Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 4 OSB...and Sharts....WTF are they?!

What a cracker of a day! I have been running on adrenalin since the get go. I had a killer shoulder/arm and interval running session today and it was a sweatfest (Kelly O, I am borrowing your word!). I hit 12.3kph on the treadie and 172bpm, Chelle is on fire WOOT!

Now as you all know, the scales are not on my 'friends list' atm, but you know what? IT DOESN"T MATTER because my skin folds are kicking arse! If you've read this post from friday, you'll know that i've dropped 4.1% body fat in the last 3 weeks and 20.5ml. But just for your info, my weight this morning is 67kg!!!!!!!! WTF!.... Yes i believe my muscle memory is in complete overdrive, as my shoulders are beginning to 'pop' again, which i guess isn't a bad thing. So my bullshit blinkers are back on....Scale weight? Whats that!? You get my drift!? =)

Now i have to tell you about my pt session with James on saturday. OMG, i got slaughtered! He smashed my abs from all different angles for an entire 30mins. I wanted to cry, but he was not gonna win over me. NO WAY! It's two days later now and my 'sexy six pack in the making' is still talking to me. Then I finished off my workout with a spin class. That was the first one in about 5 months, and boy did it burn!

After that my friend and i had brunch and checked out Lorna Jane. I'm loving the bright colours this season. Btw, what is going on with their sizes? I am now wearing and XS in their crop tops! WHAT? Yep i am squeezing my girls into an XS so i dont' bounce, but just to let ya know, i'm a size 8-10, not a 6, so i dont know how all those tiny/skinny fat girls ever find anything to wear! Now what i do wanna know is, has anyone heard about or have bought the new Shape-Up shoes by Skechers? I am very skeptical about anything 'new' on the market, but the sales chick was telling us that she's only been wearing them for a week and already her butt is tighter as well as her legs and abs. These walking shoes have some special inbuilt heel that apparently corrects your posture. You know how when you wear heels, you quads/butt always feel tigher etc? Well i think they work in a similar way. They are like $239 though, so pass on your opinions my way! I am very curious.

What else? Well i tell you what, one thing that i think is totally grose is when ladies cough up flem and blow their nose in the gym showers! That is like an 11 out of 10 on the totally grose scale! There is this one lady who always showers at the same time as me and that is what i have to put up with whilst beautifying myself for the day. Totally grose.

On the subject of totally grose, one of my herbalists' spent about 10 mins this morning telling me about his gastro and diarrhorea dramas he had last week. Totally grose! And then went on to tell me what products of ours work best for this issue and how it stopped him from shitting his pants at his gig the other night! Seriously i really don't wanna know about 'sharts' (shitty farts!). Totally grose. Are you grosed out? I am LOL!

Well its Australia Day tomorrow and i am thinking i might just have a quiet one. Theres a big party on tonight and also a lunch BBQ at Kangaroo Point tomorrow, but all I WANNA do is train and chill. Sound selfish? I dont really care, cos i'm in the zone. Right now, my 'changing' body is the most important thing happening in my life so that is what i wanna focus on. Its all about sacrifices right? In my opinion, mischief is only for the weekend, not school days/nights.

DJ Tiesto is coming to Brisvegas on sunday so i am saving ALL my energy for him!!! If you're not there YOU will be missing out...BIG TIME!


  1. You are hyper girl!!!! I love it! Your energy, your positivity and your drive are driving you to big successes! Awesome stuff!

    But oh so disgusting about old mate with his rear end problem. Eeeuuuwww!!!!

    Can't help you with the Skeechers. I only wear Brooks Adrenalines. Love them!

    Have a ripper of an Aussie day tomorrow, and enjoy your selfishness, you deserve it!

  2. Sounds like your rockin and rolling baby!
    Motivation is there and your charging on!
    Your Aussie day sounds very much like mine! Looking forward to Smashing out a Awesome Leg session and maybe chill by the beach!
    Keep up the great work Chelle xx

  3. Oh I wanna go and see Tiesto soooooooo friggin much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we were planning on all coming down for it, but since hubby didnt work for 5wks over xmas we are behind the 8 ball and not cant afford it. NOT HAPPY JAN! hope u enjoy it xxx

  4. Oh Tara i feel your pain!!! I'm sure he'll be back again in a couple years time. This will be the third time i've seen him spin the decks, he even autographed my arm back in 04! Took a picture to prove it too. I'm so excited! x

  5. HI!!! I'm enjoying yur blog!!! Yes I am the one he sponsored for the Natural Olympia, it was a great help at the time, really grateful to him for it. He also does the most awesome remedial massage.. ouch! lol