Monday, February 8, 2010

With every HIGH, there is always a LOW.

So i've been toying with the idea of writing this post for the past 10 days, but up until half an hour ago it just seemed a little insignificant so i had let it go.

With every HIGH, there is always a LOW. Otherwise we would never truly feel the meaning of the word HIGH.

10 days ago (3 days after little sis joined the gym), Hemorrhoid decided to break her silence. I knew it was coming. It was a saturday afternoon and i was in the kitchen prepping food for the following week when Hemorrhoid storms in and says,
"So now its you fault i have two obsessed fitness freaks in this house!"
Me: "Excuse me?"
H: "You spend too much time in the kitchen and is wasting your life away at that gym. I don't want Bec to turn out like you!"
Me: "Do you have a problem with me being healthy?"
H: Silence. Walks away.

I thought i handled the situation pretty well. I controlled my anger, left the house, went for a drive, cranked the tunes and just LET IT GO.

All was good until tonight:

H: "So why hasn't Bec been to the gym today? What a waste of money!"
Me: "She's trained pretty hard this week, and needs a day or two to recover."
H: Well you shouldn't be pumping her up (what a stupid phrase to use) with those protein shakes. She's suppose to be losing weight, not blowing up like you!"  (she gets one WPC protein shake a day made into a smoothie with a banana)
Me: "Protein won't make her blow up"
H: "Just take a look at yourself!"
Me: I kept my mouth shut and continued cooking my dinner.

I had 3 choices:

1. Yell back.
2. Binge.
3. Filter my anger into this BLOG!

So i have only chosen option 3.

Fuckin Bitch.....


  1. Try giving H some protein powder and see if she will 'blow up' and disappear!!!!! LOL!!! Good are in control!!!

  2. LOL!!!! I think i would have to somehow disguise the protein powder in her white rice...then tell her after she ate it!

  3. that sounds like a huge case of jealousy right there! good job standing up for yourself though!

  4. Thanks Lizzi, i've spent years trying to figure out why she is just so damn mean. Maybe you are right?!

  5. Me too KellyO! But i'm getting better and better at dealing with her insanity, it doesn't affect me too much anymore.

  6. I just don't get how your mum could even say that to you?! You would think she would be extremely proud and supportive... I am so glad that you handled it so well. Keep up the hard work it will all pay off!!

  7. Thanks Bec. I have no idea either, but i've given up trying to work her out. Too hard basket!