Monday, December 26, 2011

Creating the BODY

Hey ya'll, hope you've had a fabulous Christmas!

Well now that all the food festivities are OVER, I can focus on my transformation (don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed having a a nibble of everything ... and a few too many Lindt Balls ;-), but all my body wants now is lots of the 'natural' stuff. I.e. foods without an ingredient list). I spent a bit of time this morning checking out the photo gallery of this years' Asia Pac competitors to get an idea of the 'look' the ANB federation are going for.

Lean and tight with sexy curves and a wee bit of super suave attitude ... you've got to catch the judges attention. Even the most amazing body won't be noticed if you don't have the personality on stage to show it off!

And also, none of this greyhound business either - i.e. girls that look like skinny bean poles ... SO NOT SEXY.

I've got a reasonably well-balanced physique thanks to 9 years of consistent weight training and before that, (I joined the gym at 17, the week after Schoolies!) 12 years of being a sports mad athlete. However, the areas i need to work on are as follows:

Shoulders - a bit more width will give the illusion of a smaller waist.

Abs (Sexy Sixpack!) - my trouble spot and always drop dead LAST to come into condition. They are currently in hiding ... i may have to send a search party lol ... so an appearance by the end of February is what the Doctor has ordered!

Arse - having been a runner since as far as i can remember, has helped me to develop a pretty good set of pins and a nicely shaped bootay if i do say so myself! ;-) ... so now it all comes down to 'perkiness' - tighter and rounder glutes. I have no doubt i will be squatting and dead-lifting my way until the cows come home!

SO i'm thinking as of next Monday i shall post up some progress pics and stats. I've got the post christmas bloat going on at the moment: Sugar + Dairy + Wheat (for me) = FLUID RETENTION!!! It should reside in the next day or two which means NO CAMERAS STAT! That reminds me, i should really drink some green tea to cleanse this lil body of mine.

So until then, this is the 'look' i am going for:

JNL's an inch taller than me (I'm 5'7"), but we're quite similar in body structure. I'd say I'm about 4-5kg away from her level of leaness, so now all i have to do is



  1. Have you considered throwing some swimming into the mix for your shoulders ?

  2. Cameron - The answer is an absolute NO lol! I'm a natural at just about every 'land' sport but in the pool, i'll do a zillion strokes and get nowhere! Never been a fan of laps, i'd rather float around in the surf ;-) ... Shoulder size and shape will come from iron and boxing ;-)