Thursday, December 8, 2011


So my grand plans of running on tuesday quickly dissipated the moment i fell rolled out of bed on monday morning. Ms I'm a bitch Lactic Acid Fairy had zapped me with a servere case of DOMS (Delayed-onset-muscle-soreness) in my calves ... as punishment for torturing them up and down the Kangaroo Point Stairs on sunday ... and not stretching afterwards, oops. Seriously, my pins were on fire, you have no idea. I've spent the last few days walking like an elderly crippled pushing an imaginary walker. Awesome.
So yesterday rolled around and i was determined to attempt my boxing class. (After repping in the fuckin RAIN all day, there was no way i was going to sit on my arse at home for the rest of the evening!). Usually wednesday night slam is a combination of boxing and weights, circuit style, so i thought i'd be sweet- no leg cardio. But to my disgust delight, the substitute instructor decided we'd do boxing combos with interval SPRINTS. Nooooooooo!

FYI, I am the faster girl runner (thanks to my track days!) by a long shot, and a close second to Tall Dave. If his hips weren't up to my head, maybe we would tie... ok he's not quite that tall but you get my drift. So the first round of sprints come up and OMFG, ouch was an understatement. My poor calves were soooo tight i thought they were either going to cramp or snap. So i had to resort to a faster version of the 'pushing an imaginary walker' movement. Not cool. Especially when the snail paced athletes were LAPPING ME! Ugh. So i decided that bodyweight squats were my best alternative.

And just as i thought i had figured a pain free way of getting through the class, Short Steve (Tall Dave's boxing partner - sometimes Short Steve has to stand on the stage when his vertically challenged status is an issue lol) thought it'd be funny to grab my calf. My automatic reaction was to kick him in the gonads ... BUT i quickly realised that my standing leg would probably cramp up and i would fall on my arse, so i resorted to a punch in the arm ... I am usually not a violent person, but insane soreness calls for extreme measures ;-)

What a session lol. But i was smart and spent some time stretching out my calves afterwards. Followed by applying a shit load of Arnica cream and Tiger Balm. The result - this morning: right calf is back to normal, left calf is still a little tight ... i blame Short Steve for that ;-)

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