Monday, November 8, 2010

OSB #4: Week 1: Ready to NAIL IT!

Woah, did you read the title!? Yes i am (mentally) READY to launch off my plateau (comfort zone) and  kick butt all the way until i reach my GOAL. (I was going to type 'end' BUT there is no 'end' in fitness. Once i reach this goal, i will just set a new one) NO ifs, buts or maybes! I am in it to WIN it baby! So Operation Sexy Bitch (OSB) number #4 begins right NOW!

Now i haven't down a 'weigh-in' in weeks - 6 to be exact. So i was a little nervous but also curious of what number would be gleaming back at me. I knew i wasn't as slim as i was back in August (but not far off!) but i also knew that i am looking pretty lean now (check out my 25th party photos here!) and that the 10km training is doing wonders for my legs. So i was pretty confident i would be under the 64kg (141lb)mark. Long gone are the days when it was a struggle to get under 66kg (145.5lbs)!

8/11/2010  Week 1
Weight:  63.6kg  (140lbs)

So i am finally out of scale denial, feeling great and off to a cracker start! 61kg (134lbs) is only 2.6kg (6lbs) away from where i want to be. So if you combine my Nailing November goal of 'nailing snacking/mindless eating' with my 10km training it can only equate to some kick arse results!

Are you ready to Nail It!? Who is with me!?


  1. totally with you! how tall are you if you dont mind me asking

  2. Awesome Laree! I'm 5ft 7 or 172cm =)

  3. I think you are looking tops Chelle. Keep nailing it~

  4. Thanks Miss Liz! I WILL! - Just need to NAIL this inner thigh, lower abs area.. always the LAST to DISAPPEAR! =P