Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A day in the life...

I was just reading Tara's blog and came up with the idea for another Tag that i think would be fun. "A day in the life"... I always find it interesting reading about what goes on in the day and lives of all you gym junkies out there in blogland. And plus, we're all kind of a serrogate family to each other too...well i think so anyway!

So this is what i get up to in a typical week day:

6am: Rise and shine, breakie, then coffee whilst checking my emails, FB and i will usually read an article from Tom Venuto's, Craig Ballantyne's or John Berardi's site.

730am: off to the GYM!!!!!

9am: I'm on the road for work. I have Meal 2 in the car, its my post-work out Super Shake. The next 7 hours is filled with fun and chaos as i race around Brisbane visiting the health food shops and pharmacies. ( I rep for a natural medicine company here in Brisvegas).  I gossip ( my boss will be reading this lol!) talk business with the naturopaths/vitamin consultants/managers/owners to dicsuss promotions, cut deals, take orders, pick up credits, merchandise shelves, introduce new products and sort out any issues with them. My main role is to develop repore and trust with all my clients, and in turn watch our sales sky rocket!

Depending on my day, lunch is eaten in a variety of places. In the car (whilst en route), in a carpark, or some of my fav destinations when i am not rushed are Mt Cootha, Kangaroo Point, Wynnum Esplanade, Mt Gravatt Outlook and Forest Lakes's Lake for some fresh air.

4pm: Home time WOOT! Meal 4 is eaten, along with any faxes, emails or reports that need to be done. By now my brain is completely fried (so try not to call me between 4-5pm as you'll get a lot of one worded answers!), then i chill out with a coffee, tunes and stalk people on FB lol, read and write blogs.

5/530pm: Most arvos after work i love to hit the streets for a 45min walk. Its my zen time. I use this to de-clutter my mind, focus on my goals for the week and its usually here where i get inspiration for my writing.

630/7pm: Shower, food prep and dinner

730pm: And I'm on the laptop again...i'm a bit of a junkie lol. FB, Blogs, and i spend a LOT of time researching nutrition articles. As of Jan 1st this year, i made a pact to myself that the computer is OFF at 9pm. So then its time to zone out to the idiot box.

10/1030pm Lights out!

So that just about sums up my day! I'm one of those people who don't like venturing out on school nights either. I am more than likely to decline an invite unless i think it is really important! ( eg. coffee with my friend Steph last night =) ).Even when it comes to friday i'd much rather hang with myself. Although my job is not labour intensive, it can be quite mentally draining by the end of the week. I talk ALL DAY, so i'm constantly taking in everybody's energy- positive or negative. They love to un-load their life on me lol. Plus driving all day can be quite taxing too, especially in this damn heat! So it does take me a few hours on friday arvo to unwind before i can prepare myself for a fun-filled weekend.

So play the game if you wish, i tag:



  1. I think we all eat in our car...the only way to get all those meals in ;)

  2. Thats for sure, its a necessity! =)