Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sand, gravel, mangroves and labourers!

Well i'm happy to announce that i have had a fabulous end to a very stressful week. I got to do a ..... photo shoot! Woot! One of my girlfriends is doing her photography portfolio so i got to play model.

The fun began thursday arvo at the hairdressors. (Note to self - never wait 10 weeks for a haircut EVER again. My long black locks had turned into some crazy arse amazon jungle lol). Lizzy did another amazing cut (i think i have mentioned before that i don't even have to blow dry my hair cos it always sits perfectly hence the reason i still don't own a hairdryer!) and coloured my hair 'gothic black'. Its the blackest black you can get...HOT.

Friday morning came and i headed off to Ada's (friend/photographer) house to do make-up and pick out the wardrobe. We decided on lingerie, a cocktail dress, high fashion corture ( i think that means something you wouldn't normally wear in public lol), oh and some um... material with holes in it - not quite sure what it was but i wore it!

From there we headed off to Nudgee beach fishing peer. Here we shot the cocktail dress underneath the peer whilst trying not to get blown into the ocean by the cyclonic wind lol. After that we ventured off into the elements Boondall Wetlands.... oh how i love mud and mangroves. And you know what i wore?.... Lingerie and the material with the holes in it... much to the delight of the family riding by not once but 3 times on their bikes! I'm not sure what the go was with that. But i did my best to hide behind a stick and blend into the grass lol.

By now i was beginning to relax with my posing (was quite stiff to begin with- it kind of reminded me of comp posing prep- suck EVERYTHING in and look RELAXED at the same time!) and getting to know my angles. We then had lunch and headed out to the airport... Interesting place for a shoot was my first thought... Then we arrived at the destination - a gravel landscape underneath the gateway overpass....right next to a main roundabout. Here we did the corture shoot.We had this beautiful afternoon sun creating amazing lighting, teamed up with the wind, black heels, black lacey lingerie bottoms, black feather bower and a top to match.

Throughout the shoot we lost count of how many car horns went off then to top it off, one of the (road?)labourers came over for a perve to give us a lesson on posing and camera angles! He turned out to be a very classy gentleman whom taught me the difference between 'tasteful' and 'trashy' photography, from a man's perspective....

"Its ok to show your breasts but NEVER show your 'bits' to the world love!"

I definitely abided by his rules lol.. Trust me, i have mastered the 'tasteful' front on pose!

By the end of the shoot i think there were 6 labourers watching all their christmas' come at once lol. Whats with lacey lingerie? Why does it make us feel beautiful and make their jaws drop!?

We wrapped up after that. I had such a blast. Ada's ideas were very artistic and creative so i can't wait to see the end result. She should have the photos finished in a couple weeks so i will share some with you all then.

So here's a couple pics of me after we finished the shoot.

Well have a fantastic weekend ya'll. I'm doing dinner and dvds with the girls!


  1. phrooooaaaaarrrrhh - they are great photos Chelle!

  2. Thanks bebedores =)

    Thanks Liz, i'm stoked with them too!

  3. Hot pics Chelle! sounds like you had lots of fun, look forward to seeing the rest of your pics x

  4. sounds like you had a great time Chelle! that was soo funny how many admirers you racked up, guess you can't tell them to go away in a public place! what a great way to celebrate your committment to this osb finale, congrats :)

  5. Thanks Leanne, my first real taste of
    modelling and i loved it!!! Stay tuned x

    Steph - I always seem to find trouble or it always seems to find me LOL!