Friday, January 22, 2010


I woke up this morning thinking TGIF but now I am on cloud 9! WHY? Well as you all know i'm in week 3 of OSB and the results (according to my digital scales) have been somewhat slow. WELL thats not quite the case!

James my P.T did my skins at gym this morning as well as my girth measurements too. We did them over 7 sites to get the most accurate result. He did them exactly 3 weeks ago so below you can see the comparison. ( Steph(s), i think i told you both it was 4 weeks ago, but it was actually 3, just found the assessment sheet, so WOOT to me!)

Body Fat: 24.5% ( you will NEVER EVER see that figure AGAIN!)
Skinfolds: 135.9ml

Body Fat: 20.4%
Skinfolds: 115.4ml

Difference: - 4.1%, 20.5ml

Now thats what i'm talking about! My body has changed heaps in the past 3 weeks (i promise to post up some progress pics soon) and my definition is coming back pretty fast so i was actually a little worried why the numbers werent telling me so. The biggest change was from my gut and thighs, surprise surprise!

I understand that they are pretty dramatic results due to shock therapy coming out of a 2 months hibernation combined with the beauty of muscle memory, so i'm sure they will slow down a bit in the weeks to follow. James is gonna do my measurements every fortnight on a friday morning. So from now on, fridays will be the day i report in on body fat and skins, however i will continue to log my weight on mondays. Reason being, i get to weigh in first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and no clothes (well nearly lol). My gym weigh-in is after breakfast with at least half a litre of fluid in my system plus gym clothes, so yeah you won't be getting that one!

Anywho i am pumped to the max!!!! The hard work is paying off baby, so watch this space..................

James is gonna slaughter my core tomorrow morning then i'm gonna do a spin class. I haven't done one of those in MONTHS,  i think torture will be coming my way! Then i'm having Breakfast (number 2), with a girl friend, followed by pain therapy a massage with my GA.



  1. WOWZAS Chelle!!!! OSB is full steam ahead!!! Awesome results girl, and it must feel soooooooo good to be back at it all again. Your trainer must be impressed too. There is nothing like the magic of numbers decreasing to make a day fabulous!!! I jumped on the scales this morning and bounced off singing, "this will be a goooood day" by Hayley Warner. My hubby thought I was nuts!

    Congrats again Chelle, can't wait to see the next results!

  2. Aw, thanks girls, i'm feelin the lurve!