Friday, November 19, 2010

A Shift in Focus and the Thrilling End to my Trip out of HICKSVILLE!

One thing i do enjoy about being in isolation travelling for work is the amount of 'me time' i get to zone out deep into thought. Ever since i was little i have always been a thinker. I could zone out for hours setting myself goals and visualizing what my future would be like. Its always a fun exercise which creates a lot of excitement in my mind. Perhaps that excitement is the driving force behind my motivation for life, a passion that comes from the deepest of my soul?

So over the past few days whilst i was in Hicksville Rocky/Gladstone, i began thinking of how i would like to feel each day. Energetic, enthusiastic, positive and HAPPY were a few adjective that came to mind. What originally got me asking myself this was that on a few occassions over the past few weeks i have eaten some icecream, chocolate and caramel slice =P... no peanut butter remember... And because i am extremely dairy intolerant, guess how i felt the morning after ingestion? Shithouse!... Yeah like i had been run over by a semi trailer lol.... I had the phlegm thing happening, my energy was totally zapped and all i could think of was, 'how could i still be tired, i have just had 7 hours sleep!?"

So for the reasons above i am shifting my focus of 'weightloss/fat loss' to 'feeling energised'. Of course the fatloss is my ultimate goal BUT to me the word 'weightloss' brings about negative connotations. 'Loss/losing' is negative where as 'energised' is positive. Negative thoughts can bring about feelings of deprivation - i can't eat this, i can't eat that. So when you think of all the foods you can't have, you begin to want them more! So now with my 'shift in focus', i am asking myself, 'what shall i eat to energise my body'? Its a totally different mindset and already my outlook on food is different! Yes i feel like fruit, nuts, natural, un-processed foodie goodness!

Now, if you would like a giggle at my expense please READ ON!

By the time i got to the airport yesterday arvo i was exhuasted, grumpy and couldn't wait to get the fuck out of there. Boganville city. Thank god i won't be going back until at least April! To my delight, my flight got DELAYED!... It turned out to be about a 30min wait... Finally they called us to board the plane. YAY...And then i took my seat. It wasn't long before i realised that every bogan in boganville had joined me on my return flight home...sigh.....AND then i realised the bogans had already started on the piss....sigh....All i wanted to do was hand them a can each of shut the fuck up!..... So i opened up my book (The healthy skin diet -post to come!) and ZONED OUT..... until....the air hostie wheeled down the food and beverage trolley...The bogans were ordering beers left, right and centre...sigh... And just when i didn't think my trip could get any worse, the air hostie dropped a can of beer on the floor, it burst opened, spraying its entire contents all over ME ... and my new shoes and handbag =(... For fucks sake! So after i used every serviette that was on board the plane to dry myself off the air hostie asked me the dumbest question." Would you like complimentary cheese and crackers or a beer. Its on the house". OMG, do i look like i drink beer and eat cheese and crackers?! .. Um, let me think about that! How about NO! ...Douchebag.

So we land, i get my luggage and go outside to wait for the mini bus to drive me back to my car....and guess who was in the line?... the drunk bogans....NOOOOOOOOO! .... So i made a quick decsion to sit up the front, i was in NO mood for any bogan conversation!...I was tired, grumpy and smelt like beer. Shower and bed couldn't come soon enough!

On that note, i had a kick-arse day today. I did an intense full body workout and smashed out another 12.5km run!

Have a fabulous weekend xo


  1. Chelle, I love your attitude about eating to feel energized. I think its a real winner and what could be better than being a picture of health and vitality? Not a bag of walking bones, dragging itself around.

    Love your beer story for a great laugh :-)

  2. I like the idea of focusing on being energised rather than on fat loss. I've been having similar thoughts myself today. Have a great weekend!

  3. Ah yes, "Boganville" of the North - we couldn't believe how many were overweight in this area, including the kids.

  4. Magda- ah my life always seems to be quite entertaining LOL!

    Magda/Char - I think to be in this (health)game for the LONG run our attitude has to be geared towards feelings of energized, vibrance, youthfulness etc. If we keep focussing on the negatives all the time we are bound to keep falling off the bandwagon - just food for thought! Have a fabulous weekend too =)

    Liz - Totally. Lucky i didnt hang around long enough to discover the unfortunate 'names' of some of the local inhabitants LOL ;-)

  5. I'm with you on the shift on focus, I'm still going to have my weekly weigh-ins, but I am more focused on my fitness progress. I'm more concerned with running faster times and increasing my push-ups/pull-ups than weighing less.

    Sorry about your flying experience, although I've always wished to live in Australia no matter what part it was!

  6. Katie- You should come over for a visit one day, its an amazing place!

    Your running times are out of this world! They are inspiring me to train harder and run faster!

  7. Hey Chelle, well done with the change of focus. Sounds as though your attitude is spot on :) Good luck in fine tuning your training.

    I can't beleive that the air hostess spilt a can of bear on you, yuck!!! Bloody airlines!

    ps. Love the look of those Vibrams.

  8. Bec- Just my luck lol... I did my first run in the Vibrams on saturday, they are seriously awesome except for the fact my calves are now killing me from being on my tippy toes the entire time! ;-)

  9. I love the shift in focus idea. I think much of what we consume is habit! Great idea on how to self talk. Xoxo

  10. I totally agree Amy. I think my brain had programmed 'you must eat Peanut butter (with a large spoon) straight after (every) dinner'!!! Now its just a matter of replacing each 'bad' habit with a 'good' one until all i have are 'healthy thoughts/habits' on auto-pilot! xo