Monday, April 4, 2011

Week 10 OAP: Flying through the numbers!

What a fabulous start to a monday morning...


Well after being in scale-denial for two weeks i decided it was time to pay them a visit. (Traveling and sickness had definitely put me in scale-avoidance mode). The fact that i have had two weeks off gym was playing with my mind a little. My body was feeling a little on the soft side as i had done zero resistance training- only walking. But having said my body I'm feeling very refreshed, recuperated and strong now and so is my mind. A good break does wonders.

Week 13           17/03/2011
Weight:              63.2kg  (139.3lbs)

Week 10           4/04/2011
Weight:              62.3kg  (137.3lbs)

Difference:          900g  (2lbs)  LOSS
Difference to Date:    2.9kg (6.4lbs)  LOSS

Goal:                   ~59kg (130.1lbs)
Need to Lose:     3.3kg  (7.3lbs)

Can you give me a WOOT! I was in total shock this morning, i hopped on the scales three times just to be sure lol.

The only thing i am doing different now is..... FASTING again. I know i go through phases with fasting but only because you have to be:
1. in the right mind frame;
2. be committed to the fast, ie. no CHEATING; and
3, doing it to feel great about yourself and NOT doing as punishment.

I have done four x 24-hour fasts since my trip and my body is responding really well. Not only am i beginning to feel in control again (mind and food), but my mind is becoming clearer and it's wierd but i am now getting that endorphin rush that Brad mentions you should feel during the fast. That's when you know you are doing it for the right reasons.

SO on that note, i will be sticking with fasting twice weekly until i smash my goal. Not long now i would think! WOOT WOOT!

I must be off as i have a gym date with Zuzana... this is going to hurt but...



  1. Awesome work Chelle.
    I admire you for taking on the fasting and loving it. It's certainly not for the faint hearted.

  2. you go girl! so fasting as in on juices or fasting as in just water? it sounds hard

  3. Thanks Magda!

    Laree - it's a 24 hr water fast so i'll have breakfast as per normal and then no food till breakfast the following day. You can drink black coffee, herbal teas, diet soft drink etc just no calories.

    It's really not that hard, and the more you do the easier they are. My tummy will grumble a bit at the 8hr mark but i keep reminding myself that its only 24hrs, it's no big deal cos i get to eat tomorrow. After 12hrs i feel great, and the following day i always feel really lean ;)

  4. Congrats, you're doing amazing!!

    I agree you have to be in the right mind frame for fasting, but it works wonders!! I may pick it back up again a few weeks before I start work at the beach to get extra ready :D

  5. Thanks Katie! I am totally LOVING the results which is a big incentive to keep up the fasting too. Yay for beach season! I had to pull out my flanellete pjs last night, its getting a little chilly here :(

  6. I may be incorporating a bit of fasting into my days again. If I can have a diet Coke here and there during the fast, I'm good. ;-)

  7. Kellygirl - That's great news! I remember how quickly your body repsonded to the fasting.

    My tummy usually grumbles a bit at the 8hr mark (about 3pm) so i will have one black coffee with sweetener to get me through it and then i am good to go for the rest of the fast. I'm fasting again tomorrow, really looking forward to it too - got my eye on the prize WOOT!

  8. ive decided to have a go at fasting today! wat do u have for brekki on fasting days? my normal brekki is wholegrain oats and protein, is that too heavy? also do u work out as per normal?

  9. Laree-Woohoo! I eat breakie as per normal (coffee and a banana smoothie) as i can't stomach a lot of food in the morning. SO oats and protein is fine. I do though usually have a bigger dinner the night before as (for me), a fuller stomach just gets me through the fast easier.

    In regards to working out, Brad says can train as per normal or you can rest, its entirely up to you. For me, i have found that i am better off just going for a walk rather than intense cardio or weight training as the latter can make you 'mentally hungrier'.

    Also too, it is up to you when you start the fast. The only prerequisite is that it lasts 20-24hrs. Breakfast to breakfast works best for me, but i have friends who prefer dinner to dinner. You just gotta play around with different starting times and stick with the time that makes the fast the easiest to get through.

    Check out Brad's website- Eat Stop Eat, you can also buy the ebook if you want to know all the scientific info behind the fasting philosophy and why it works so well.

    Let me know how you go!
    ps. are you on facebook? :)

  10. awesome cheers for that! yeah im on facebook, who isnt haha just search shaye laree thompson