. But to my disgust delight, the substitute instructor decided we'd do boxing combos with interval SPRINTS. Nooooooooo!

FYI, I am the faster girl runner (thanks to my track days!) by a long shot, and a close second to Tall Dave. If his hips weren't up to my head, maybe we would tie... ok he's not quite that tall but you get my drift. So the first round of sprints come up and OMFG, ouch was an understatement. My poor calves were soooo tight i thought they were either going to cramp or snap. So i had to resort to a faster version of the 'pushing an imaginary walker' movement. Not cool. Especially when the snail paced athletes were LAPPING ME! Ugh. So i decided that bodyweight squats were my best alternative.

And just as i thought i had figured a pain free way of getting through the class, Short Steve (Tall Dave's boxing partner - sometimes Short Steve has to stand on the stage when his vertically challenged status is an issue lol) thought it'd be funny to grab my calf. My automatic reaction was to kick him in the gonads ... BUT i quickly realised that my standing leg would probably cramp up and i would fall on my arse, so i resorted to a punch in the arm ... I am usually not a violent person, but insane soreness calls for extreme measures ;-)

What a session lol. But i was smart and spent some time stretching out my calves afterwards. Followed by applying a shit load of Arnica cream and Tiger Balm. The result - this morning: right calf is back to normal, left calf is still a little tight ... i blame Short Steve for that ;-)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Conquering the Stairs

Hey ya'll, hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

In my quest to get my fitness back up to super human levels i have been putting in some killer workouts since coming back from Sydney. Friday was the return of Zuzana madness, I did her Hot Mess Workout, and in the evening i got my funk on and did the Body Groove class. Body Groove is a Les Mills fusion of hip hop, latin, funk and soooo much fun. Being friday, everyone is in such a great mood which gives the class an electric atmosphere. Saturday i got my boxing on and this morning i decided that it was time to conquer the Kangaroo Point Stairs.

The cliff itself is about 20m high and consists of 107 stairs and its gets steeper the closer you get to the top. I don't remember the last time i did them, maybe 12 to 18 months ago. And after number 3 i thought i was going to DIE. My legs were turning to jelly but i was determined to polish of 10. Plus the fact that i ran into Bossman (literally!), there was no way i could chicken out! I forgot to bring my watch but i think it took me about 50 mins ... there were a shitload of gasping for air breaks rest breaks but i conquered the cliff and felt pretty damn dead good ;-)

Well time to vaccuum and mop shower and get myself ready for my old mans 70th BBQ bash! Dad is such an inspiration, he still teaches Jujitsu, works out every morning and he has also just informed me that he has got back into running this week ... the main reason, so he'll be fitter than his much younger students. Go dad, you rock!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Highs and Lows

Gosh time flies when you're having fun you have a lot of uni deadlines lol. In a nutshell, the following sums up the last four months of my blogland disappearance:

1 x Gladstone/Rockhampton trip
1 x Townsville/Mackay trip
1 x Cairns/ Atherton Tablelands trip
Killed my quarterly budget :)

2 x High Distinctions
2 x Distinctions
1 x Letter from the Assoc. Professor of the Uni - I'm ranked no. 2 out of 434 students WOOT WOOT!!
GPA = 6.5

Just got back from a weeks' holiday in SYDNEY! It was sooooo much fun!
I stayed with my aunty, caught up with four girlfriends, bought a pair of HOT sunnies, discovered a hot new clothing label - HENLEY, drank way too many cappacinos, had a drink at The Ivy - super swank club

Did the Bondi Beach to Coogee coastal walk and back (18km including walking to and from the train station - omg my legs were SHATTERED but i am sporting a very nice tan!)

Did The Spit Bridge to Manly harbourside walk (11km through the bush - it was suppose to be 9km, but we took a few wrong turns lol)

Can i also say the food in Sydney is amazing and sooo much cheaper then Brissie - you also don't need to dine in a fancy restaurant, it's all about local talent. I ate out at a Thai restaurant, Korean BBQ restaurant (that was cool, you have a BBQ grill built into your table), The Carrington pub which do delicious mexican tapas and of course at my auntys' place - she's an amazing cook too. Also had yum cha and i did try a cupcake from this gourmet cupcake parlour - sorry guys, i don't see what all the fuss is about, for $5 all i tasted was waaaay too much sugar ... give me the Lindt cafe anytime ;-)

On that note, with all the highs comes the lows ... another name for an ego check ;-)

As you know i had my BFF Demi over from Greece mid year. She went back home in August and it hit me really hard. To be honest, i was pretty messed up for a couple months. I guess i was sad, pretty depressed and i had let my emotions get the better of me. I lost motivation in just about everything, especially my diet and my training.... another reason why my blog fizzled. I resorted back into cycles of bingeing, which in turn made me feel worse and because i was eating waaaay to much chocolate shit, i just had no energy to train properly. I stopped running and my Zuzana workouts became very inconsistent too. Combine all of that with work trips and uni assessment and i was starting to lose myself down a black hole...again...

My holiday (off work until next Monday) has been such a great mental refresher so far. I have realised that you cant go without any personal (fitness) goals for too long without losing your way and your sanity. Only a few months back i was running 48min 10kms, this morning i went for my second 7km run since September i think! and the grand time was 36:55min and boy i felt like i was piggybacking my overweight Husky (she lives with my parents, and in the five years i have lived out of home, she has mysteriously gained 10 fuckin kilos! OMG i had a go at them yesterday! that's a whole other story!) - running at 7:30am on the first day of summer didnt help either - i looked like i had showered outside lol. But it still felt awesome to pound the grass, work up a sweat and kick some arse!

Anywho, i am ready to BRING IT! I have some SUPER EXCITING GOALS that will come out of the woodworks in the next week or so. So stay tuned!!

