Thursday, January 7, 2010

What starts with L and ends with E???????


Now before i get to that, i will fill you in on my week so far. It is day 4 of Operation Sexy Bitch and i am so in the ZONE. Nutrition is on track and i'm training like a woman possessed! I'm still cautious of the poundages i am lifting, so i'm making sure my technique is spot on but i have to say, the experts are RIGHT, muscle memory does exist =). My little guns have a brilliant memory, their strength is increasing by the day and they are starting to harden the F*@* up! WOOT!

One thing i do hate, is when people blame their physiques entirely on genetics. Of course they do play a role in height, bone structure etc, but definitely not on masses of fat! Blame that on laziness! (not just physicaly laziness but mental laziness too). You just have to read some of the amazing transformations from blogland to realise that anything can be achieved with a goal and the right nutrition and training program... Anywho, one thing i do believe is that genetics does play a role in body fat distribution. Thats why you see apple, pear- shaped people, endo, meso and ecto-morphs etc.

My back, chest, shoulders and arms seem to keep reasonably lean throughout the year, however my abs and thighs are another story. Yes i am lucky - no i'm not, i've been an athlete my entire life and have probably run thousands perhaps millions of kilometres over the past 20 years, so i am fortunate, that my legs keep good shape. Having said that, they have a tendancy to get very solid when i put on weight, (I dont get flabby fat or get cellulite) hence the reason i rarely wear jeans. I'm definitely a shorts girl. So one thing i have decided, is that when i reach my goal weight and maintain it for a month ( no point getting there and letting all the hard work disappear!), i will buy myself a hot pair of Sass & Bide or Tsubi jeans.

Another thing that got confirmed today is an intolerance to soy, dammit! I added tofu back to my diet about 5weeks ago, and i've been noticing a slight bloating in my gut. Not as bad as if i had eaten gluten, but enough to notice that something was not quite right. So i got my chiro/kinesiologist to muscle test it this arvo- and booyah, it threw me right outta whack =(. So off the menu it goes. He reckons my gut will be back to normal in a day or two. He also gave me some Ester C and Manganese for my adrenals. First week back at work has hit me for six!

So back to the title of this blog.... (sorry i am jumping from one topic to the next, heaps of random thoughts today!)

I got to do the exciting task of lingerie shopping this week, and boy was it exciting! When i went for my consult back in august last year, i told the doc i wanted a full D cup with sexy cleavage, and my wish was granted..... Now what i didnt know was that silicon beauties fit differently to the el naturale ones. The fitter at DJ's had a giggle when i grabbed a 10D, and told me not a chance!.... Try a 10E!!!!  WTF! To me, an E cup sounds massive, but they're not. 10E is my true size but bloody hard to find, so i bought a 10DD, they only just cover my nipples, but i feel secure enough lol

I threw out all my old lingerie a few weeks ago, except this pink number that i got for my 17th birthday. I'm pretty sure its a 10A/B ( i'm a tag- cutterer). So below are the comparisons!


  1. i could not agree more. so many people blame genetics for their weight!! sorry, but genetics are the loaded gun, you still have to pull the trigger.

  2. Implants make a very big difference to our bra sizes, I also went up in size. :o) xxx

  3. Hey Chelle, you may want to hit your glutes extra hard now to help you balance ;o) hahaha you're new girls sound massive! hope that you are enjoying training now that you can get back into it! xxx

  4. I know Lizzi, i copped an ear full of winging ladies at work yesterday, "i have the exact figure of my mother etc etc, what supplements can i take to get rid of this fat!" they dont wanna hear about diet and exercise(hard work), there is no pill for laziness arghhhhhhh!!!!!

    Hahaha Tara... in proportion now me thinks! Loving the training, its my 'me' time x

    I'm loving the cleavage Lia, clothes shopping is so much fun x

  5. Hi Chelle, I'm afraid E is a part of the alphabet that I will NEVER see when it comes to bras!! Got my A/B's...wish I had C's....but I think that is waiting for me in my next lifetime!! heheheh!!! Good on you girl.....just curious though...breast size...genetic?????? LOL!!!!!

    You and Steph are going to be an awesome team and very powerful for each other. Brissy will not know what hit it in 2010!

  6. You bet ya Loz! Steph and I are gonna kill it this year, SEXY BITCH here we come WOOT!