Friday, January 29, 2010

Change only happens when the mind is ready...

Ok, so i am a little bit excited today..... My little sis has just joined my gym!!! Woot!... I've secretly been wishing that this would happen and wednesday was the day. And what shocked the life out of me ( true story, my heart actually stopped LOL), was that for the first time in her entire life she asked me for nutrition advice! OMG.

Now just so you know, Bec and i are completely different in every possible way. E.g. my hobby as you know is bodybuilding....her hobby wait for it...BAKING CUPCAKES WITH ALL THE TRIMMINGS! ... Yes, nearly every friday night for the duration of my comp prep i had to put up with the smell of cupcakes wafting through the house as they came to life in the consideration at all for poor little me. ( Bec i promise this will be the one and only post that i pay you out!....=) ). Now these are no ordinary cupcakes, they are made from scratch, with a LOT of butter (there is usually at least 4 tubs of butter in our fridge at any one time), white sugar, white flour, white/milk/dark chocolate, icing sugar, and whatever 'food' that comes in multicolours and sparkles, stuff i would never dream of putting in my mouth!

So as you can see, nutrition has never been a priority in her world until now. I mean she has had a nutrition encyclopedia living less than 3 metres away from her for the last 7 years ( well actually 3 1/2yrs, as i was living on the other side of town but you get my point), and couldn't have given a hoot about my knowlege of the subject. BUT as i have learnt, you can't force someone to change. Change only happens when they are mentally ready to do so, and only then can you offer help.

So i have asked her to write a 3 day food diary and then on sunday we will put together a nutrition plan. Nothing too yet... but definitely a LOT cleaner than her current foods of choice... (not sure if i would consider all of what she eats actual food LOL).

She had her assessment done today and is really excited about getting into shape. Lose fat, gain muscle and improve her cardiovascular fitness are her basic goals which equates to about 6kg and 10% body fat to lose. 4 months tops i reckon...if she remains committed! We have a similar figure, but i'm a couple cm's taller and have more of a muscular athletic look. Bec's gotta finer bone structure, but we both have the same hot long legs and chiselled calves...thanks dad!

I'm also hoping that this 'fitness thing' will bring us closer together too. We've really had nothing to do with each others lives since the dawn of time. I believe its probably to do with age difference (she's 4 yrs younger), and differences inpersonality, interests i said before we are total opposites. Who knows, we may even end up training partners one day!

Now for a bit of a ramble....

Is it just me or is anyone else finding the new Golden Egg Farm plastic packaging very user un-friendly? Sorry Jeh, i know you are sponsored by these guys...i love the product but hate the packaging! I mean for
1. Isn't cardboard more environmentally friendly than plastic?
2. They are not as easy to store in the freezer.
3. They are damn hard to pour!.. Maybe i'm just unco but for the second time in two weeks, the plastic packet has slipped outta my hand and onto myself and the floor whilst i was prepping my egg white and vegie scramble! Do you know what a mission it is to clean up half a litre of egg whites off the floor?? OMG its a nightmare! Then i had to have another shower...And cos of all this mucking around, my salmon steak that i had cooked first was semi cold. And i didnt dare re-heat it the microwave cos that would overcook it....Which means that it would taste like the canned stuff....Totally grose. I overdid canned salmon during my first comp prep, so since october 08 just the thought of looking at a can is enough to make me VOMIT!

...What else? Cathy, i heart your blog. It is keeping me so entertained and inspired everyday. Since sunday i have read from Oct 08 to July have no idea how many hours of reading that has taken LOL...but its just so funny, i can't get enough!

Anyways i hope you all have a kickarse weekend!

I have a massive one planned:
Saturday: Pt with James, spin class ( Bec is joining me... hope she doesnt throw up LOL), massage, drinks at Jade Budda ( lime and soda for me though) with my friend Alli. Its her last night out before she competes in May.
Sunday: Brunch with my highschool friends and then will be wooting it up TIESTO!


  1. LOL Glad you are enjoying my blog LOL We have just started on the egg whites with the new packaging and already I do not like them!!! They take up a huge amont of freezer space (we buy 12 at a time as Hubby eats them too)and now that we have started to use them they just don't sit in the fridge door as well as the cardboard packaging. Thanks for the warning on the spilling, I am a totl clutz so will watch out for that!!! And yes Plastic???? Ugh!

  2. I'm with you Chelle on Cath's is awesome! I love how you tell it like it is Cath!

    Have a great weekend Chelle, and enjoy every busy minute of it.

    Good news about your sis too.