Saturday, January 30, 2010

Abs and Bills

I had another killer PT ab sess with James this morning. Today it was all swiss ball, med ball and floor stuff, no machines and boy did it burn! I was swearing like a trooper lol. None of this princess style 'rep of 15" then rest workout.... Try reps of 30 supersetted with 3 exercises at a time....and then just when you think its all over he comes up with a new word...HOLD...WTF!?... Now just hold that weighted crunch for 30sec, you're doing great!... Great my arse LOL, i was in agony....but it was SOOOO good, and NO i didn't give in, not once. Sometime last year he made me hold a plank for 5 mins, now that was torture but i did it..only just....So i firmly believe that getting through my ab sess is all to do with mental toughness. How bad do you want it? ....'Pain is weakness leaving the body', that is my mantra for the entire 30 mins. He counts the reps and i repeat that line 1000 times!

Then i introduced my sis Bec to the torture joys of spin class. Poor thing nearly died LOL, but she stuck it out the entire class like a good little student (and didnt vomit either...added bonus). She even trained upper body for the first time before the class so come tomorrow i think the DOMS will have attacked her entire body. LOL. Welcome to my glorious world. On the way home i gave her nutrition lesson 101. We covered breakfast and postworkout meals. She made me laugh, "Oats? Ew, they are so bland!" LOL...Suck it up girl... So I am easing her into breakfast (She's one of those people who usually skips breakfast, has a coffee at 9/10am and then eats meal 1 at 11ish)... So we have negotiated oats with a teaspoon of honey and sultanas for now. I thought it'd be wise not to go cold turkey and completely cut out ALL SUGAR. The withdrawels would be too nasty, so baby steps it is. She did love her banana and vanilla protein super shake that i made for her PWO meal/Morning Tea.

What else? ..... Well I think i will have to make a trip to an Optus store next week. OMG my internet bill was $133.42!!!!...I'm currently on a 1G $25/month plan and its just not cutting it now. (Work used to pay for our internet bills BUT they have bought us all wireless laptops- for work use only (basically email) FB, Blogworld or Banking. So i now have 2 laptops in my matchbox size room)... I'd usually only just go over my limit thus spending $40 max/month BUT now i'm totally hooked on Miss Kelly O's Vlogs, so my download limit is going through the roof! Girl, you rock too much! =). ARRRGGGHHH so it's time to upgrade my plan!

Anywho its girls night out tonight, Jade Budda here i come!....Hopefully there will be some eye candy out and about =)

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