Sunday, January 24, 2010

10 Things that make me Happy

So Steph has continud another tag started by April, " 10 Things that make me Happy".

1. Training! This is the bain of my existance, i love feeling fit, healthy, LEAN and strong. These qualities make me feel invincible.

2. Music. I love nothing better than to take my mind on a journey to another place. I like a variety of music excluding opera, country, death/heavy metal - i just dont understand those genres. But depending on my mood i love progressive house, latino house, trance (i have tickets to TIESTO next week woot!), chill, funky jazz, some pop/top 40, hip hop, r n b. I even bought turn tables a couple of years ago (they are currently in storage collecting dust)! These days i only head out on occasion, but i do love to 'carve up the dancefloor', and have been nicknamed energiser bunny cos i'm always the last one standing!

3. Blogosphere! Blogging has been such a godsend to me over the past 3 months. It has allowed me to release my emotions in a healthy way and connect with so many like-minded fitness chicks. I love sharing in on the journeys of others, it inspires, motivates and teaches me many things i may not learn from the outside world.

4. My BFF- Demi. This girl is my soulmate.

5. Coffee- I get to spend 2-3 fabulous moments of my day with.

6. Accupressure. GA has been treating me for 4 1/2hr years now. You don't know how good pain is until she strokes your bones blasts your pressure points. I have weekly treatments these days, it is the reason my body is super healthy, does not get sick (touch wood=) ), has minimal cellulite =),  detoxes ultra fast - you have NO IDEA! I could go on forever on how this has changed my life.

7. Haircuts and Waxing. I always feel a million dollars after getting my hair done, usually every 8 weeks. Probably too cos i am not gifted with a i dont use one. Yep thats right, i towel dry it and thats it. Liz my hairdressor does such a brilliant cut that all i have to do is brush and go! I always have mine dyed blue-black- i love that colour, it makes me look a little mysterious, especially when i wear my turquoise lenses! I also HATE ALL OTHER HAIR... Hair in my books only belongs on your head, eyebrows and lashes....NOWHERE ELSE! Thats right! You name it, everywhere else gets waxed off!... And that goes for you boys too, i really like it when guys shave their!

8. My friends- You know who you are. I'm a bit of a social butterfly, i love having D+Ms, gossiping and laughing myself silly with my crew.

9. 'Me time'- i love to spend my mornings in absolute silence ( i cant stand it when people wanna talk to me first thing in the morning when i am eating breakfast... go away! lol)... Whilst i'm eating breakfast i like to write down and visualise my goals. This is how i get pumped for my day. I also love walking outside in the cool afternoon breeze, this gives me a chance to let my mind roam free!

10. 85% Lindt Chocolate, Crunchy Peanut Butter and Baskin and Robbins Hazelnut Swirl Icecream.... I had to mentioned a food group! Now i'l let a few pieces of lindt choc and a few spoonfuls of PB visit my mouth each week, BUT as i am trying not to consume any dairy, i actually havent had any B+R since november i think. (I did have some poorer quality icecream lol around christmas time though, but nothings beats B+R, yummo!)

SO there you have it. I tag ALL of ya!


  1. Love it girl! I will post mine! WOOT!

  2. Completely agree with you on training, music, body hair and coffee!! lol

  3. Steph is a lucky girl Ali. I seriously don't know how men can like the gorilla look LOL!