Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dusting off the STRIPPER HEELS...

Well it has taken me every ounce of courage to put my fingers to the keyboard tonight. I had been putting off this post alllllllll weekend due to a little bit of self doubt that had wiggled its way back into my mind. Fear of commitment you could call it. Truth is, what I am about to reveal is big. Big on many levels. This decision of mine is not just about the final result but more importantly, the journey to get me there.

This journey means:
1. No more masking any emotional issues i have with food; and
2. Learning to deal with any shit that gets thrown my way in a productive manner.

I had the option of holding out on this announcement till February next year, however, in my mind that would just allow me another 10 or so weeks of making excuses (if i needed to). So for that reason, I feel that there is nothing like a little bit of external accountability to help get me off the ground!

... Now that was a weight off my shoulders!

So without any further ado (seriously who says that anymore lol? Lets cut the bullshit!) drumroll please!


I am dusting off my stripper heels and competing in:

on June 11th, 2012 which is exactly 25 weeks or 175 days from TOMORROW eeeeeek!

Here's an excerpt about the catergory from the Asia Pacs Website:

What separates a Fitness Model from a Sports Model?

The Female Fitness Model is expected to be leaner than the Sports Model category however not totally defined in all areas as would be expected in the Figure Category. Fitness Model competitors must have a very toned and taut body and leaner in the abdominal area than the Sports Model, however still requires to have a womanly figure. Less detail and definition is required to that of a figure competitor and the delineation between the fitness model and figure competitor is the level of definition and muscle separation in the torso and limbs (both arms and legs). If a competitor has very defined arms, legs and back they would be better suited to the Figure Category. 

Judging RoundsThere will be three rounds in the fitness model category and this will comprise of a:
  • Bikini RoundContestants will be asked to walk in a bikini and high heels across the stage. It is important to mention that two-piece swimsuits are required. G-Strings are not acceptable.
  • Sports Wear RoundContestants will be asked to walk on stage cat walk style displaying active/sports wear theme that will be of the athlete’s choice. The chosen attire must be tasteful and complementary to your body type.
  • Evening/Club Wear RoundContestants will be asked to walk onstage wearing their choice of evening/nightclub wear. Ensure your outfit is stylish and sexy yet not skanky lewd in presentation.

So there you have it, my 2012 plans have been revealed! I am super excited and a little bit nervous but I do believe i can kick some serious arse. I know this new journey of mine is going to take a lot of mental strength to pull off, but it is time and I am ready to CONQUER!


  1. Go Chelle!! Wishing you the best on the amazing and challenging journey ahead of you.

    XX Magda

  2. Thanks so much Magda, I am looking forward to it too! xo

  3. AWESOME! Yup-2012 is ours chicky! June will be a stellar month!
    I'm right there with ya! (just not the same comp) WOOHOO!

  4. So wats this abt stripping? Lol:) u go on gurrrl! Hw exciting! U can do it babe! Bring on th will power! Woohoo! xo

  5. Rae- It sure is babe! All Females has actually crossed my mind, i just have to sit down and figure out if i can afford to do that show as well and if it clashes at all with my uni exam timetable. I'll keep ya posted!

    Tri - Hahahaha, shhhh the show is a front for something else lol!!! .. No letting me slack off in boxing class now! BRING IT YEOW!