Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CALORIE KING...The Real Deal!

So this is my second day that i have done some interval running on the tready, at the end of a big weight sess and boy i am SO unfit lol! AND it was only for 15min, BUT it felt SO good =) I refused to let the clock beat me, would rather throw up then whimp out!... Give me a couple weeks and i'm gonna be blitzing this cardio baby! Tell ya what though, my skin feels that little bit tighter (arms and shoulders always lean up first for me), it may be all in the mind but who cares? I am telling myself that i have blasted a few grams of fat away! Yes i am, fat loss is definitely a mind game.

I also decided to purchase Calorie King this arvo too. And its on special- half price ($22.48) WOOT, half my luck! It is awesome, even though it took me like 2 hours to log everything in (you can save meal plans, food etc, so that is a one off!), but it breaks down everything: Calories, Protein, Carbs, Sugars, Fat, Sat. Fats, Sodium, Calcium, Fibre. And also records exercise too. What a brilliant tool.

I guestamated that i was eating about 1800cals on a typical (weight) training day. You wanna know how much i am?

Calories:   1797. How close is that?!

And the rest of the breakdown is this:

Protein:        147g
Carbs:          143g
   Sugars:     68.3g
Fats:            65.7g
  Sat Fat:       7.8g
Fibre:           49.8g
Sodium:       1342mg

Macro ratio is roughly 33.3%/33.3%/33.3%

N.B This meal plan included 1.5 pieces fruit. Tuna in olive oil for my lunch protein (the sprinwater shit is disgusting!), Salmon steak for my dinner protein, and maltodextrine/WPI in my workout drink. The rest is made up of egg white, eggs, shit loads of vegies, almonds, PB ( havent had any since thursday but included it anyway!), coffee, WPC, rice milk, lite mayo. I've also over-estimated portions slightly just to make sure i'm covering all my bases. Better than under-estimating and being in food portion denial!

I now know my dinner protein portion have been a little on the large size (eg. 160g salmon steak wowza), so gonna cut that down a bit. Meals 1, 2 and 4 are staples in my diet. Only lunch and dinner changes- more so the type of protein and the dressing rather than the vegies used.... Yes i am a pretty un-creative chef lol, but simple works for me. Meals 1-4 are portioned out 95% of the time, unless i eat out for lunch, perhaps once a week. Dinner however is where i need to be more cautious/aware of the portion size. Until today i had never weighed my salmon- just slapped it on the pan! Sometimes i eat Hemmorhoids' meals for dinner (healthy and TASTEY malaysian cuisine), but again usually i just dish it out.

So again i am asking for some feedback from my blogger family ( pretty please!). What do you think of my Calorie and Macro Breakdown? Are there areas i can improve on? Your comments are much appreciated =)


  1. Hi Chelle, I have been reading and keeping up with your OSB, but I am afraid I can't really comment on your ratios. I don't know enough about it myself, hence that is why I have a coach! Hope you do get some good feedback though.

  2. i think that is a perfect blend of proteins/carbs/fats. Most people either go too low on carbs or too low on fats, and you don't at all! If it works for you, stick with it!

  3. Thanks Lauren for commenting anyway! Its really nice to know that there are people out their interested in my journey =)

    Hey Lizzi, you know i have tried a zillion different macro ratios over the years and this one seems to keep my hunger and cravings at bay whilst providing me with tonnes of energy. I think i may just cut down the calories by 100-200cal for the next couple weeks and see what happens to my body. There's no such thing as mistakes- just results hey!?

  4. Hi Chelle,
    Looking great in that "little red dress".
    Came across this handy quick little calorie counter and added it to my site blog thingy, check it out here

  5. Thanks steve, cool i shall check it out =)