Monday, July 25, 2011


Well it has just hit me that life on cloud 9 will be coming to an end in 8 days time. My best friend Demi will be heading back home to Greece next tuesday. There is no hiding it, I am absolutely gutted. I feel like someone has just ripped out my heart from my chest. It hurts BIG TIME. Make that 10 times worse than any pain that ex-Hemorrhoid ever caused me.

I'm still recovering from a cold too so i can't even smash out a kick-arse workout to clear my head and find some peace. Even the thought of studying doesn't appeal to me either ATM.

On a positive note i have decided that i will be doing a trip to Europe in 2013 which will be exciting (even though its another 2 fuckin years away). So saving for that starts next paycheck!

Time to (try) and turn this frown upside down..

Here's are a pic from the weekend:

My new blue-black hairdo.

and in the words of Madonna:


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Magical Month!

Ok so you know its been a looooong time since you have blogged when people start asking if you have died still write!. Four people in one week! Woah, feeling the love, people are missing me! So i finally logged into Blogger and OMFG, its been 4 weeks! Holy shit, sorry to keep you hanging peeps! Truth is, life has been so fuckin exciting i have barely had a chance to chill, let alone allow myself 30 minutes to write a blog.

You wanna know why?

My bestest friend in the whole enitre universe has FINALLY made the trip back to Australia from GREECE after 7 fuckin years!!!! Excited? Much? You have no idea! Demi has been here for 4 weeks so far (hence the blog abscence!) and will be staying with me for another 2 glorious weeks of fun and mischief!

I think i had forgotten what it was like to be truly happy 24/7. Everyday has been filled with smiles, hugs, love and so much laughter... our secret sexy six-pack exercise ;-)

One thing i have learnt from her is to ENJOY ALL FOODS.. in small quantities... Must be that Mediteranian philosophy! It's all about calories in vs calories out people. I've really relaxed on my food obsessiveness this month and i am in better shape than ever... According to D, you can still eat your Uncle Toby's Fibre Plus Cereal, English Fruit Muffins, Jalna Vanilla Yoghurt, Pasta, (that is what is currently in my pantry!) Sushi... and wait for it.... Maccas Grand Angus Burger and still sport at super sexy body like this:

My other exciting news is that i finished my first semester of uni with killer results. I got a High Distinction (7) and a Distinction (6)!

Semester 2 began this week. I'm doing Cross-Cultural Psyche and Developmental Psyche which should call for an interesting semester!

And last of all...

Guess who has been initiated into the SUB 49 min 10k club!!!


Last week i smashed out a 48:51min 10k baby! So who knows how fast i will be running in the next month, maybe sub 46? The sky is the limit!

Well i'd better fly, but here's a few pics of us before heading out to Zuri Bar last weekend!

Such Posers...

Always Smiling...
And how could i leave without my signature pose!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Major Breakthrough...

Today was a day for breakthroughs....big ones. It all happened when i began an interview at work on the topic of irrational fears. We had barely been chatting a couple minutes when my heart began to race, my hands began to tremble and my mind went blank. FYI, i am a chatterbox, i don't shut up. Not today. I was speachless. Only minutes before the interview began i had a list of things that i wanted to discuss but all of a sudden i could barely spit out a sentence. All of these repressed feelings were beginning to surface and tears began to well up in my eyes.

We had to change the topic due to my speach impairment lol and decided that we would do the interview another week which would give me a chance to write everything down on paper. As soon as i got off skype i opened up MS Word and began typing. I had to let it all out.

What i discovered about myself this afternoon was that i have an irrational fear of being assertive when a situation is outside my control. In my element, i am confident and a great leader, but take me out of my comfort zone and i am bombarded by irrational thoughts of rejection.

I honestly thought i had stopped blaming my mum months ago for all of my insecurity issues. But today it was evident that i hadn't completely let go. It occured to me that the moment i set a big goal, a little negative fairy emerges from my unconsious whispering to me that my desires to succeed (in areas that are important to me) are pathetic, that i am not worthy of success, so why bother trying when my efforts will never be good enough to impress my mum. The very issue that haunted my teenage years that led me to my love-hate relationship with chocolate. ANd so the bingeing began.

So there you have it, that was DEEP and very RAW. My blood pressure is still HIGH but i feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am now ready to let that go because i know the only person i need to impress is myself. I don't need to be fearful anymore for fear only holds you back from surpassing your wildest dreams.

After that discovery i went on to have a KILLER boxing sesh! I nearly made poor John, my boxing partner throw up his birthday cake lol. ANd on another happy note, yesterday i initated myself into the sub 50min 10km club! I smashed out 49:36min and took 53 seconds off last weeks PB!

Anwyay i must fly and write a new list of affirmations to help set me free!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Operation Photo Shoot (OPS): Week 1

Isn't this cold snap the pits?! I'm sitting here sipping my black coffee, wearing four layers of clothing.... and looking like an eskimo oompa loompa lol. For those of you who don't know me, I am a SINGLET girl. I DON'T DO SLEEVES!!!

Anywho, i have had a successful week of being sugar free. Ditching the sugar had made such a difference to the way i feel, you have NO IDEA. No cravings for chocolate, dessert or any 'naughty food' in general. And because i am feeling so good about myself i am not even thinking about those foods that once had their own VIP section in my mind lol. To add to that, my training has been killer this week. I have felt so strong and UNSTOPPABLE that i have been able to really push my limits... and that of my training partners'. I also smashed my 10k PB by 34secs too. 50:54mins. The thought of running a sub 50 scares me a little. That means i have to cruise at 12kph on the treadie but i will give it a crack on tuesday!

Onto the exciting stuff....

