Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The What the FUCK! haha

Ok guys, i must seem like an emotional trainwreck atm. Up - down - inside- out, geez i can't even keep up with myself!... This damn eclipse ( i think it's a lunar one) has left me extremely ungrounded, but i can happily say that i am getting back on my feet...slowly. I've got a list of positive affirmations scattered over my new office desk that i am reading to myself everyday now. I think i will get a cork board to hang in my office to stick all my dreams and goals on to and keep me in a POSITIVE MINDET.

Some people think that my life is just so rosey all the time (i guess i do come across that way in real life) but i'm here to tell it how it is. (And no i'm not here begging for sympathy either). I don't live on Cloud 9 everyday, but i am working towards it! I do find blogging very therapeutic and after posting from that dreaded hole on monday, the rest of my week has been 10 x better.

Happiness begins with self love.

A bit of shit has gone down this past week. Last wednesday my good friend/boss/state manager, the victorian state manager, national sales manager and 6 reps got made redundant, just like that. It was a total shock. I have been reassured that my job is safe but its still a very un-settling matter. I'm also really upset to be losing some good friends from my team. In a way they are part of my family, people i would talk to nearly everyday. When you're a rep, your phone is your best me! So along with the restructure my workload has now doubled and i'll be flying to Cairns, Townsville, Mackay and Rocky three times a year. I'm kind of excited as i think a little bit of travel will spice up my life a bit too.

They say change is as good as a holiday. But to be honest, i hate losing friends (not in the 'i'll never see you again' sense of the word) -my now ex-boss is moving back to melbourne, my best friend is STILL in greece, my single girl friends have now got boyfriends, i'm living on my own (which i do love) but sometimes i just feel a little alone..... just putting it out there!


Ok, sorry to harp on about negative shit....But if you're still reading you may be interested in the Title!

So i have something exciting happening this friday that i need some beautiful lingerie for... No boys involved!... oh no girls either - not in that way lol!!!... You'll find out soon... So i decided to check out this lingerie shop at Carindale today. I've walked in, had a look around and the sales lady has come up to me and asked if i needed some assistance with sizes.

I said, " i'm looking for a 10DD in this one "(black lacey number)
She said, "Oh love, you won't fit into a 10DD"
I gave her the "I know what size i am look".
She said, " Oh you'll definitely be a ....(give me a drumroll).... 8G"
I said, "FUCK OFF no actually i didn't say anything because i started to giggle!
Then the stunned look on my face said it all.... Seriously what are you suppose to say to that?
She said, " Trust me, i am never wrong". and handed me this 8G bra.
Me- still to stunned to speak, and trying not to laugh in her face because this 8G bra looked like a fuckin curtain. I was thinking to myself, i need a bra to wear on my BOOBS not a bonnet to wear on my HEAD!
So all i could finally manage to say was, "Um i think thats too big" (Are you fuckin kidding me, maybe she was intending it for my butt cheeks!?)
And before she had time to say anything else i could have wet my pants laughing over i LEFT!

And i've been smiling ever since =)


  1. 8G? What the! Do they really exist ;)
    Soooo girl, let me know when you come up to good old Mackay - that's where I am!!!
    I know you're here for work, but there *may* be time for a cofee somewhere year?!? ;)

  2. Wow! i didnt even know they sold that size retail.

  3. Apparently! Definitely Pammy material but way to big for little me lol!

    I sure will babe, there is ALWAYS time for coffee!!! =)

  4. I bet I know the place you're talking about, they have that manequin with the massive tits in the entry way! haha. When you walk past you can't help but think 'wtf'? I think they just really like boobs there :)

  5. You got it Ali! Isabella's Passion, the place where i will never venture into ever again haha!