Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stairs and Shopping Sprees

Well this morning I decided it was time for a high intensity cardio session. Since the gym was closed I decided to head out for some fresh air and CONQUER the STAIRS! To my surprise there were quite a lot of people at Kangaroo Point this morning ... burning off those Christmas calories. I got down there a bit after 7.30am and remembered to bring my stop watch this time. I smashed out 10 sets in 33:30 minutes. I felt fitter and stronger this time around unlike 3 weeks ago when i thought i was going to hurl lol.

There was an ultra fit chick running them too, I swear she's a figure girl. I am sure i've seen her on stage before, next time i'll have to ask her name. Anyway we got chatting (KP is a great place for meeting fellow fitness enthusiests!), teamed up and she pushed me to breaking point! It was an awesome session, I was absolutely fucked spent by the time I had finished. She did 20 sets in about 45mins - INSANE!

So i've decided that my goal for the stairs (10 sets) will be 25minutes. I reckon i should be able to achieve it in the next 6 to 8 weeks. Just got to keep cutting down on those rest periods!

On a side note, I've just come back from a successful mini shopping spree. Had some Lorna Jane and Rockwear gift vouchers to cash in. I scored 4 x gym tops, 2 crops and a pair of shorts and only had to part with $140 = WIN WIN! ... a girl can never have too much lycra!

Anywho gotta fly, I'm half way through watching Jackass 3, SOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!

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