As you know, i have been lost for a BIG fitness goal for quite sometime time now. I had been umming and arring about doing another show but have decided against it, purely for the reason that dieting and studying doesn't mesh well together. Also too, having gone sugar free i feel like i am gaining control over this bingeing thing so i also don't want any 'prep stress' to put me backwards either.

So as you can tell from the Title, I have booked a photoshoot instead!!! It's 13 weeks away from Friday (just gone) and i am super excited!! The date is concrete which has brought a lot more focus to my mindset. My previous 'weight-loss' goals didn't have a definite time-limit, so i would always 'justify' my slip ups. Not this time. It is GAME ON.

I know exactly how i want to look like, and whether that is 3kgs away or 4, i don't want to get toooooo caught up in reaching a specific number anymore. Having said that i will be weighing in on fridays, tracking my progress and most importantly how i feel at each benchmark.

SO here are my starting stats:

Week 1: 10/06/2011
Weight: 62.9kg

In my head i'd like to see 59 but i do need to remember that anything below 60.8kg is technically 59... You know what i'm talking about! haha

SO there you have it. I have a GOAL. And i am going to get there in a HEALTHY, BALANCED and STRESS-FREE way.

On a final note, i have been kicking arse at uni too! I get my grades back for Foundation Pscyhe B on tuesday - i only need a pass on my last exam to end up with a Distinction overall... so just quietly, i think i have got that one in the bag :). I have my Foundation Psyche A exam in a couple weeks time. I only need 54/100 on the exam for A Distinction but if i can pull off 74/100 i will get a High Distinction!

SO time to stop procrastinating and study study study!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm Baaaaaack! Conquering the Fear.

Blog? What blog? ... Oh shit i forgot.... I have a blog! .... lol

In a nutshell, May was one hell of a month:

- I completed 2 major assignments and 2 online exams for uni;
- I flew to Cairns and Port Douglas for a four day work trip. Three of those days fucken RAINED! (Can you tell i was bitter lol?) But at least it was 27 degrees. Not like these BS 12 degree mornings we've been experiencing in Brisbane atm ... How long till spring?;
- And i have just come back from a four day sales conference at Sanctuary Cove.

So that's part of the reason i have been MIA. AND I'm sooooo behind on blog reading too. Hi blogworld, i have missed you!

So with all of the above, my life has been a wee bit out of balance. I've also missed a few training sessions (One word: DEADLINE/s) and food wise, i have been quite carefree at times too (One word: EXCUSE... yeah yeah i know) BUT after experimenting with a few different meal combo's, what i discovered last friday is priceless:

Cutting the milk and sugar out of my 3 coffees/day has vanquished my sugar cravings! Serious.

It might have to do with the fact that i am not starting my day with a mega insulin spike lol. I will admit that i'm not 100% sold on black coffee (with 1 tsp of xylitol) yet (i'm about 85%), but day by day i am enjoying it more. I can actually taste the coffee now and I'm really enjoying the pure caffeine rush :-)

Although i have missed out on a few gym workouts i have been running 10km at least once a week and have been slicing minutes off my time. As of tuesday, my current PB is 51:28mins baby! And yes, that is wearing my Vibrams. My legs are uber strong now and my calves are in killer shape.

Fitness endeavours aside, the little free time i have had in May, i have devoted to learning about the very essence of me- what makes me tick, and what sets me off. I've been reading books and talking to a variety of people. I want to get to that point where i have NO BARRIERS.... so i can conquer the world haha.

At conference this week, there was one phrase that struck a cord in me. I just couldn't get it out of my head:

Feel the fear and go with it anyway.

Fear will always exist in our lives however what we need to recognise is that it is just an unconscious Resistance that has the ability to prevent us from becoming EXTRAORDINARY. Resistance is the Negative Fairy that whispers in your ear telling you to have that extra piece of chocolate, to procrastinate, to skip a workout because, "you can just start fresh tomorrow". But really, every time you give into Resistance, you are moving the goal post backwards, furthering yourself away from living your dreams.

Fear makes us feel uncomfortable, thats why we buckle under pressure. For me, that equates to bingeing. No more. I hear Ms Negative Fairy whisper and i tell her to fuck off go to hell. It's just your mind playing games with you, testing your strength. Just know that once you acknowledge the fear, you can LET IT GO.

YOU control YOUR mind. YOU can conquer it all.

Steven Pressfield writes about this in his book The War of Art. It's a fantastic read. I had 'aha' moments nearly every page.

Last of all, i have an exciting new goal to focus on. I'm just awaiting confirmation of a date before i can share with ya'll. (sorry i'm a meanie hehehe) Stay tuned!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mega Procrastination and Comp Prep

Well i have successfully managed to do ZERO uni this weekend - talk about mega PROCRASTINATION!!.. I had more important things on such as boxing, 10km run (56:15mins - 1:12min faster than monday's run WOOT!), massage, dinner for mothers day, catching up with a girlfriend for coffee and even CLEANING! Yes my non-existant love affair with housework even took precedence over my two assignments that are due on monday 16th. That is 8 days from now!!!! Actually, i was smart or stupid enough to book my flight to Cairns (work trip) on sunday 15th so really i only have 7 days... didn't want to leave the assignments to the last minute!

SO until they are handed in i will be MIA from the internet. Serious. Refreshing your Facebook homepage every 5 minutes isn't very productive lol. The first one is about 85% complete and the second one is 50% done. Nothing too difficult, i really just have to pull my finger out and start typing... some A-class material.

Nothing like a deadline to get the ball rolling!

Which makes me think about my weight-loss goals. Even though i am only 3kg away from 'body perfectionique', and have been only 3kg away for an ETERNITY i have no deadline, no uber urgency which i know is one reason why my ability to stop at 1 lindt chocolate is in the negatives on a scale from 1 to 10.

