Tuesday, November 23, 2010

OSB #4: Week 3: Stick with what you LOVE.

Over the past few weeks my running mojo has been cruising the carribean on vacation. Serious. So i have been doing my head in trying to figure the hell out why. I love running so why don't i want to run? Yeah i have been running once or twice a week but there have been quite a few occasions where i have opted to just walk (or do NOTHING) instead. And then it hit me this morning....


I know i had all these plans to be running all these 10km races but to be honest its just not a distance that i enjoy running. Having said that i will probably enter a few 10km races for the hell of it but the distances that make my endorphins run HIGH are between 5-8km. Yeah i am fit enough to pump out a 12.5km run at a pretty good pace (71mins) but that length of time does NOT TURN ME ON! It feels more like a chore that i have to endure for calling my little sis names lol. And NO i am not being whimpy either. I have always loved to run FAST, so i would rather get my runners high from smashing out a kick-arse 5-8k'er than jog out a 10+ k'er...hmmm and all for the sake of burning more calories...And well, it doens't end up being much more calories over the course of a week seeing that i end up skipping runs simply because i just don't want to do those distances.

So all that got me thinking. To be in the health and fitness game for the LONG TERM, you HAVE to LOVE your training. Just as Raechelle says too -you need to find a sport/exercise that gives you a high, that makes you happy and that makes you excited to wake up in the morning. Because if you choose one that doesn't, I can just about guarantee that you won't stick at it for long.

On that note, i will post my new running POA in the next few days.

And here are my results for OSB #4:

15/11/2010   Week 2
Weight:          63.6kg

22/11/2010   Week 3
Weight:          63.6kg

Difference:     0.0kg

No change, no surprise....oh and NO PEANUT BUTTER EITHER ;-)

On a fabulous note, i am on HOLIDAYS as of thursday - give me a fuckin WOOT! You have no idea how excited i am! I'm having 2 weeks off, so come thursday i'll be on a plane to Sydney at 8am. Yeah BABY!


  1. Stick with the 5k's! You can great workouts doing 400/800/1mile repeats, short, fast and sweet annddd effective :D or even inclines! Sometimes I do an interval workout just based on how I feel, no pressure. I run fast when I want, I increase the incline when I want and I use the music to get me going. Have a great holiday!!!!

  2. Thanks babe i will! I get to put on my holiday voicemail in exactly 50mins!!... Just thinking about only having to run 5 (to 8)ks makes me happy and pumped. 10+km stresses my little head out lol.. I haven't run intervals in AGES so i think i will start doing some when i get back from hols. BTW, how many days are you running/week?