Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mega Procrastination and Comp Prep

Well i have successfully managed to do ZERO uni this weekend - talk about mega PROCRASTINATION!!.. I had more important things on such as boxing, 10km run (56:15mins - 1:12min faster than monday's run WOOT!), massage, dinner for mothers day, catching up with a girlfriend for coffee and even CLEANING! Yes my non-existant love affair with housework even took precedence over my two assignments that are due on monday 16th. That is 8 days from now!!!! Actually, i was smart or stupid enough to book my flight to Cairns (work trip) on sunday 15th so really i only have 7 days... didn't want to leave the assignments to the last minute!

SO until they are handed in i will be MIA from the internet. Serious. Refreshing your Facebook homepage every 5 minutes isn't very productive lol. The first one is about 85% complete and the second one is 50% done. Nothing too difficult, i really just have to pull my finger out and start typing... some A-class material.

Nothing like a deadline to get the ball rolling!

Which makes me think about my weight-loss goals. Even though i am only 3kg away from 'body perfectionique', and have been only 3kg away for an ETERNITY i have no deadline, no uber urgency which i know is one reason why my ability to stop at 1 lindt chocolate is in the negatives on a scale from 1 to 10.

WHat to do? i am a little confused!
TO compete or not to compete that is the question?
Would it turn me into a crazy, food obsessed lunatic like i have been in the past?
OR would the structure of a REALISTIC and HEALTHY comp plan from a coach be just the guidance i need to stay strong, focussed and cravings free?
BIG GOALS are scary but they do bring out the best in me.
I know once i commit there is no turning back.
But i also know that i am still dealing with bouts of binging so i question myself about the possibility of a nasty post-comp rebound.

Is the journey of a sportsmodel comp prep the right path to take?

What are your thoughts?


  1. Honestly? No, don't do it! There is NOTHING realistic or healthy about competing, sportsmodel or otherwise. If you're still binging now then there's a reason for it and you're bound to rebound big time if you go down that path. That's my honest opinion. You don't need a goal like that to be smokin' hot. You already are! But I do understand where you're coming from. Can I suggest that you put the scales away? And perhaps take a look at what you've been telling yourself? It's only 3 kilos, yes, but maybe you've been holding onto it for a reason? You know what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat. So trust yourself and have faith. Surrender, do what you know to be good and true for you, and you may just find in a few weeks, a couple of months, it's gone!

  2. Thanks for your wise words Shelley. I've been doing a lot of thinking since i posted this and it's very clear now that comp prep is not going to solve my emotional eating issues. It would more so be a distraction for a limited period of time. TIme to start digging and get to the bottom of it! :)

  3. You know how I feel about it..pretty much agree w/Shelley-competing is not the way to deal w/binges. If you want to compete for the sake of competing..then go for it-but not in order to attain a certain weight goal-we all know that comp diet, as any diet, is short term.
    Sounds like you already made your decision...wise girl! xoxo

  4. I sure have Rae! Healing myself from the inside out is step 1 on my agenda now xo