WHat to do? i am a little confused!
TO compete or not to compete that is the question?
Would it turn me into a crazy, food obsessed lunatic like i have been in the past?
OR would the structure of a REALISTIC and HEALTHY comp plan from a coach be just the guidance i need to stay strong, focussed and cravings free?
BIG GOALS are scary but they do bring out the best in me.
I know once i commit there is no turning back.
But i also know that i am still dealing with bouts of binging so i question myself about the possibility of a nasty post-comp rebound.

Is the journey of a sportsmodel comp prep the right path to take?

What are your thoughts?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Running to Freedom

The rush of endorphins is what sparked my love for running. The clarity of mind that comes about whilst you pound the pavement is what i call freedom - nothing else in the world matters during those moments in time.

It's been quite a while since i have experienced endorphins during my training. This occured to me last night during my boxing sesh. Every drill hurt. I felt like i had the aerobic fitness of a 3-pack a day smoker. I had Ms Negative Fairy sitting on my shoulder that whole hour whispering in my ear that it was all too hard. I was struggling to snap out of my negative mindset and just LET GO..... and beat up John, my boxing bitch partner. You don't realise just how much mental energy you waste mentally whinging about the intensity of a training session. Seriously, it drains you!

So after a hot shower and some dinner it was time to chill out with 'The Fatties' (The Biggest Loser). Their quest for the day was the 'Reflection Walk'.  They had to walk miles and miles in the sand dunes with the amount of weight they had lossed to date in their backpacks (40-50kg). During the trek, they got a chance to reflect on their amazing journey so far and physically experience the 'weight' of their past. As you can imagine, it was a very emotional episode.

The show got me thinking. 'What exactly has been holding me back from reaching my goals?' It's like everytime i have made great progress, i retreat and take two leaps back. Even though i desperately want to cross that finish line, I seem to have been trapped in a bottomless pit of self-doubt.

So i made up my mind. The past is the past, you can't change it. Dwelling on the past will just eat you up inside. It was time to just LET GO.

And that is what i did.

Had it not been pouring outside this morning i would have hit the streets so instead i headed to the gym to go head to head with my mind and the treadmill. The goal was 10km. A distance i haven't run since december last year. I knew deep down that i was fit enough to run it. 10km is more so a test of the mind, anyone can do it. If the mind is strong enough it will carry your body through. Today i didn't care about times, i just needed to finish it and prove to myself that I CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING I WANT TO.

Now i know i can. 54:35min. It felt amazing.

So with those endorphins still flowing through my veins, my self belief has been re-ignited. I am ready to WIN. WIN in every aspect of my life.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Leaping out of the rut

As you know i had got myself into a health rut over the past few weeks. Yes i was training, yes my 'meals' were healthy but the added extras *ahem... junk* were becoming quite frequent. I had lost the enjoyment factor out of my workouts and to be honest i was just feeling downright lost. I was stumped to how i got there in the first place? Life was red and rosey only the week before...

It took me a while of deeeeeeeep thinking to sort myself out. I was even considering seeing a shrink. Don't laugh. Even though i have easily been able to maintain a fabulous figure (i'm not trying to brag, just being positive about my transformation :-) ) for the past year and a bit, 10yrs of yo-yo dieting, binge eating and total body image INSECURITY has kept me (at times) pretty fucked up in the head. I don't always see the sexy body in the mirror that everyone else sees which puts me in a foul mood.

What i realised is that i simply need goals. Big ones, ALL THE TIME, for ALL ASPECTS OF MY LIFE.

Uni goals - i'm striving to achieve 6s (Distinctions) for all my subjects so i'll be accepted into Honours. So studying is not an effort at all. I enjoy it and i make time fore it because i am doing it for a purpose.

Fitness Goals - ummmmm what? I HAD the goal of competing at Asia Pacs until i realised that prepping for a June show would be too stressful whilst i was studying. (INBA QLD titles in september is still at the back of my mind but at the moment, that show is waaaaay too far away). So yeah i was still training hard but i had somehow lost my purpose in the gym. Going through the motions of training does keep you fit and healthy but being average isn't good enough for me. Average is BORING. I NEED MORE.

Nutrition Goals - I'll admit that for me, eating a supercharged nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner is easy. It's a no-brainer and comes naturally. I've never been into burgers, pizzas, breads, pastas, lasagnes, fatty meats or greasy 'meal foods'. Give me fish and vegies anyday.  BUT i do find that when my FITNESS GOALS are nowhere in sight, i do give EASILY into the Lindt chocolate, Magnum Temptation and the extra tablespoons of PB which gives me short-term satisfaction but long-term hell.

So where does that leave me? Well it occurred to me last night that there is one 'fitness thing' that i haven't been doing for quite a while. Since christmas if i'm not mistaken.

Running OUTSIDE.

Running in the elements has always given me a sense of clarity. It clears my mind, it empowers me and i simply feel free.... and amazing afterwards. The reason i had stopped was because i was getting blisters from my Vibrams as i hadn't bought any Injinji toe socks back then. I own quite a few pairs now. No more blisters, no more Vibram B.O. lol.

So as of this afternoon i am going to start back with 5km runs around my hilly neighbourhood. It's been a while since i have run more than a couple kms at a time so i'm guessing my time will probably be around the 27-28min mark (there are some fucking huge hills in Rochedale lol). My first big goal for the 5km loop will be to run sub 25mins. I'm not sure yet if i will be increasing my distance, i'll let my fitness levels guide me.

I'm looking forward to getting a dose of 'runners high'. It's been waaaay too long. I also know that with my runners high comes a shift in mindset. I shift into warrior mode. In warrior mode i am strong, i am a fighter and temptations become minimal. Why? Because i have purpose. And with that new-found focus will draw me closer to my physique goal. The last 3kgs is all about the mind now. I am at the stage where I can happily strutt around in nearly any clothes i desire because i am pretty lean BUT what i really want to be able to do is train in that damn gym showing off a sexy-six pack!!

