Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The joys of traveling

Hey ya'll!  Well i am currently in Townsville-day 2 of my work trip-and I will be off to Mackay at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning. I'm totally looking forward to the 400km (250miles) /4.5hr drive ... NOT.  It's hot; it's humid and i am staying in a DUMP of a hotel. The Rydges is SUPPOSED to be 5 star luxury but seriously, I wouldn't even give it half a star.  It smells; it hasn't been renovated since the 40s; the carpet has stains ALL over it; the windows don't open; the lift tells you the wrong floor number; the decor is ugly; and wait ... there are fucking SPIDERS on the ceilings in the hallways!!!!! Total #FAIL.

On a positive note, business has been great up here; and I have enjoyed my walk along The Strand

each morning. You got to love that ocean breeze! A friend of mind (who reps for a protein powder company) is also doing his trip up here which has been awesome as I haven't had to dine out on my lonesome for once!

On the topic of dining out, i am SOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to eating my 'simple food' once i get back home. It might sound glamorous to eat out at fancy cafes and restaurants but for me, the novelty wears off after a couple of meals. Yes they taste AMAZING, but when your body isn't used to constantly eating extra sugars, saturated fats, dairy and gluten you react straight away. Not to mention too much of the good stuff ain't good for the sexy six-pack!

Right now, I'm feeling bloated, fluidy and just gross. Having said that i have tried to order as CLEAN as possible - grilled barramundi and salad (massive piece of fish-i could only fit in half!); chilli prawn vegie stirfy for the past 2 dinners. However for lunch I did resort to a chicken/ salad/ avo/ cheese wrap. The lesson learnt here is to STAY AWAY FROM GLUTEN! I already know this but two days of wheat and i look 6 months preggas my gut ain't feeling good. I'm really pissed off at myself for caving in and eating shit that i know isn't good for me. Call it a moment of weakness or a loss of focus. How can i be so STRONG some weeks and so WEAK on others? There has got to be a trigger deep down in my unconscious that i am yet to rectify.

Note to self - track down a Sumo Salad kiosk for lunch instead of doing the 'cafe thing'.

One thing i did learn from my last trip was to not eat out for Breakfast. I'm not really a breakfast person to begin with anyway. Morning tea is technically my first real meal so i'll have a banana super shake. I prefer to drink my first meal as it's tasty and lighter on my digestive system, especially after a big workout. So for that reason i packed my protein powder and bought some rice milk and bananas when i arrived. I thought $8.95/kg for bananas was exy in brissie. Try $11.95/kg up north- OMFG!

Anywho i must shower, freshen up, paint on my face and head out to dinner with an old friend from highschool who is living up here now. We're off to a fancy French restaurant- Michels tonight... no lamb brains or frogs legs for me though lol.

Au revoir!


  1. $11.95/kg for bananas! what the crazy! i would refuse

  2. I know its disgusting! The cyclone that hit Queensland last month wiped out 70% of the entire banana plantation hence the ridiculus prices! THey used to be $2-3/kg!

  3. I have never heard of barramundi before.....do tell. Also, I FEEL FOR YOU STAYING IN A CRAP HOTEL and wanting to get home....you poor thing. ;-(

  4. Kellygirl - Barramundi is an Aussie favourite! Its a white, flakey fish caught in Australasian waters, best pan-fried, skin on with a little salt for seasoning. I think it must be your Tilapia equivalent! We can't buy that down here :)

  5. I know exactly what you mean about eating out while on business trips! I enjoy it for about one day then I wish I could get back to my kitchen where I know exactly what I'm eating :)

  6. I hear ya girl- restaurants and business trips are no way as glamarous as they sound!!