Thursday, November 18, 2010

OSB #4 Week 2: Wins and Losses

My apologies for being such a SLACK-ARSE blogger this past week!... I had my reasons. The main one being that i made a promise to myself to saying NO to being OVERWHELMED in November. That has meant that this week i have made priorities so that i wouldn't get overwhelmed which would increase my stress levels which could also lead to a binging episode as a 'coping mechanism'. Therefore i made time to book a zillion appointments for my Rocky/Gladstone trip, i vaccummed, mopped, water'd plants, cleaned and disinfected my entire pad till i could see my reflection off my sparkly tiles lol. Has anyone been to Rocky? OMG, total hicksville! This town has cow statues EVERYWHERE, its quite amusing lol

On that note i have continued to 'nail' my peanut butter habit. Yes i am very chuffed with my efforts so far. It is not in the house and i have not thought of it once.... Actually i lie. The only time i have thought about PB is when i was in a health food shop for an appt and i was standing next to the PB machine with all these containers full of freshly crushed PB..mmmm.. BUT i forgot about it as soon as i left the store... So i identified that PB is not a real craving at all =).... Having said that i have been fighting off a wide range of sugar cravings (.....i vaguely remember eating some caramel slice =P) since saying farewell to PB. Its like i am replacing one food craving with another, which i know isnt really a food craving but an emotional one.... Yes there are still little demon fairies in my head that i am poofing away one at a time.

My running has been going great. I havent quite stuck to my POA due to 'overwhelming priorities' listed above but i did do my first 12.5km run last friday in 72mins. It was tough going but i was very happy with my effort. Running longer than 60min  (i havent run over that time in YEARS) was a huge mental barrier to overcome but now that i have done it once i am damn sure my next endurance run (tomorrow) will be a hell lot easier. I am still yet to do a proper run in my Vibrams but I am planning to get that done this monday.

I have also decided to change up my weight training as i was becoming extremely bored with my current 3 day split body sessions. So from tomorrow i will be doing 2 x full body workouts per week. Monday and Friday. I've got an awesome plan to follow and some new supplements to try so stay tuned for my buffness report!

I really must fly so here are my weigh in results from monday:

15/11/2010  Week 2
Weight:      63.6kg

8/11/2010   Week 1
Weight:     63.6kg

Difference:  0.0kg

No change which i am ok with. I will be on 2 weeks holidays as of next thursday so there are a few things i want to play around with in my current eating plan which should get things moving again. I know one thing i do need to focus on if removing the processed SUGAR out of my diet AGAIN. It has slowly crept back in and i am feeling a little sluggish so Ms Sugar Fairy will be getting her butt kicked!

Ok i really must fly now!


  1. Ah Peanut Butter. I only go into the jar to adjust the level and make sure it is neat. You know a messy PB Jar is a crime.

  2. Totally. My problem was that my jar was 'always' messy therefore i had to keep leveling it out! ;-)