3kg is the home stretch. I believe i can do it now. I'm pumped and i'm focused.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


What defines happiness?

Is it love; family; friends; work; achievement; money; health; food; ... your body? Or is it something deeper like self-love?

After reading this post by Tara last night, my head started racing at a thousand miles an hour. I came to the conclusion that superficial things can't create permanent happiness when your mind is forever battling with what type of mood it wants to be in. I believe that happiness is a reflection of the state of balance within one's self. It begins with self-love. To love your reflection in the mirror, you need to love the very essence of who you are. The negative mind can easily take that away from you if you are not feeding the positive mind with enough love.

It all starts with affirmations: Little sayings of positive self-talk affirming your goals, your desires, your beliefs, .... your love.

They need to be repeated everyday; muliple times until your unconscious mind automatically reverts back to them.

Self-love is the seed required for happiness to blossom. To keep that happiness blooming, seeds need to be planted everyday.

Today i am planting this seed:

I am beautiful.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Learning from your mistakes

Life gets tough sometimes but how you handle it is in your control. There are always two choices:
1. Be a warrior and tackle your challenges head on or;
2. Give in, be weak and fall into temptation.

This past week and a half has been a complete struggle. After having two weeks off training due to travel commitments and then sickness, i felt like a complete beginner. (Thank god i didn't have to resort to princess weights lol) I had lossed a little strength, endurance and boy did my sessions hurt. My mind wanted to push harder but my body just couldn't keep up. I seemed to be gasping for air, i could barely pump out 50 push ups, I was even taking rest periods (me-the Zuzana queen didn't know what 'rest' meant lol) and for the first time in weeks i couldn't even run a sub 10min 2km! Not to mention i felt flogged for the next few hours of the day. Training has always made me feel strong, invincible and on top of the world but feeling so out of condition this week made me realise that i need to LOOK AFTER MYSELF. I need to schedule in a week off training every eight weeks, to allow my body to recharge and recover. Eight weeks has always been my magic number, once i push on to ten or eleven weeks i start to feel exhausted and then BOOM, it's too late - i burn out.
So along with the depressed state of mind from my sucky training sessions came some pretty intense cravings. I was battling with my mind not to binge on PB and lindt chocs. Some days I won, some days i didn't. I was desperately trying to figure out how one week i could be so in control of all my actions and then the following week i do a compete 360 and let food control me. And with the lack of control comes self doubt, stress, poor body image and well just complete head fuck. It only occurred to me yesterday that my cravings weren't entirely emotional, there was a hunger factor involved too.

During my two weeks off gym i had naturally eaten less (skipping arvo tea and only having a coffee), adjusting my calorie intake as i wasn't doing any intense workouts. However when i hit the gym again last week, I was still trying to stick to the same meal plan, not thinking to put that extra meal back in. It was doing my head in - why was I so hungry all the time? Where were all these cravings coming from? Then it hit me, my body was crying out for more calories, more food. It really wasn't looking for PB or chocolate, it just wanted more vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs and fats to balance out my energy expenditure.

I had totally forgot one rule with ESE. You can't FAST and DIET. Otherwise your weekly calorie deficit will be TOO BIG! Hence the extreme hunger and cravings!

So now that i have worked out my huge arse mistake i am in a way better state of mind. I am feeling calm and at peace with myself once again. My confidence is coming back and i know that i will reach my goal weight in the next couple months!!!

Till then, only POSITIVE thoughts and SELF-BELIEF.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Week 10 OAP: Flying through the numbers!

What a fabulous start to a monday morning...


Well after being in scale-denial for two weeks i decided it was time to pay them a visit. (Traveling and sickness had definitely put me in scale-avoidance mode). The fact that i have had two weeks off gym was playing with my mind a little. My body was feeling a little on the soft side as i had done zero resistance training- only walking. But having said my body I'm feeling very refreshed, recuperated and strong now and so is my mind. A good break does wonders.

Week 13           17/03/2011
Weight:              63.2kg  (139.3lbs)

Week 10           4/04/2011
Weight:              62.3kg  (137.3lbs)

Difference:          900g  (2lbs)  LOSS
Difference to Date:    2.9kg (6.4lbs)  LOSS

Goal:                   ~59kg (130.1lbs)
Need to Lose:     3.3kg  (7.3lbs)

Can you give me a WOOT! I was in total shock this morning, i hopped on the scales three times just to be sure lol.

The only thing i am doing different now is..... FASTING again. I know i go through phases with fasting but only because you have to be:
1. in the right mind frame;
2. be committed to the fast, ie. no CHEATING; and
3, doing it to feel great about yourself and NOT doing as punishment.

I have done four x 24-hour fasts since my trip and my body is responding really well. Not only am i beginning to feel in control again (mind and food), but my mind is becoming clearer and it's wierd but i am now getting that endorphin rush that Brad mentions you should feel during the fast. That's when you know you are doing it for the right reasons.

SO on that note, i will be sticking with fasting twice weekly until i smash my goal. Not long now i would think! WOOT WOOT!

I must be off as i have a gym date with Zuzana... this is going to hurt but...


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Burning the Firecracker at both ends:(

Did ya miss me?! I'm sorry i have been a naughty blogger and MIA. Truth is, i have been SWAMPED with work; uni assessment and now i am battling a cold. Monday was the sore throat and swollen glands which has left; tuesday was the dripping nose which is still hanging around and today my head is foggy and i just want to go pass out back to bed.

