Thursday, August 19, 2010

Body Image - Its All about ATTITUDE!

Do you have issues with your body image?

Like most girls, i have my own body image demons that i fight with from time to time. I have my 'Gross i'm Fat' days (usually to do with Ms Fluid Fairy) and 'Fuck yeah, i'm LEAN baby' days. Now that i am half way through OSB #3, I'm happy to say that the latter is how i feel 90% of the time.


This week, to my delight is TTOM... NOT! And it seems like Ms Fluid Fairy has been in a nasty mood. Instead of sprinkling 'fluid fairy dust' over me she's hired a fuckin bob cat and dumped a 'sahara desert portion of fluid fairy dust' over me.... ugh, so now i'm looking PUFFY.

I know its just to do with hormonal changes in the body (and maybe the Magnum i ate last night cos i was feeling sorry for myself) and i know that the fluid will subside in the next day or so Chelle- build a bridge and get over it!

Note to self:
1. Stop using food to deal with emotions - it didnt even taste half as good as i imagined
2. It didnt change how i was feeling at all!.... Now i'm PUFFY, so i think i'm worse off lol

Do you have trouble spots?

For me, my abs (middle to lower) are ALWAYS the last to come into condition. Along with my inner thighs. And when Ms Fluid Fairy visits i.e NOW, it is those two areas that are WORST affected.

I'm really happy with my upper body right now - I can see all the spilts and veins in my shoulders and arms; my back and chest are well defined; calves are killer (thanks mum and dad and years of being a runner/sprinter); my butt is perky and i have no muffin top present either lol.

So with all those positive points, why do i still stew over my trouble spots? ... Its like, sometimes we are so blinded by our trouble spots that we forget to focus on the entire package that is essentially SMOKIN!. We need to let go of the 'fear that change won't happen' because it is all just IN OUR HEADS. The truth is that change IS happening, and it is happening NOW... just fuckin slowly lol.

I've only got 2.6kg to lose till i reach my ultimate body goal..... I'm on the HOME STRETCH now, I just gotta stay focussed and know that it WILL HAPPEN.

As my girl KellyO says, 'ITS ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE!"

So with that, i'm kicking my silly sorry attitude out the door and replacing it with SMILES and POSITIVITY. I have so much going for me at the moment that i don't have time to WASTE being sad.

Oh and i should remind myself that i just bought the hottest outfit from CUE on tuesday.....did i mention my shorts were a size 6 (AUS)!?


  1. I had to check to make sure I wasn't the one who wrote this, cuz you echoed my thoughts so closely! I feel the same way when hormones kick in and seem to derail my progress. Hang in there and remember that it'll soon pass, and you'll be right back on track. Great job on changing your attitude and focusing on the positive things!

    My problem areas are my thighs and glutes. :P

  2. Thanks for the positive vibes Kari! ..and thanks for following my blog too ;-)

  3. Hopefully you'll be rewarded by feeling and looking better in a few days. Hormones suck :)

  4. Thanks Liz. Lots of good food, training and a massage are on the cards to move all this damn fluid! =P

  5. Wow we share the same sucky problem areas and the same focus as well... LOL Love your positive attitude to it and YES you are SMOKIN hot girl!!!!

  6. Aw thanks cathy! You know, sometimes i think us (figure) girls are way too hard on ourselves in regards to body image BUT then i think if we weren't we would just look average, like everyone else!... WHo wants to be average!

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  8. Girl, you KNOW I struggle with this part and it is too funny cause Aunt FLO is visiting me any day now = and it just about ruined my workout today. Went to get dressed and didn't like how suddenly my tank top had made a dent I didn't like. Suddenly I was sooo paranoid and feeling HUGE. Amazing. Well I am forcing myself to persevere and focus on the long term. I WILL prevail!!

  9. Thats right kelly girl, you (we!) WILL prevail! Just gotta keep reminding yourself that the fluid/bloat WILL subside and you will look even LEANER next week. Your sexy bi-atch body is within your reach, stay positive and SMILE girl!