Monday, August 16, 2010

OSB #3 Week 6: To above and beyond!

Happy monday peeps!

Which means weigh- in day! Gosh, i'm nearly half way through OSB #3, this year is starting to fly now.

Anywho just so you know, TTOM is a day or two around the corner...lucky me.... NOT! To my delight, Miss Fluid Fairy checked in yesterday....bitch... I think she'll be hanging around for a few more days. But as you'll see, she hasn't really affected my results this time (which means i have lossed more FAT!):

9/08/2010  Week 5
Weight:   62.6kg

16/08/2010  Week 6
Weight:   62.6kg

Difference: 0.0kg  NONE

Apart from the fluidy feeling, i'm actually looking pretty damn lean. We did a circuit style (weights) slam class on saturday and i was checking myself out in the mirror (as you do!) whilst training and damn there were some nice lines and veins that i hadn't seen before! WOOT!... So bring on next monday i say!

Onto fun stuff...

SO over the weekend, my girlfriend and i went out for dessert (yes, just dessert...who needs lunch? lol) at Freestyle Tout. For anyone who has a sweet tooth, you gotta check this place out, it is to DIE for. I had this delicious Hot Fudge-Walnut Brownie, covered in this decadent dark chocolate sauce with chocolate fudge icecream (and there was also a piece of dark chocolate for decoration)...mmmmmmm, are you salivating now!? .... No surprises when my fast started! lol

Oh and i'm super excited to tell you that i FINALLY handed my pt assignments in on thursday! Woohoo, what a fuckin relief! I was wooting  (ok that looks wrong if you dont read it properly haha) screaming in the car....seriously...Talk about a HIGH! They are done and dusted!... Definitely no more study...for now. I have been stress free and its a pretty awesome feeling.... And you know what?... Now i'm bored lol


I have some great ideas in my pipeline that i am working on. I spent quite a bit of time thinking over the weekend with a very clear mind, so i know exactly what direction i want to head down....


Exciting things WILL be blessing my life.




  1. Good on you babe! Its so nice to tick things off your list and be done with them.
    I lurve that u were checking yaself out in those mirrors and feelin fine! lol! So much better than relying on stupid scales. If ur ever in doubt u just need to look at your last photoshoot pics!
    Looking forward to hearing about new ventures on the horizon babe xxoo

  2. Thanks babe, it so is! I've got such a LONG list of things i want to accomplish!... Yeah i know the scales arent the be all end all but they do provide feedback to some extent - 60kg is the big goal. I'll get skins done in a few weeks too... And i'm very excited about your new business venture too x

  3. Nice work getting the assignments done and dusted!!

  4. Thanks shar, it feels AWESOME!

  5. LOL at Ms. Fluid Fairy. I may have to start using this one!! Hahaha
    You are doing kickass as usual babe. Keep it up. XOXO

  6. Oh please borrow her and take her away FOREVER kelly girl!!!