So i have come to the conclusion that.... I am NOT superwoman :(... Damn it... Yes, your poor little firecracker has been lit at both end, someone come diffuse me before i burnt out! The cold is nothing serious but it is a sign that i need to CHILL THE F*K OUT! I have been listening to my body to some degree though. Apart from going for some light 30min walks outside (need my fresh air!), i have restrained myself from hitting the gym. No workouts since saturday! I know my body just needs to rest and come friday (uni exam) i can rest my mind too because i will be on uni holidays for 2 weeks WOOT! Then 2 weeks after that i am having 11 days off for Easter, double WOOT!

Must fly and drag my sorry arse to work!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The joys of traveling

Hey ya'll!  Well i am currently in Townsville-day 2 of my work trip-and I will be off to Mackay at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning. I'm totally looking forward to the 400km (250miles) /4.5hr drive ... NOT.  It's hot; it's humid and i am staying in a DUMP of a hotel. The Rydges is SUPPOSED to be 5 star luxury but seriously, I wouldn't even give it half a star.  It smells; it hasn't been renovated since the 40s; the carpet has stains ALL over it; the windows don't open; the lift tells you the wrong floor number; the decor is ugly; and wait ... there are fucking SPIDERS on the ceilings in the hallways!!!!! Total #FAIL.

On a positive note, business has been great up here; and I have enjoyed my walk along The Strand

each morning. You got to love that ocean breeze! A friend of mind (who reps for a protein powder company) is also doing his trip up here which has been awesome as I haven't had to dine out on my lonesome for once!

On the topic of dining out, i am SOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to eating my 'simple food' once i get back home. It might sound glamorous to eat out at fancy cafes and restaurants but for me, the novelty wears off after a couple of meals. Yes they taste AMAZING, but when your body isn't used to constantly eating extra sugars, saturated fats, dairy and gluten you react straight away. Not to mention too much of the good stuff ain't good for the sexy six-pack!

Right now, I'm feeling bloated, fluidy and just gross. Having said that i have tried to order as CLEAN as possible - grilled barramundi and salad (massive piece of fish-i could only fit in half!); chilli prawn vegie stirfy for the past 2 dinners. However for lunch I did resort to a chicken/ salad/ avo/ cheese wrap. The lesson learnt here is to STAY AWAY FROM GLUTEN! I already know this but two days of wheat and i look 6 months preggas my gut ain't feeling good. I'm really pissed off at myself for caving in and eating shit that i know isn't good for me. Call it a moment of weakness or a loss of focus. How can i be so STRONG some weeks and so WEAK on others? There has got to be a trigger deep down in my unconscious that i am yet to rectify.

Note to self - track down a Sumo Salad kiosk for lunch instead of doing the 'cafe thing'.

One thing i did learn from my last trip was to not eat out for Breakfast. I'm not really a breakfast person to begin with anyway. Morning tea is technically my first real meal so i'll have a banana super shake. I prefer to drink my first meal as it's tasty and lighter on my digestive system, especially after a big workout. So for that reason i packed my protein powder and bought some rice milk and bananas when i arrived. I thought $8.95/kg for bananas was exy in brissie. Try $11.95/kg up north- OMFG!

Anywho i must shower, freshen up, paint on my face and head out to dinner with an old friend from highschool who is living up here now. We're off to a fancy French restaurant- Michels tonight... no lamb brains or frogs legs for me though lol.

Au revoir!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week 13 OAP: Blessing of Ms Fluid Fairy

Is it FRIDAY yet!? Chaotic is an understatement. This week has been be crazy ... well so has every other week so no surprise there lol. I am off on my Townsville-Mackay work trip this sunday until wednesday so i have been madly trying to get my shit together. Just about finished my first uni assignment too woo hoo. And guess when it is due? ... Tomorrow!!!! ... Just kidding... Not until the 28 March- told you i am getting on top of things!

This week I've been having a blast with Zuzana workouts and  also pushed out another PB on Monday and Tuesday for my 2km run - 9:15min! Getting closer to that elusive 8:59min. I practically have to start on 12.3kph and increase my speed by .1kph every 100m then take off with 500m whilst trying not to fly off the back of the treadmill to keep up the former pace. Sub 9mins is going to be FAST. Well not as fast as speedy gonzalas aka Miss Melissa!

Food wise, I ended up having my treat meal on monday. In hindsight i probably should have had it sunday as all i did sunday night was dream about caramel slice. Seriously. So monday arvo, i took a trip to the bakery to buy it, drove home, opened up the packet and guess what i saw..... a cockroach.... just kidding haha.... A fuckin piece of Apple Slice! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! But i couldn't be bothered driving all the way back to exchange it, so i ate it anyway. It was yummy but no way as sickening delicious as caramel slice.

So with the sugar from Monday and TTOM around the corner, (talk about being in the FOULEST mood yesterday!)  i have been cast upon by Ms Fluid Fairy for weigh-in day. Yep got the sexy bloated look happening. Having said that i still feel a lot tighter than last week so i'm sure i will FINALLY see a 62 come next thursday... providing restaurant food doesn't have too much effect on me whilst i am away for work!

Week 14:                 10/3/2011
Weight:                    63.0kg   (138.9lbs)

Week 13                  17/3/2011
Weight:                    63.2kg  (139.3lbs)

Difference:              200g (.3lbs) GAIN
Difference to Date:  2kg (4.4lbs) LOSS

Goal:                        ~59kg (130.1lbs)
Need to Lose:          4.2kg  (9.3lbs)

Yeah yeah i know, nothing to be sob about so i am just going to get on with my day!

Gotta fly and enter the NERD KINGDOM before i head off to work!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Life is Good and Progress Pics

Well I have had a very productive weekend so far and i am finally feeling on top of things!

