Friday, November 12, 2010

Vibram Barefoot Running Shoes!

All i can say is TGIF! What a week! Anywho, my exciting news is that i finally picked up my Vibram Fivefinger running shoes.

 I bought the Bikila model which is especially for running. I've used them twice at the gym so far and i love them. They're extremely light - 137g each and i just feel like i am flying when i run. Having said that,  it will probably take me a month or so to fully break them in and transition to using them for a long run. The reason being is that they only have 4mm of tread on the sole, therefore my feet have to build up strength which has been lost over the years wearing normal cushioned, arch supported running shoes. Plus, they also force you to run on your toes - its impossible to strike the ground with your heels first. Heel striking is believed to be one of the main causes of ankle, knee, calf and hip problems that many runners associate with. So yes my feet and calves were a little sore after wedesday night boxing class! 

I mentioned here that one of my goals is to run 10km in 49min. So this is my POA:

Sunday: 10km run outdoors
Monday: 30 min easy run (wearing Vibrams) outdoors
Tuesday: Speed work (treadmill) 3 x 2km run @ 4.45min pace = 9.30mins with 2min Rest
Friday: 70min easy endurance run outdoors

Each week i will challenge myself in my tuesday speed sess to reduce my time. This will allow me to develop a faster natural running pace for my longer runs.

So NEXT YEAR i have decided that perhaps it is time to do some road races! I've always been a competitive athlete so it'll be great to get the adrenaline pumping again. I know this year i have kinda missed the thrill of a having a big goal (like a figure comp) to train towards so i have no doubt my mojo will be on fire. FYI i am looking at 5-10km races. The thought of a 1/2 marathon is too many kilometres for my little brain to comprehend atm lol

Hope you all have a kick-arse weekend!


  1. Woohoo! Go girl. They look awesome! I want some! Lol! keep us updated on how they go, can I ask how much? :)

    Look forward to hearing how your running goes too, can't wait to set my own goals too! Yay for new goals and exciting times ahead! xoxo

  2. I know! These ones (bikila's) were $209 but the older models are about $179. There are a few online shops in the States that are quite a bit cheaper including postage - $135, but i couldn't get the size and colour that i wanted. They are suppose to last about 1000km too, so hopefully shouldnt need an upgrade anytime soon! xo

  3. Cool! Sounds good babe, thanks for that!

  4. I just have to say it. I know peeps love them but I still think they are NOT CUTE. ;-)

  5. LOL, you are totally the fashionista Miss Kelly girl ;-)

  6. I have a friend that says these keep her in business, she’s a physical therapist. I’ve seen a lot of people start trail races with them and limping later. But maybe they are fine on the road?
    I’m with KO on the looks, it is startling when you come up on someone wearing them. – Hey my mantra “you have to find what works for you”

  7. Hey brad i'm totally with you on 'finding what works for you'! I get sore knees with 'normal running shoes' after about 5km so i am keen to give the vibrams a shot. Having said that, i will be breaking my feet in very slowly over the next 4-6 weeks so stay tuned ;-)