Friday, December 23, 2011


Well as of 12.01PM yesterday, I officially went on HOLIDAYS! You have no idea how good it felt to put on the call someone who cares message holiday voicemail and email. Bliss...pure bliss ;-). It has been a massive year for me, so apart from the Christmas celebrations this weekend, I plan on doing a whole lot of NOTHING over the next 11 days. Apart from training and catching up with a few friends I really don't want to go anywhere. With all my work trips and daily driving I think i have clocked up well over 50000km this year. So it's now time to recharge my energizer batteries (they're a bit on the flat side atm!) and prepare myself for an even bigger and more exciting 2012!

Since i revealed my plans for 2012 on Sunday, I have discovered a whole new level of FOCUS. My motivation levels have stepped up a notch; my desire to race to the shops and buy a block of Lindt Chocolate has diminished; and my training intensity has been through the roof! John aka Mr Punching Bag, my boxing partner got SMASHED on wednesday night. On most occasions, our intensity levels are on par (he rides motorcross so he is pretty damn fit!), but there have been times that he's had to yell at me coax me through a session ... ("Come on Chelle, you can do it ... just throw up after the session has finished".) I don't know what has come over me, but i keep finding that second wind, and damn it feels good.

I am really looking forward to Christmas this year. Why? Because i know that i am in CONTROL of the food and not the other way around. I'm sure many of you have been there before, where Christmas (and the days before and after!) is a free ticket to binge on copious amounts of food (and/or alcohol) until you feel the need for a stomach removal. Not this year, I am going to enjoy SMALL amounts of everything this weekend and come Boxing Day I am back to my 'normal' nutrition plan ... and since the gym is closed, weather permitting (the rain isn't looking good) I will hit the KP Stairs for a HIIT workout!

So my Christmas plans this weekend are:

Christmas Eve: Dinner at mum and dads.
As i am half Malaysian we don't do the whole turkey/ham/roast potato thing. I'm not really into big chunks of animal meat so that doesn't bother me at all. On our menu will be a Malaysian Beef Curry, Roast Duck, BBQ Pork, Salad, Vegies, Rice and I'm not sure what the dessert will be yet!

Christmas Breakfast:
Our tradition is to meet all the other relatives down the coast at Conrad Jupiters Casino - Food Fantasy Restaurant for a Buffet Breakfast/Brunch. It opens at 6.30am (My crazy dad will be there at 6am without fail to line up for a table ... first in first served, if you arrive after 8 you may miss out on a table!). I'm aiming to arrive around 7.30/8ish. I don't usually have breakfast until about 9.30am so I'm quite happy to sleep in until a normal waking hour lol. The great thing about going out for breakfast is 1. The food is AMAZING. They have a huge assortment of hot and cold foods, chefs making omelettes, danish pastries, waffles etc. 2. No one has to spend hours in the kitchen cooking or washing up. 3. Everyone is full, so no need for a massive lunch or dinner.

Christmas Dinner:
My good friend Kim aka GA, is hosting Christmas Dinner this year. Not sure what she is cooking yet but her culinary skills are amazing... all i know is that there will be a triple choc mousse cake for dessert ;-)...

But as i mentioned before, I will enjoy small bites of everything so i don't feel like a bloated whale by 10pm Sunday night.


What's your Christmas tradition?!


  1. I can so TOTALLY relate to the sudden focus; amazing hey!
    Have a great holiday chicky; sounds like a wonderful plan of nothingness! xoxo

  2. It sure is, the focus of a MASSIVE GOAL!!! Woot to us!... Have a fab christmas too xo