Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week 13 OAP: Blessing of Ms Fluid Fairy

Is it FRIDAY yet!? Chaotic is an understatement. This week has been be crazy ... well so has every other week so no surprise there lol. I am off on my Townsville-Mackay work trip this sunday until wednesday so i have been madly trying to get my shit together. Just about finished my first uni assignment too woo hoo. And guess when it is due? ... Tomorrow!!!! ... Just kidding... Not until the 28 March- told you i am getting on top of things!

This week I've been having a blast with Zuzana workouts and  also pushed out another PB on Monday and Tuesday for my 2km run - 9:15min! Getting closer to that elusive 8:59min. I practically have to start on 12.3kph and increase my speed by .1kph every 100m then take off with 500m whilst trying not to fly off the back of the treadmill to keep up the former pace. Sub 9mins is going to be FAST. Well not as fast as speedy gonzalas aka Miss Melissa!

Food wise, I ended up having my treat meal on monday. In hindsight i probably should have had it sunday as all i did sunday night was dream about caramel slice. Seriously. So monday arvo, i took a trip to the bakery to buy it, drove home, opened up the packet and guess what i saw..... a cockroach.... just kidding haha.... A fuckin piece of Apple Slice! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! But i couldn't be bothered driving all the way back to exchange it, so i ate it anyway. It was yummy but no way as sickening delicious as caramel slice.

So with the sugar from Monday and TTOM around the corner, (talk about being in the FOULEST mood yesterday!)  i have been cast upon by Ms Fluid Fairy for weigh-in day. Yep got the sexy bloated look happening. Having said that i still feel a lot tighter than last week so i'm sure i will FINALLY see a 62 come next thursday... providing restaurant food doesn't have too much effect on me whilst i am away for work!

Week 14:                 10/3/2011
Weight:                    63.0kg   (138.9lbs)

Week 13                  17/3/2011
Weight:                    63.2kg  (139.3lbs)

Difference:              200g (.3lbs) GAIN
Difference to Date:  2kg (4.4lbs) LOSS

Goal:                        ~59kg (130.1lbs)
Need to Lose:          4.2kg  (9.3lbs)

Yeah yeah i know, nothing to be sob about so i am just going to get on with my day!

Gotta fly and enter the NERD KINGDOM before i head off to work!


  1. Ms. Fluid Fairy HAHAHA I hate that biotch!!

  2. LOL, she is definitely a Biatch!!!