Tuesday, April 19, 2011


What defines happiness?

Is it love; family; friends; work; achievement; money; health; food; ... your body? Or is it something deeper like self-love?

After reading this post by Tara last night, my head started racing at a thousand miles an hour. I came to the conclusion that superficial things can't create permanent happiness when your mind is forever battling with what type of mood it wants to be in. I believe that happiness is a reflection of the state of balance within one's self. It begins with self-love. To love your reflection in the mirror, you need to love the very essence of who you are. The negative mind can easily take that away from you if you are not feeding the positive mind with enough love.

It all starts with affirmations: Little sayings of positive self-talk affirming your goals, your desires, your beliefs, .... your love.

They need to be repeated everyday; muliple times until your unconscious mind automatically reverts back to them.

Self-love is the seed required for happiness to blossom. To keep that happiness blooming, seeds need to be planted everyday.

Today i am planting this seed:

I am beautiful.


  1. Yes, yes you are.

    Beautiful post.

  2. I tried to comment from my dang iPad the other night and it wouldn't go through. Great post. I'm in the same place girlfriend. ;-) XOXO

  3. Thanks Kellygirl. I know it will take consistant effort BUT by year end i WILL be in a place where BALANCE and HAPPINESS is just the norm xo... ps. got your email about FitFLuential, will get back to you soon!