Yesterday's boxing class was a high intensity KILL-A-THON! We also incorporated some sprinting on the treadie that i loved and some sexy-six pack training at the end. Boy are my abs feeling tight today WOOT!! After that, i got in about 5hrs of study, a massage and dinner with my girlfriends. You know you are at a table with fitness girls when 4 out of 6 of them have had a boob job lol.

Today i will be spending another billions hours in Planet Nerdom.... Totally cool, i already know that ;-)

So for that reason i shall be quick and list a few things on my mind:

1. Nutriton plan is going great. My sugar cravings have been under control and i haven't even had a dessert treat this week. I was considering having a piece of caramel slice today but i have woken up feeling energised and craving free. No point just having it for the sake of it hey!

2. After being a little on the tired side earlier this week (i think uni/studying really threw my body out of whack!), i decided to listen to my body and take tuesday off training. My energiser batteries have now re-charged and i am bounding off the walls once again.I even did a PB for my 2km run on friday - 9:22mins! So the goal is to do a sub 9min. hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks!

3. My skin has improved 10 fold since cutting out all the extra shit from my diet... Got that glow happening!

4. I'm in a really happy place right now. With the study i feel like i have new-found purpose and direction in my life. I am focused and ready to take on the world!

5. I am noticing the changes in my body day by day. I actually think that i may only be a couple kilos away from being 'crop-top ready' for gym! For once its not a struggle at all. I haven't been fasting for a good 2 or 3 weeks now but what i am doing is eating intuitively. Four meals a day is working like a charm. I'm not hungry, i have minimal cravings and my energy is great. I'm not stressed about food prep, macro ratios, meal timing or calorie counting and my obsessive food thoughts have minimised. I am not dieting per se, just eating in a way that will keep me LEAN for LIFE.

So here are a couple pics from last night:

Trying to use the 'self-time' on my camera before heading out the door!

At the restaurant doing the 'chelle pose!'

Ok now i MUST stop PROCRASTINATING. Planet Nerdom here i come!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Week 14 OAP: Which Fairy Stole my Free Time?!

Whassup kids!?

I profusely apologies for being such a bad blogger. A naughty Fairy has stolen all of my FREE TIME! She deserves a smack... actually could someone please clip her wings? On a serious note, I didn't realise just how much my life would change by adding uni to it. I am super BUSY....all in capitals. During the week my life goes like this - eat, train, work, study, sleep, REPEAT... I allow myself 1 x 1hr moment of bliss tv show a night to unwind. Facebook and blogland are now slipping to the bottom of my PRIORITY LIST. But that is ok because i am LOVING activating those little brain cells of mine.

Anywho i must be quick so i'll get straight to the point.

I'm now doing my weigh-in days on thursday morning. Reason being is that i have been having my cheat meal on a saturday night. Last saturday included a yummy scrumptious stickydate pudding with 'bodybuilders icecream' (frozen yoghurt and protein powder) at Steph's house. It was sooooooo gooooood but as my body isn't used to a lot of sugar anymore i bloated straight away. It's seriously taken me a good 3-4 days to rid the bloat; sugar and fluid retention from my body. So i really didn't want a water-affected scale weight to enhance my mondayitis! ... On a side note, the way my body reacted to the above was a good reminder to steer clear of too much sugar during the week. It just didn't like it.... damn it ;-)

So here are my official results:

Week 15:            28/02/2011
Weight:               63.6kg  (140.2lbs)

Week 14:            10/02/2011
Weight:                63.0kg  (138.9lbs)

Difference:           600g LOSS   (1.3lbs)
Difference to Date:  2.2kg LOSS   (4.9lbs)

Goal:                  ~59kg  (130.1lbs)
Need to Drop:     4kg   (8.8lbs)

Yay, i'm totally stoked with the results so far but i was spewing i missed out on seeing that magical 62. The scale was flicking from 62.9 to 63.0 a few times and even with my 'you can do it chant', it reverted back to 63.0. Not to worry, next week WILL be my week!

Gotta fly! I will do my best to write a couple blogs per week..... now what is free time again?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Life is a WHIRLWIND!!

Hey ya'll well i tell you what, this week has been a WHIRLWIND! I have surprised myself just how much i have been fitting into a day. Seriously, juggling full time work; part-time uni (2 subjects) and comp prep is just a little on the crazy side. In doing so i have had to 3/4 my Facebook time (no time to read news feeds anymore!) and unfortunately have to cut down reading blogs :(. It's all about priorities now. But hey, I have brought my focus to a whole new level and i have given organised a brand new meaning. Meet Ms Superwoman lol.

I did my mid week weigh in this morning and i am down another 400g (0.9lbs). WOOT! I don't count this as an official weigh-in but i do like to know exactly how i am progressing through the week. I'm feeling a lot tighter, especially through my arms, chesticles and back. I always lean up like an icecream- from top to bottom ;-).

One thing i want to share with you is that there is the possibility of postponing the date of my comp. I was a little gutted at first but i have come to realise a few things:

1. I need to ace UNI. To do so will require about 2-3hrs of study a DAY. I'm a pretty fast reader and good memoriser but these chapters are so damn long!
2. I want to bring nothing less than SMOKING HOT condition to the stage.
3. My prep needs to be HEALTHY, BALANCED and STRESS FREE as possible. I.e Not RUSHED.

I know comps will ALWAYS be there. I can do the INBA Sportsmodel in September if i am not ready in time for June. I don't need to put added pressure on myself.

But what i will remain doing is keeping my 'comp prep focus'. These last two weeks have been mentally amazing. I feel like a completely different person with this lazer focus. My body has changed more in these past couple weeks than it did earlier this year. I feel strong, more confident and that i can achieve ANYTHING i put my mind to. I now know that being ultra strict throughout the week really isn't difficult at all. I am fueling my body with the right foods so i rarely feel the need for the sugary crap. The snacking has ceased cos i know that i only do it for emotional reasons. One of them BOREDOM. I don't have time to be bored anymore!

