Friday, December 16, 2011

Boobs and Birds


I have had the craziest week and being the festive season there has been so much to do and so many people to see. I love this time of the year! This week has also been quite interesting to say the least:

On the work front, the question of the week went a little something like this:

Customer: Now Chelle, please don't laugh (she's trying not to crack up) but do you have any herbal supplements for BREAST ENLARGEMENT?
Me: Are you serious!? (starting to giggle)
Customer: I have a client here who wants a natural alternative to surgery.
Me: Yeah good luck with that! Trust me, if there was i'd be 12 grand better off!... But i can recommend some products to delay the sagging process (hehehe ... now that is 12 grand well spent ;-)

Apparently there was a product on the market a few years back for "Breast Enhancement". But it wasn't long before the TGA took it off for 'making false claims'. Go figure.

Boobs aside, we move onto birds:

So last night i met up with a girlfriend for her farewell party. Now FYI i rarely drink, but being the festive season i decided to have a vodka, lime and soda (only ended up drinking half). We ordered some tapas too. Now my diet has been pretty clean the past couple week so by the time i got home last night I was feeling a little off in the stomach. Not because i ate a lot, but i think just from the combination of all the different foods and booze in my stomach was making it churn. So anyway i went to bed and when i woke up this morning I was still feeling slightly off. But i reminded myself that i had a huge power session to do at gym so SUCK IT UP PRINCESS!

Coffee down the hatch, music pumping, -Chelle: 1, Sick Stomach: 0.

Pscyhed and ready to GO! Grab my bags, opened the front door ... and nearly HURLED all over the floor.

On my front door step was a DEAD PIGEON with the contents of its entire stomach exposed for the whole world to see. OMFG, that stupid cat! So i've jumped over it, didn't even bother to lock my front door and bolted to the car.

Chelle: 1, Sick Stomach: 100000000000000000000000000000000000000

So i'm sitting in the car trying not to dry reach and write a little note for my dear old neighbour which went a little something like this:

Hi Steve,

Could you please do me a favour and take away the present - a dead pigeon - that your cat has kindly left on my doorstep.

Thanks, Chelle :)

I then stuck it to his front door.The cat has left little presents for me before but only in the form of geckos and other small lizards, never anything with FEATHERS! Pigeons are a lot bigger than i had thought.

Birds aside, we move onto the gym.

Killer session. I am loving the strength training, what a buzz. I've been on a super high all day. The one thing i do need to work on is my flexibility. I am one of those bad(ass) athletes that only do a quick 5 minute stretch at the end of a session ... only because i am ALWAYS running late! So guess what? I have the tighest lower back in the history of the world. I'm sure driving around in a car all day doesn't help either. It's at the point now where sometimes it feels like i'm about to blow a disc its going to seize up. So stretching is just something that i have no choice but to start doing properly. Otherwise i am not going to be able to increase my weights much because my back wooses waaaaay before my legs during squats and dead-lifts. Sacrificing form for poundage is not an option.

On that note, i have to fly and get ready for BodyGroove tonight ... Time to dance off some lactic acid that i didn't stretch out this morning!

Dear Ms DOMS Fairy, please leave me alone. Love Chelle.

Oh and P.S. 2012 plans will be revealed TOMORROW!

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