Saturday, February 6, 2010

Adrenalin Saturday!

What a kick-arse day it has been so far!

So this morning i found out what 'matrix supersets' were...HELL.....But i have a love-hate relationship with hell so it was awesome. This is an example of what James put me through this morning:

Ab Crunch Hammer Chair: (Arms are above your head holding onto a handle)
The following is 1 set- no break

15 x full range crunch on 20lbs
5 x full range crunch on 7lbs
5 x lower half crunch on 7lbs ...Here i begin my "pain is weakness leaving the body" mantra whilst swearing in between.
5 x mid range crunch on 7lbs
5 x upper half crunch on 7lbs
5 x full range crunch on 7lbs
HOLD bottom range crunch for 3 sec... Here i remember how much i hate the word HOLD.
HOLD mid range crunch for 3 sec
HOLD upper range crunch for 3 sec
5 x full range crunch


25 x Bosu ball crunches


another 2 sets!


James: "OK, we've got a couple other matrix supersets to go! How're you feeling?"
Me: "Never been better!''......Can you feel the sarcasm here lol

It was a killer session, the best one so far. I think my core will be a tad sore tomorrow. But hey, 4cm off my gut 'nearly flat stomach' in 2 weeks is pretty cool.... I reckon, the way my body is changing i will see my abs in 8 weeks time. Maybe not all six of them, but possibly four!

Then i did spin class. Katie you rocked girl! The music was wicked, I was so in the zone and sweated up a storm.


Just came back from my GA treatment and i'm nearly feeling a million bucks. (Told you i don't get sick =) )GA said that my swollen gland was to do with a germ i must have picked up at Tiesto. Not hard to do when you have 10 000 people sweating on you. Totally gross. ( thanks to all my FB friends who told me i have been spelling grose gross wrong! I'm not sure if dictionary is on blogger?) She said the germ is 90% gone BUT ( geez i hate buts')... now this was a warning...

No alcohol (that's too easy)
No crap food (I've already prepped all my food for Byron. There's a possibility we may dine out tonight but i always prefer the healthy menu options anyway so no biggie)
and NO MISCHIEF!... or i will VOMIT!....

Yes, they were her exact words. After 4 1/2yrs of treatment, I know well enough to take her advice seriously. She is never wrong.

Now by mischief, she means NO PARTY PASHES hee hee. I'm am not the promiscuous type, but i don't mind a party pash every now and again lol. For those of you whom are new to my blog, just read this blog.
So yeah, there are still enough germs in my body to make me sick if i team up with someone else's germs lol.

Plus i have my uncles wedding next weekend so i can not afford to be feeling like shit for a few days!

Anyways gotta pack and cruise down to Byron!

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