Thursday, March 10, 2011

Week 14 OAP: Which Fairy Stole my Free Time?!

Whassup kids!?

I profusely apologies for being such a bad blogger. A naughty Fairy has stolen all of my FREE TIME! She deserves a smack... actually could someone please clip her wings? On a serious note, I didn't realise just how much my life would change by adding uni to it. I am super BUSY....all in capitals. During the week my life goes like this - eat, train, work, study, sleep, REPEAT... I allow myself 1 x 1hr moment of bliss tv show a night to unwind. Facebook and blogland are now slipping to the bottom of my PRIORITY LIST. But that is ok because i am LOVING activating those little brain cells of mine.

Anywho i must be quick so i'll get straight to the point.

I'm now doing my weigh-in days on thursday morning. Reason being is that i have been having my cheat meal on a saturday night. Last saturday included a yummy scrumptious stickydate pudding with 'bodybuilders icecream' (frozen yoghurt and protein powder) at Steph's house. It was sooooooo gooooood but as my body isn't used to a lot of sugar anymore i bloated straight away. It's seriously taken me a good 3-4 days to rid the bloat; sugar and fluid retention from my body. So i really didn't want a water-affected scale weight to enhance my mondayitis! ... On a side note, the way my body reacted to the above was a good reminder to steer clear of too much sugar during the week. It just didn't like it.... damn it ;-)

So here are my official results:

Week 15:            28/02/2011
Weight:               63.6kg  (140.2lbs)

Week 14:            10/02/2011
Weight:                63.0kg  (138.9lbs)

Difference:           600g LOSS   (1.3lbs)
Difference to Date:  2.2kg LOSS   (4.9lbs)

Goal:                  ~59kg  (130.1lbs)
Need to Drop:     4kg   (8.8lbs)

Yay, i'm totally stoked with the results so far but i was spewing i missed out on seeing that magical 62. The scale was flicking from 62.9 to 63.0 a few times and even with my 'you can do it chant', it reverted back to 63.0. Not to worry, next week WILL be my week!

Gotta fly! I will do my best to write a couple blogs per week..... now what is free time again?


  1. You go girl on achieving your fitness goals! I am working on dropping weight and gaining muscle, ala fitness competition style. I am being a bit more private about my goal. I'm a gym and weight training lover, really I love all things fitness. I can totally relate to not weighing in after a cheat day, my pitfall is pizza.
    – Joanna

  2. Hi Joanna, thanks for stopping by my blog!! All the best with your fitness goals!... I haven't had pizza in forever... my sweet tooth over-rules for my cheat meal everytime lol

  3. Ahhh life gets nuts sometimes Chelle - understandable given everything you got going on! Hope your hour a day is enough downtime :)
    And yep, I am with you on the cheat stuff...well we all know about me and my ice cream addiction so I don't even need to tell you I relate to not weighing myself for a few days post cheat day ;)

  4. Honey you are AMAZING and I so hear you on where is the time?? fighting that situation in my life right now for sure....

  5. Vic- thanks babe, i thought you'd understand LOL! i'd love more than an 1hr of downtime during school days but atm its totally not possible..... except for thursday nights: Greys, SVU and Private Practice hehehe. I'm also using my 30min arvo walk as 'active downtime' to break up my study schedule too!!

    Thanks Kellygirl- i now completely understand what it is like to live a day in your shoes....CRAZY INSANE!!