My 'comp prep focus' is something i believe i need to keep doing if i want to be LEAN for LIFE. That's right baby. By eating clean throughout the week allows me to really enjoy a few treat meals on the weekend without the guilt, that feeling of failure or the thought that i have just blown my entire progress.

So for now, I am focussing on getting down to 59kg ( 130.1lbs) and around 55ml. Once i get there (should be about 3months) i can make an executive decision about which comp to do. From there all i will need to do is fine-tune the body!

OK gotta fly, my inner nerd is calling me!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 15 OAP: Off to a good start

Hey ya'll hope you weren't hit by mondayitis!

Well today is weigh in day and i'm happy to report i have had a drop, yay! I was secretly hoping for a BIGGER one but i just need to remind myself that some weeks will be small drops, some will be big and there will also be plateaus...hopefully not too many GAINS! I am also keeping in mind that i will be saying farewell to these last few kilos FOREVER. That is right. The focus and discipline that i executed last week is something that i want to keep doing comp prep or not. The discipline to say NO to temptation during the week will allow me to enjoy a few treat meals on the weekend without that dreaded feeling of guilt, failure or the thought that i have ruined my progress.

I was suppose to go out for mexican and dessert on saturday night but one of the girls wasn't well so we'll be heading out this sunday. So instead i went out for Thai with mum and dessert. Gosh i am getting good at this no sugar thing!

Anywho i really must be quick as i still have to hit the streets for a 30min walk then get stuck into my uni books cos it is Day 1 today! My inner nerd is totally excited.

Week 16        21/02/2011
Weight:          63.9kg  (140.9lbs)

Week 15        28/02/2011
Weight:          63.6kg  (140.2lbs)

Difference:     300g Loss  (.7lbs)
Difference to Date:   1.6kg Loss  (3.5lbs)

Goal (for now):    59kg    (130.1lbs)
Need to Lose:     4.6kg    (10.1lbs)

Oh and before i forget, i did Zuzana's 600 Rep Sexier Toned Body Workout this morning. It took me about 35mins and i was totally F*ked. Seriously, it was hardcore. I'm used to doing 50 reps but today it was 60 reps of everything and those extra 10 reps make ALL the difference! I swear she must have been on drugs when she wrote this workout lol..... and then being such a machine i hopped on the treadie and pumped out 2.09km (1.3miles) in 10mins. Woot, on fire baby!

Abs Abs Abs Abs Abs is the only thing on my mind!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hurled in the Guts by a Medicine Ball

Well today started off with a bang. I woke up and wondered why it was so light. OMFG, my alarm didn't go off (2nd time this week!) and it was 6.42am! Bodyslam starts at 7.05am and i live 11mins away from the gym when all the traffic lights are GREEN. Pee'd, cleaned teeth, gym clothes on and out the door i raced. Thank god i had packed my gym bag the night before, i got there right on time!

Now I never train without coffee tantalizing my tastebuds but with the sudden rush of adrenaline it was like a mega caffeine hit. I was having a killer class until.... the medicine ball drill. We were in two lines (18 per side) opposite our partners, with our arse on the floor, legs interlocked and leaning back at a 45 degree angle. The aim of this exercise was oblique training, so 4 medicine balls (7, 8, 9 and 10kg) were given to 4 people.

On the whistle it was game on. If you had the ball you would twist to the right and  hurl pass the ball to the next person etc. You had to be on the ball (no pun intended lol) to keep sight of all 4 balls that were being hurled passed around. After a few mins, we changed direction to the left. I could see the 9kg medicine ball quickly approaching. A few moments later the lady next to me (my friend Zina) had it in her hands. I was ready to recieve it and next thing i knew, Zina (accidently!?) hurled it at me! I was taken by surprise and didn't react in time copping a flogging in the guts! OMFG, a 9kg ball in the stomach totally winded the life out of me! Before i knew it I was passed out on the floor on the floor not knowing whether to laugh or cry. I haven't been winded since my soccer days and boy did it hurt! I had to take a breather for a few minutes, then soldiered on and finished the class. Yes i was primed for a boxing battle... Zina and i are still friends lol.

Today was also my gym's 26th Birthday so Rockwear had a stand in the foyer and i happily treated myself to invested in 2 hot new tops and a pair of shorts. Rockwear gear rocks, literally. I have shorts that i bought 8 yrs ago that haven't stretched, have minimal fading and still look as good as new. Plus the cuts are totally flattering. I will post some progress pics soon!

Later this morning i met the gym girls for a late brunch (11am) at Perks at Garden City. (I still hadn't eaten anything since waking up). I had the Mediteranian Breakfast with a few changes- 2 poached eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomato, haloumi (i gave half the slice to a couple friends) on gluten free toast (no butter)... and 1 small bite of my girlfriends Banana Bread. It was one of the girls- Jestina's birthday and guess who passed on the caramel mudcake??... That would be ME! Yep i wasn't even salivating interested. 7 days sugar free and you definitely lose your cravings.

However tonight will be my treat/cheat meal. It's another girlfriends 26th birthday and we are going out to Guzman Y Gomez at the Emporium for mexican... and then to FREESTYLE TOUT for dessert! So the plan is to have something light/not high in calories for dinner- possibly spicy chicken tacos because my dessert may just have a shitload few calories ;-) Someone send me a Fairy that will make me a calorie free dessert!

AND last of all i bought a hot new dress from Cue for tonight. I tell you what, it's an awesome feeling picking a size 8 (US size 4) off the rack and knowing that it is going to fit perfectly Pics to come!