Monday, August 9, 2010

OSB #3 Week 5: Give me a WOOT!

Well well well, i just know that this is gonna be a smashing week! Why? Because i feel on top of the world!

I finally STOPPED procrastinating yesterday and got started on the last unit of my PT assessment (Strength and Conditioning) that was due *ahem* ... last september...seriously lol...My family knows the owner of FIT really well, so i've got away with them being overdue....I think that is an understatement...Its a running joke now!... There have been a couple reasons i believe why i have procrastinated over them:

1. I definitely have no intentions of actually being a PT! (Nutrition, writing, fitness modelling is what i love doing and where i want to be)
2. Procrastination (for me, as told by my chiro/kinesiologist) is a 'fear of things being difficult'. Hence the reason i had put it off and put it off.

So saturday night i decided to go for a big drive (i had a ME weekend), zoned out and had a big discussion with my brain...literally! One thing that came into mind was a spiritual affirmation that my chiro had given me a few months back in regards to my procrastinating. - 'Let it be easy'. He told me that nothing is hard when you break it down into baby steps, you just need to take the first one.

I woke up sunday morning in such a positive mindset, took my first baby step and started the fuckin assignments lol... I'm just about finished now. Time consuming YES, brain fried YES, hard... NOPE! And most importantly, i feel FREE (well by tonight i'll feel really free!). Yep i feel like to some extent my life has been on hold because there was some stress going on, deep down in my subconscious because of the assignments. Now i have more room to let more exciting opportunities into my life!

Anywho i bet ya'll hanging out for my results... Week 5 already!

I had a pretty good feeling about this morning. You know when you walk past the mirror and think - yeow baby! Well that has been like everyday this past week! I'm definitely feeling a lot leaner than i was in the photo shoot, so i cant wait for the next one!

2/08/2010  Week 4
Weight:   63.7kg

9/08/2010   Week 5
Weight:   62.6kg

Difference:  1.1kg LOSS

I knew i was carrying a shitload of bloat last week lol



  1. Woot! LOL. Hope you have another great week!

  2. Nice one Chelle!
    Assignments done and a smashing loss!

    A good start to another week
    Shar x

  3. Thanks everyone, i'm SOOOOO pumped right now!!! Bring it!

    Cases of Ring - i've just discovered 'Google Translater', thanks for your comment!

  4. I give you a WOOT! Baby!! You are rocking it!! ;-) As always. Keep it up girl, you are keeping me in line!!

  5. Thanks kelly girl!.... Thats cos you're aboard my sexy bi-atch train WOOT! ;-)