Thursday, April 14, 2011

Learning from your mistakes

Life gets tough sometimes but how you handle it is in your control. There are always two choices:
1. Be a warrior and tackle your challenges head on or;
2. Give in, be weak and fall into temptation.

This past week and a half has been a complete struggle. After having two weeks off training due to travel commitments and then sickness, i felt like a complete beginner. (Thank god i didn't have to resort to princess weights lol) I had lossed a little strength, endurance and boy did my sessions hurt. My mind wanted to push harder but my body just couldn't keep up. I seemed to be gasping for air, i could barely pump out 50 push ups, I was even taking rest periods (me-the Zuzana queen didn't know what 'rest' meant lol) and for the first time in weeks i couldn't even run a sub 10min 2km! Not to mention i felt flogged for the next few hours of the day. Training has always made me feel strong, invincible and on top of the world but feeling so out of condition this week made me realise that i need to LOOK AFTER MYSELF. I need to schedule in a week off training every eight weeks, to allow my body to recharge and recover. Eight weeks has always been my magic number, once i push on to ten or eleven weeks i start to feel exhausted and then BOOM, it's too late - i burn out.
So along with the depressed state of mind from my sucky training sessions came some pretty intense cravings. I was battling with my mind not to binge on PB and lindt chocs. Some days I won, some days i didn't. I was desperately trying to figure out how one week i could be so in control of all my actions and then the following week i do a compete 360 and let food control me. And with the lack of control comes self doubt, stress, poor body image and well just complete head fuck. It only occurred to me yesterday that my cravings weren't entirely emotional, there was a hunger factor involved too.

During my two weeks off gym i had naturally eaten less (skipping arvo tea and only having a coffee), adjusting my calorie intake as i wasn't doing any intense workouts. However when i hit the gym again last week, I was still trying to stick to the same meal plan, not thinking to put that extra meal back in. It was doing my head in - why was I so hungry all the time? Where were all these cravings coming from? Then it hit me, my body was crying out for more calories, more food. It really wasn't looking for PB or chocolate, it just wanted more vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs and fats to balance out my energy expenditure.

I had totally forgot one rule with ESE. You can't FAST and DIET. Otherwise your weekly calorie deficit will be TOO BIG! Hence the extreme hunger and cravings!

So now that i have worked out my huge arse mistake i am in a way better state of mind. I am feeling calm and at peace with myself once again. My confidence is coming back and i know that i will reach my goal weight in the next couple months!!!

Till then, only POSITIVE thoughts and SELF-BELIEF.


  1. Great post Chelle. And an important lesson I've had to learn over and over too: The warrior needs fuel :)

  2. I really love your ability to "work it out" Chelle. Keep up the great work. I think you're AMAZING!

  3. Steph - yes this warrior definitely does! I just have to keep breaking old habits and keep forming new and improved ones that are of a balanced 'lifestyle' approach :)

    Shelly - Thanks Shelly you're so sweet. Now hopefully this new 'worked out' plan will bring me all the way to my goal weight without any more bumps in the road!

  4. YAY for working it out!! Definitely a better option than beating yourself up for something you can't change.
    Me thinks your 8 week plan sounds like a good one - if 8 weeks is what works best for you, then you need to listen to your bod.
    Hope to catch up soon hon xx

  5. Thanks Vic! Yes i am ONLY listening to MY body from now on, and that goes for food and training. No more trying to follow parts of other people's plans because our body's are SMART, they will only respond the way they want too!

    Lets catch up in the next couple weeks, i'll FB you!! xo