Thursday, March 3, 2011

Life is a WHIRLWIND!!

Hey ya'll well i tell you what, this week has been a WHIRLWIND! I have surprised myself just how much i have been fitting into a day. Seriously, juggling full time work; part-time uni (2 subjects) and comp prep is just a little on the crazy side. In doing so i have had to 3/4 my Facebook time (no time to read news feeds anymore!) and unfortunately have to cut down reading blogs :(. It's all about priorities now. But hey, I have brought my focus to a whole new level and i have given organised a brand new meaning. Meet Ms Superwoman lol.

I did my mid week weigh in this morning and i am down another 400g (0.9lbs). WOOT! I don't count this as an official weigh-in but i do like to know exactly how i am progressing through the week. I'm feeling a lot tighter, especially through my arms, chesticles and back. I always lean up like an icecream- from top to bottom ;-).

One thing i want to share with you is that there is the possibility of postponing the date of my comp. I was a little gutted at first but i have come to realise a few things:

1. I need to ace UNI. To do so will require about 2-3hrs of study a DAY. I'm a pretty fast reader and good memoriser but these chapters are so damn long!
2. I want to bring nothing less than SMOKING HOT condition to the stage.
3. My prep needs to be HEALTHY, BALANCED and STRESS FREE as possible. I.e Not RUSHED.

I know comps will ALWAYS be there. I can do the INBA Sportsmodel in September if i am not ready in time for June. I don't need to put added pressure on myself.

But what i will remain doing is keeping my 'comp prep focus'. These last two weeks have been mentally amazing. I feel like a completely different person with this lazer focus. My body has changed more in these past couple weeks than it did earlier this year. I feel strong, more confident and that i can achieve ANYTHING i put my mind to. I now know that being ultra strict throughout the week really isn't difficult at all. I am fueling my body with the right foods so i rarely feel the need for the sugary crap. The snacking has ceased cos i know that i only do it for emotional reasons. One of them BOREDOM. I don't have time to be bored anymore!

My 'comp prep focus' is something i believe i need to keep doing if i want to be LEAN for LIFE. That's right baby. By eating clean throughout the week allows me to really enjoy a few treat meals on the weekend without the guilt, that feeling of failure or the thought that i have just blown my entire progress.

So for now, I am focussing on getting down to 59kg ( 130.1lbs) and around 55ml. Once i get there (should be about 3months) i can make an executive decision about which comp to do. From there all i will need to do is fine-tune the body!

OK gotta fly, my inner nerd is calling me!


  1. good attitude to have about comp focus!
    comps will always be there,do what you need to do!

  2. Thanks Mel! My big goal is to get to a point where i am only ever 1-2kg away from being (bikini) stage ready. 4- 6 week prep sounds good to me!

  3. Wow I feel energised and exhausted at the same time just from reading your blog Chelle. (I could use some of your ultra organisation and focus skills right now. I have study to nail as well but have been procrastinating a bit.)



  4. LOL! What are you studying? I used to be a total procrastinator- ahem *last year*! This time around I have had to plan each day to the hour!

  5. Sounds very sensible Miss Chelle!

  6. Agree with Charlotte. I think you can do it and don't think you need to be 57kg :)

  7. Thanks girls!

    Liz - I think you're right. I'm pretty certain now that 57kg will have me mistaken for a skeleton lol