Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Power Session

Hey ya'll, hope you're having a fabulous weekend! The sun is FINALLY out here in Brisvegas ... no more of this rainy/ cold bullshit lol. Seriously, jackets are not meant to be for SUMMER ... neither are sleeves of any kind ... singlets are how i roll baby!

Weather issues aside, I have to tell you about my awesome, empowering PT session on friday! ... My whole body is officially in a coma state of DOMS. Not the seized up kind that my calves were in, but the kind where you know you have recruited every muscle fiber in your body because you have kicked some fine arse! ... For that reason, I didn't do the Kangaroo Point Stairs this morning (I didn't want to be one of those SLOW CODGERS who you yell "move out of the fuckin way to!'' "incoming" to. Instead I (listened to my body) went for a nice long walk around the riverside in the SUNSHINE.

So on Friday, i met up with Miss Liz for the monster of all PT sessions. As you probably know, i have been training like a Zuzana Princess for the last twelve months or so. Her style is more crossfit than traditional bodybuilding or power lifting, so my mindset is always in fitness/endurance mode. So when Liz told me we were doing a POWER SESSION, my heart stopped  skipped a beat. Olympic Bar Squats (arse to the floor style), Olympic Bar DeadLifts (skin your shins with the bar style), Olympic Bar Overhead Shoulder Press (ummmm Slow Style?) and Pull Ups (that i just laughed at lol). To be honest i was a little nervous but pretty pumped about the new challenge.

Liz reminded me the most important thing about this session wasn't how much I could lift, but rather how good my technique was, and that way i'd be using the correct muscles. Our power session focussed more on slower and lower reps which burned like hell and felt like a cardio workout in itself. I was sweating like a pig (do pigs really sweat?) and panting like a dog. Hot - totally ;-). But i tell you what, focusing on technique and strength was empowering. With each rep my mind became stronger and suddenly i felt like i could conquer anything ... There was also no way i would let Liz conquer me hehehe. By the time I had squatted, dead lifted and shoulder pressed i was absolutely fucked smashed ... We still had Pull-Ups to go, noooooo!

Liz then brought out the bands. Its been a few years since i have trained with bands but i will definitely be buying a few pairs of my own. Bands differ in resistance and help a pull-up beginner like moi to do them on my own without the aid of a spotter. I haven't done chins or pull-ups in ages so i honestly didn't think i'd be able to do any. On the contrary, I smashed out quite a few and again, being a power exercise, I was overcome with this instant feeling of achievement once I had finished.

What a killer session, i was on a high for the rest of the day. This style of training is definitely going to be incorporated into my new exercise regime.

New training program? Personal Trainer? You may just be wondering what is going on?

Stay tuned, all will be revealed in the next couple of days!


  1. Nice work - you have got to love a weight session that makes you sweat like its cardio!
    Hope the DOMS subside soon!

  2. Thanks Maryanne! Oh and I am feeling a liitle more mobile today lol ;-)