Friday, August 6, 2010

Sneak Peak of the "Gravel Shoot" + an unexpected comment....

This week has been a fantastic journey of self discovery. I've been doing a lot of reading on the topic of 'emotional eating' and have discovered some of the 'trigger factors' that accentuate my ISSUE! I am on a mission to master the combination of 'awareness and control'.

Awareness: of actual hunger over emotional hunger... i.e intuitive eating
Control: over portion size, over mindless snacking, over not eating till i'm overstuffed and ill! Dealing with emotional issues on an emotional level and not with physical food.

In order to achieve the above, i have started to listen to my body and ask it questions even when the faintest thought of 'snacking' crosses my mind.

Am i really hungry?
Am i bored?
Am i stressed?
Will eating 'x' really make me feel better?

And so forth. This has been a successful exercise so far and i one that i am going to keep on doing. Already i am feeling lighter, leaner (pretty easy when you aren't consuming MINDLESS CALORIES!) and clearer in the mind. So i'll keep you posted over the upcoming weeks as my mind becomes .....FUCKIN STRONG BABY!

Now onto the unexpected comment...

I swung by mum and dads' this arvo ... i think i need a drumroll....

My mum (ex - hemorrhoid!) said, "Wow michelle you look great, have you lost weight!?"

I nearly toppled over from a coronary lol....Seriously i do not remember the last time my mum has EVER given me a compliment. Let alone one about my body!

How things have changed. So i couldn't help but smile and say, "yes and thanks." =)

And last of all i have a couple sneak peaks from Ada's photo shoot to share with ya'll!


  1. Ooh - very 'architectural'! Cool! Like your new blog template too.


  3. spunky! Wish my bum was that pert! xxoo

  4. Hee hee, i have lost count of how many squats, lunges and high bench step ups i have done over the years Ren! Legs and butt are my fav body part to train, i love the BURN! x