Thursday, January 21, 2010


So it's only thursday and i am W.R.E.C.K.E.D!!! I've been busting my butt (literally) at the gym all week- yes the sweatfest is on! My strength has doubled in the last 4 weeks WOOT which means i can say goodbye to the princess weights. And i've been killing this interval training on the tready. I did 20mins after my back sess today - 1:1min run/walk, got up to 11.7kph and it felt swell (thank god i wore 2 crop tops, my girls were strapped in tight lol) Heart rate maxed at 159bpm....i forgot how much i loved to run. I'm planning on doing the same after chest tomorrow, but we'll see how my legs pull up. I go through phases where i cant run 2 days in a row, the old 24yr old body just doesnt recover like it did back in high school lol.

Back to being WRECKED. I think that is more so to do with not sleeping properly for the last couple of weeks, and being a little party animal on sat night ( well 2am is late enough for me these days!). I haven't been able to fall asleep until at least 11.30pm most nights (i'm usually lying in bed by 10pm), which means only 6 1/2 hours sleep for poor little me. I am not stressed or worrying about stuff, in fact life is gold star good at the moment =). ... Compared to this time last year when the boys in blue were at my house cos my alcoholic roomie was naked and falling through the walls and windows...yes literally falling through them! I never thought it'd be possible to drink 2 bottles of vodka a day for three weeks and still be alive.

Lia - I ran outta Rescue Sleep a few weeks back, so i'm putting it down to that. I've gotta take a trip to the warehouse tomorrow, so will get another precious bottle! This sleeplessness could also have to do with my semi- burnt out adrenals which i am being treated for atm as i've been waking up at 3am on the dot. Only for a few minutes then i'll dose off again, but still, broken sleep is NOT GOOD! Fact: insomnia is everything to do with adrenal fatigue. Your body requires a lot of energy to sleep! I'll have a chat to my GA about that when i see her for an hour of hell  my massage on saturday.

Well i think i might hit the streets for some zen time. Btw, i just wanna mention- now i HOPE i don't jinx myself, cos i know i'm good at that! But its been 5 weeks, yes 5 weeks since i have had an incident with the Hemorrhoid! Who's in control baby!? ME. Mind you, we've barely spoken a word, but atm that is better than fighting with each other. She's had her moments on the warpath, but i havent let anything get to me, not once. I've just let it go instantly, go me! So as i mentioned before, life is gold star good right now.

Training = intense
Nutrition = balanced and Calorie King appropriate
Job = exciting, busy and rewarding
Love = hmmmmm  ???? what will 2010 bring me?!...Someone with nice eyes and a sexy smile (yes and all the other good qualities too)!


  1. You are buzzing girl!!!! And as for the run, I bet the girls loved it as much as the legs!!! heheheh!!!! Shame I'll never know!!!!

    Keep going strong Chelle, you are 'fierce!'

  2. i haven't checked out the blogs in few days, love your last couple of posts u r on fire girl! "nutrition = calorie king appropriate"- classic :) im definately stealing that hehe. talk to u soon x

  3. Operation sexy bitch has hit top gear now!... I think it just took me a couple weeks to get all aspects of the challenge under control- EVERYTHING is accountable now.

    Loz, when i'm training i think "sexy and fierce, i'm an angel"...Quote (Selita, Victoria's secret fashion show)!

    Steph - you can borrow it lol x

    Thanks JJ =)

  4. Have you got your rescue sleep yet Chelle? :o) xxx

  5. I sure have Lia, and its working like a charm, i slept over 8 hours last night, it was SO good. Its nice to not wake up tired! Hows your insomnia going? Better? x